If you are using YouTube for business purposes and want to know how your audience engages with your channel, then you can connect google analytics to your YouTube channel.  It is not that you do not have access to any analytics tool besides Google. In fact, YouTube analytics is still the best for the videos you upload. However, taking help of additional tools provides new information like on how people connect to one’s Channel and how the YouTube channel drives traffic to their business website.

One of the ways the YouTube Algorithm works is the number of watch hours. The more time spent by viewers on your channel, the higher is the ranking. Initially, it may not be possible for one’s videos to go viral and attract an audience organically. This problem can be overcome when video owners buy YouTube watch hours from service providers at initial stages.

  Create a synergy

Ø  Creating an account in Google Analytics and linking it to the YouTube channel will start the process where one can get additional information.  

 Ø  Google analytics works in a similar manner to YouTube analytics except that it provides some critical information on visitor’s behavior.

 Ø  Another important metric is how people discover your YouTube Channel. From the acquisitions page, one can find different sources of traffic. The data consists of others whether the victors were organic like a direct visit to YouTube or google search and in other cases from referrals. referrals can be other social media platforms like Facebook and other websites.  This is an important metric as it gives the number of new visitor’s source wise. For any YouTube channel owner, it can give them an idea of sharing their videos on those other platforms which have shown the highest visitors.  Another data available is the bounce rate and this can be a good analysis for improving the content quality.

 Ø  One can track traffic for each video apart from the overall traffic. This helps in understanding how much engagement a specific video has and which videos did not gel with the audience.  This kind of data helps to improve future content quality and increase viewing time duration.

Helps in marketing decision-making

Complimenting YouTube analytics data with Google Analytics helps to track marketing activities. Critical decisions go haywire when limited data is available. The additional data helps to plug in the loopholes in your marketing activity.  Spending on ads blindly or using influencers without really understanding the target audience on other social media affects performance of the channel leading to leaks in marketing expenditure.

Taking the help of Social media experts

The entire exercise of marketing content on a YouTube channel is not just about views and likes only. How one can monetize video contents is extremely critical.  As per YouTube requirements, a minimum of 4000 watch hours is required before one can earn revenue. Service providers like YoutubeStorm provide the required hours for a minimal fee which sets the tone for earning revenue.

There are several YouTube converter software which are quite simple to use. The first thing which a user to see in the software is its simplicity as the user tends to become the center of experience generally. The second thing to understand is the broader base of the video and the formats of the audio, which are primarily supported. Hence, with this, you can convert anything with the help of anything to anything. The third part is the speed of the conversion and the quality, which is guaranteed.

Step 1: First, the user is supposed to open up the media section from the options available at the primary interfaces and click on the ‘Downloader’ module.

Step 2: The next step is to open up YouTube. There will be this video downloader, which will integrate the web browser and direct the user by default to YouTube. Then the user is expected to search the various videos he or she wants to download. If you are a planned person and have already had links to the videos, then you can directly paste them on the search bar.

Step 3: The next step is to download all the videos. As soon as the user opens up the link, there will be a sidebar that will show all the linked videos from where they can be accessed. The user is supposed to click on the downloaded icon, and then the process will start automatically. The user can see the progress through the ‘Downloading Tab.’

Step 4: Once the videos have been downloaded, the next step is to transfer all of the downloaded videos to the software, for example, the ‘Leawo Video Converter.’ Once the download is finished, the user is supposed to click on the ‘Downloaded Tab.’ Then the user is expected to find a YouTube converter downloaded video which the user wants to convert to their ringtone and then click right and select ‘Add to Convert.’ This will then send it to the converter module.

Another alternative way of this is, the user can directly enter the video converter module and then press on ‘Add Video’ to lead to the import of the various downloaded videos.

Step 5: Then, the next step is to actually set the output profile. One will need to click on the “MP4 Video” option and then to click on “Change,” which is shown in the pop-up menu. In terms of profiling, there a number of such pre-made profiles for settings and come in very popular formats. Once done, the user is expected to click on the ‘Format,’ which is then followed by the user to click on ‘Common Audio.’ Then the user is finally expected to click on the AAC or M4R audio, all depending on which type of device is being used.

