So you started a YouTube channel but you’re making videos for one.  Wondering where your audience is? Find out how to get subscribers on youtube.

In case you hadn’t noticed, YouTube is where it’s at, and nowadays, some of the world’s top YouTube stars are raking in millions.

But even those YouTube stars had to start somewhere, and yes, that’s right at the bottom with everyone else. So, just how did they do it?

If you’re just starting out and looking to grow your audience, these tips on how to get subscribers on YouTube is a good place to start…

5 Simple Hacks on How to Get Subscribers on YouTube 

If you want the views, hits, exposure, likes, and comments you’ll need to focus your attention on building up your audience over time. And no, it really doesn’t happen overnight, unless you’re lucky enough to produce a viral YouTube video!

But building up your list of subscribers takes patience, practice, interaction, and a catchy YouTube intro doesn’t hurt too! Check out this intro maker for YouTube to step up your game…

For now, let’s get into 5 easy hacks to help you grow your list of subscribers:

  1. It’s As Simple As Asking 

That’s right, you simply need to ask your audience in plain English to subscribe to your channel. Nothing fancy about it! But, bear in mind there are clever ways of going about it.

At the end of each video, give your audience a compelling call-to-action and ask them for their support by subscribing to your channel. Let them know it’s as simple as clicking the ”subscribe” button, and that’s it.

A great way to simplify your call-to-action is by breaking it down into a three-step formula, i.e. tell them what to do, how to do it, and why.

  1. Use Strategic Annotations in Your Videos

What are annotations? They are usually replicas of sticky notes, thought bubbles or interjections strategically placed within your videos.

Why use them? To carefully market your channel without being too obvious or overbearing. Keep in mind that it’s vitally important not to overuse annotations as they could drive your audience away.

Two effective ways of using annotations include ”call-to-action” and ”click-to-action” commands, phrased as suggestions.

  1. Leverage an Existing Audience

The great thing about the internet and social media is cross-platform promotion.

Already have a decent-sized following on a blog, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Add a clickable link or widget to these sites that will drive your existing audience to your YouTube channel.

Just make sure the link to your YouTube channel is clear, bold and obvious- without being obnoxious about it!

  1. Partner With Like-Minded Content Creators

To add to the power of cross-platform promotion is the leverage of teaming up with like-minded YouTubers who produce similar content to yours.

Wait, but shouldn’t they be seen as competition? In this instance, absolutely not. Because this is a case of ”scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours”.

Your YouTube channel offers the option of adding featured channels of like-