Step 6: Once the above step is done properly, the user is expected to convert to the desired ringtone. Just simply click on the ‘Convert’ button to start with the process of conversion. At the right, there will be a sidebar which will appear, just click on ‘Convert’ again to start with the process.

Seeing the ongoing demand of the YouTube platform, every company is coming up with their own channel. On that note, they look for the best YouTube intro maker that makes jaw-dropping intros. It would not be wrong to say that YouTube has become the latest platform for promotion. The intro on YouTube is like the channel trademark giving a glimpse of the company. To create a breathtaking intro, make sure to select the best intro maker. As a result, you can also avoid downloading and updating the software. Some of the exclusive features of the best YouTube intro maker are: 

  1. a frame to a photo

The best YouTube maker has a feature through which you can add a frame to a photo. With the frame, you can create an Insta story, make a post, a printable postcard, an advertisement, and different things. It looks neat and nice, gives a perfect look, and also people feel more attracted to it. The best intro helps in increasing the viewers of the YouTube channel with time.

  1. Adding the speech bubble to photos 

Did you hear about the speech bubble? It means the characters you are inserting can also speak. Inserting them will help in conveying the right message that you would like your audience to know. You can also include the perfect emotion or humor to the design. It will also uplift your YouTube channel and make it look unique.

  1. Adding text to photo

An intro, including the right message, with the photos, makes it look more beautiful. Now it depends upon you whether you wish to select such a beautiful intro maker or a different one. But be sure that you might not come across any such benefits if you go for a random intro maker. It will not be beneficial for your company as well.

  1. Photo filters

Applying photo filters in a few seconds is not at all a difficult task. The best YouTube intro maker provides such features that can ensure completing the task in a few minutes. Along with that, you can also ensure that it uplifts your channel. It gives you the kind of channel you are looking for your company.

  1. Layers and transparency

Making the images transparent is an important factor you should consider while designing a channel. The best YouTube intro maker will provide such a feature so that you can make your channel look attractive while circulating the message. 

  1. Crop images

Many times, you might thing to crop a picture to specify the detail, but as the feature is not available so you cannot do. But with the best YouTube intro maker, you can crop the size of the image according to your requirement, which is a great feature. 

Final thoughts!

By looking at the exclusive features, you would like to go for the best maker. There will be a huge difference in the designing of the YouTube intro, depending on the maker you choose. Make sure to go for the best one for astounding results!

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital if you want your website pages to rank high on search engines. And while on-page SEO focuses on the actual things on your site like Meta tags, keyword density, and image optimization among others, off-page SEO centers on building your brand presence through external sources. In this post, we’ll discuss the best 5 off-page SEO techniques in 2018, and how you can use them to improve your presence and revenue on the internet.

How do Off-Page SEO Techniques Work?

The heart of off-page SEO is the generation of backlinks through other sites and blogs that refer their users to an article on your website. In this case, other domains supply the links, and these links must be high-quality and distributed across different pages if Google will rank you high.

To achieve off-page SEO, you need to work on getting backlinks consistently, as it is unrealistic to see the results in a single day or in few days. Let’s get down to discussing five best off-page SEO techniques in 2018 that are reliable for great and lasting results.

1.     Guest Posting

When you write on guest posting sites, you get 100% guarantee that you’re building your off-page SEO the best way. This number one technique is famous in the SEO world as the most natural way to get backlinks to your web pages.

It involves getting in touch with websites who have “write for us” options, and when they confirm you, you write content for their website. It requires effort, but Google loves it and it pays off well.

2.     Infographics

In 2018, infographics is one of the leading techniques for ranking your site. You only have to find websites that have written content related to your infographics. When you sell these to them, they’ll in exchange give you a backlink.

Such website webmasters include Reddit and InfographicLove.

3.     Social Media Signals

If you follow the trends in internet and technology, you’ll know that social media is equivalent to SEO. The more social shares you have, the better your off-page SEO. Twitter, Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn are major platforms that enjoy billions of search queries on a monthly basis.

You’ll connect with your target audience better through discussions, tweets, and likes if you find them at the right place – social media. This will, in turn, influence your off-page SEO.

4.     Quora Responses

Remember Neil Patel? Yes! He’s an SEO legend that answers questions on Quora, and in turn, increases his website visibility. Quora is the number one place to find answers to all types of questions; hence, where else would you rather be if not there?

You only have to create a profile, select the topics that relate to your website, and write answers. The best answers get noticed by Google and traffic gets started. The intention is to build your business; so, be willing to learn how to grow your business from other people who spend time there as well.

5.     YouTube Videos

Next to Google, YouTube is the secondtop search engine. By making YouTube videos, many people make a lot of money and attract and keep their audience.

Start by getting an idea of the trend in your field. Put your creativity together and come up with unique and quality videos that will earn you subscribers. While you utilize this off-page SEO technique in 2018, don’t forget to also give attention to other channels.

In all, there are other off-page SEO techniques that work but these best 5 off-page SEO techniques in 2018 have been improving(and continue to improve) the revenue and ranking of many websites on top search engines.


Virtually anything can be done via the Internet thanks to today’s digital evolution, from connecting with friends oversee, to “researching” data to purchasing items you sometimes don’t need. This led many businesses to take their stores online, riding on the wave of technological advancements and reaching billions of potential consumers. What many of these businesses don’t realize is that a website is just the beginning, and it isn’t enough to propel your business to the top of Google’s search results page.

Your site must also convert. Because of the cutthroat competition, your own business must take extra steps to make your brand stand out. This starts with a carefully, and strategically, thought-out web design.

Here are top website design trends that could boost conversion rates and sales and increase consumer loyalty:

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is one design trend that has stuck around. It refuses to go away. In fact, this trend has made a big impact on UX design, for both websites and mobile apps.

But for those who are unfamiliar with the term, what is a parallax effect?

Derived from the Greek word ‘parallaxis’ which means ‘alteration,’ this creates a 3D scrolling effect where the web page’s background layer moves at a slower rate to the foreground layer. This is one of many scrolling patterns allowing you to easily adjust how the users will receive the content.

Although sometimes it can come out as overwhelming, if sparingly used, it can provide a seamless UX for both the mobile app and your website. The result will be a subtle element of depth, making your site memorable and distinctive.

Animated CTAs

CTA (Call to action) buttons are an integral part of an effective web design since they’re essential to making conversions. Regardless if your users are well-informed, they still require a little prodding leading them to finally hit that “Buy Now” or “Join Now” button. Having a CTA for every page is not enough. You need to consider the shape, size and its placement.

Lucky for you, there is another trend that could help improve conversion rates—this is adding a subtle animation to your CTA button. However, this animated CTA should be subtle enough to draw the user’s attention, but not take away their interest in the brand’s product or other vital visuals. Keep in mind that the animation should be tasteful and carry the feel and visual look of your site. The movement is only another way of enhancing the button’s visibility.

Video on Landing Page

We can’t stress enough how vital your landing page is. So, how else can you improve this page and attract consumer attention?

What about a video?

Well, the answer to this is obvious. Approximately 78% of Internet users watch online videos on a weekly basis, while around 93% of today’s marketers admitted that their medium for communication, sales and other forms of digital marketing is video.

This just shows us that online videos go are more than cute kittens or adorable puppies.

Video content is dominating online traffic figures.

But wait…

Don’t just embed a YouTube clip on your landing page. Take it a step further with a video landing page.

You could create an immersive video that automatically plays on your site’s home page or a video that directs toward a CTA on a specific page. Either way, this strategy will definitely improve user’s impression of your brand and boost UX.

Cinemagraph Hero Photos

Yes, they’re very captivating. Theirs is something about the continuous subtle motion of cinemagraphs in an otherwise still image that easily captures user attention. And this is the first step in getting web visitors who are sometimes too busy. This will make them take a pause and notice the message or content of your site.

The plus side—you can use cinemagraphs for social media marketing as well, saving your marketing budget.

Simplicity is key!

A well-designed website is uncluttered, simple, deliver the message and interacts with the consumer, creating a lasting impression. But above all, a successful website converts! An effective web design is an art—it requires a lot of careful planning. Your brand’s website should not only have aesthetics in mind but also you need to consider your brand’s goals and the end result.

Being powerful persuasion tools, videos exhibit the potential to shorten sales cycle. With the sales cycle shortened, the touchpoints at which you meet your audience, are reduced and the efforts also minimised.  Additionally, the need to rely on salesy techniques goes out of the picture.

Once you have created a video, its ability to sell more is largely dependant on the practices being followed.

Here we have listed 4 such ways in which videos can help you sell more, on a budget:

  • Incorporate videos in email marketing to attract leads

Video in email can increase CTR by 200-300% and also reduce the “unsubscribe” rate by 75%.

Email marketing, on its own, is a very effective marketing technique; when combined with video marketing, it becomes even more powerful because videos are more likely to engage the viewer quickly as compared to other forms of content.

When it comes to using videos in emails, the options are many. You can use anything from customer testimonials to product description videos.

In terms of ROI, it is important to note that email marketing outperforms all other marketing channels. The average return is $44 for every dollar that is spent.

Additionally, adding a video to your email comes at zero extra cost. You can either embed your video directly or use video link to take the viewer to the website where he can watch the video.

The combination of video and email yields great marketing results.

NotifyFox, for example, used this explainer video in their cold email marketing to achieve an open rate of 40%.

Key Takeaway:

When taking the video route in your email campaigns, be sure to first lay down your objective. For your video to sell more, the embedding option is not the best idea since it doesn’t take user to the website.

  • Put an explainer video on your landing page to boost conversions

A video placed on the landing page has the potential to increase conversions by as much as 80% which means that they create space for more sales.

Since your website’s landing page is the first element of user experience, it makes sense to use videos to optimise the landing page for better engagement.

By eliminating the dependence on text for brand introduction and bringing a more appealing content format (video) into the picture, you can shorten the sales cycle and thereby trigger more purchases.

The effectiveness of videos on landing pages is largely governed by two things: design aesthetics and video content. In terms of design, the size of video and the thumbnail take a key role. Video content optimisation, on the other hand, depends on a number of things: video quality, audio etc.

Key Takeaway:

Video can sell more when placed directly on the website where user interaction is of utmost significance. So optimise this opportunity by focusing on design details as well as content.

  • Use live video on social platforms to positively influence the purchase decision

Live videos not only create the space for online sales, they are also effective in boosting offline conversions.

Various businesses are relying more and more on live formats to showcase their product launch, events, conferences; allowing their audience to take part, virtually. This drives sales because it helps create trust through visual demonstrations.

In fact, live videos can be used simply to celebrate the holiday mood or simple monthly themes. Like Dunkin Donuts creates the right mood for Valentine’s in this live video:

Additionally, these live videos inform users about specific business events that they might not be aware of. This is quite beneficial for brands that operate in the B2B sector.

Key Takeaway:

Social video consumption is on the rise. In such a scenario, it is best to make your video strategy social proof to increase sales. Go live, take your audience behind the stage, give them live footage of special events.

  • Use video calling to solve customer queries

When you create a product/service to address a particular pain point, it makes sense that your customer will have queries. And sometimes these queries may demand more attention than a FAQ space on your site.

Like in a scenario where user gets stuck at a point while navigating your app, video calling be a great way to help your customer find a way. Again, this is extremely useful for B2B sphere; SaaS companies often rely on these techniques to guide their users. And it can be extremely helpful during product trials. Skype can be a good option here.

Key Takeaway:

Video calling improves user experience and helps in building trust which creates a positive purchase effect. Such strategies pave way for great feedback which, in return, creates space for more sales.


Video is one such content format which isn’t restricted to a specific stage of the buyer’s journey. You can use it to attract leads (explainer videos), move them to the evaluation stage (tutorials, how-to’s) and then to create delight (video calling) after the purchase has been made.

Strategies like social video, landing page videos boost purchases without requiring huge investment. Shareable social videos increase your reach, landing page videos reduce the brand introduction time, video calling that addresses user queries creates trust; together, all these things help videos sell more.

This article is definitely for the ones who would prefer watching something over the screen in a video format rather than surrendering to a textual document.

According to researchers, 59% of the total population prefers watching videos. Video streamers such as YouTube and Netflix have been flag bearers till now. However, with the advent of live streaming YouTube has also developed their own live streaming software so that they can present live broadcasts for audiences in every corner of the world.

What is live streaming?

Live streaming is an approach by which you can present any occasion to an online crowd. It’s a computerized alternative to something like pitching tickets to an in-person occasion, and enables you to contact individuals close and far with live video.

Brands utilize live streaming for various reasons, yet as indicated by a Brandlive’s study, 71% of organizations utilize it to collaborate more with a group of people. So as opposed to being the notorious “man behind the window curtain,” you’re enabling viewers to put an image to your association’s tag, all at the same time.

There are some specks which if followed can help you live stream successfully.

Plan your live stream

You’ll need to put a similar idea and due steadiness into your live stream that you’d put into an in-person occasion of its kind. Furthermore, you’ll need to have your objectives as a top priority as you make those arrangements; those will direct a considerable measure of the coordination.

Know your audience

Knowing your targeted interest group will decide a couple of bits of the arranging procedure will help you in the long run. On the off chance that it incorporates a worldwide population that should factor into the date and time of your stream then make certain to consider time zones or occasions that won’t be top-of-mind in your nation of origin.

Categorize your stream

At that point, consider what classification your live stream falls into, and come up with a tagline for your occasion. On the off chance that you don’t discover any of the above cases fitting to your business, there are more ideas for ways organizations can utilize live streams.

Choose your platform efficiently

The platform you utilize can also be relevant to who you need to see the stream. Diverse groups of people utilize different channels, so you’ll need to pick the one that is destined to draw the crowd you want.

Finally, pick an ideal area and the best live streaming software from which you’ll communicate your stream. A low quality video can make somebody 62% more prone to have a negative impression of the brand that created it – so ensure your setting is helpful for a positive review experience.

Live video marketing has turned into an exciting trend in the online promoting sphere. On account of the arrival of Facebook Live and various contending social networking mediums, brands are working harder than any time in recent memory to bring important, intriguing live recordings to their clients.

Let us state some of the brightest examples of some brands who have already streamed live successfully.


Buzzfeed doesn’t offer items or services like most organizations, so it doesn’t have any new items to dispatch or any services to flaunt in a live video. Rather, they profit through promoting and have some expertise in attracting audience with content.

One of their recordings ran for more than 45 minutes, and in spite of its silly introduction, it wound up drawing in more than 807,000 viewers at its top in popularity. This is just because Buzzfeed provoked watchers’ interests and continued raising the strain—truly and metaphorically—all through the video.


Grazia is an Italian ladies’ magazine, and Grazia UK is a worldwide subdivision of it. Back in June, Grazia UK went to Facebook’s London base camp for organizations to assemble collaboration of what they called their first “community issue.”

Throughout the seven day stretch of the joint effort, Grazia UK live streamed different occasions, giving clients an off camera view that influenced them to feel like they were a part of the occasion. Be that as it may, the best video was a roundtable level headed discussion concerning Brexit. Live level headed discussions are quite often well known, particularly when they include the support from the group of onlookers; and obviously, this one did. Clients could submit questions, live, social networking platforms, and feel like they were an important part of the open debate all through its runtime.


Dunkin Donuts depends on visuals to offer its item since it’s difficult to oppose having a doughnut or espresso when you see one. So it’s was just expected that the brand exploited the desserts overwhelming Valentine’s Day season with a live streaming video.

In it, the brand investigated its “test kitchen” for viewers, indicating how it makes new items and manifestations, finishing with a finale that included the making of a monstrous, doughnut themed wedding cake. The live broadcast drew in more than 36,000 watchers, which may not appear like much. However, consider the fact that these individuals weren’t watching sports, or news, or something interesting rather they were watching a cake get made.

The overall population has a tendency to incline toward visual content to penned content, since it’s a more fundamental type of network. On account of speedier broadband connections and cell phones, it’s simpler than ever to watch video recordings, so they’ve turned out to be way more main stream as an online medium.

Social media devotees additionally love to live in the present and live recordings give them that point of view. Instead of seeing a recorded event, they need to encounter something urgently and instantly.

Live video likewise opens the path for live review, for example, client contributed inquiries or remarks, which adds a layer of engagement to the experience. By 2018 you can be sure that most top-grossing brands are backed by immensely powerful live streaming software and an immaculate video content as well as design.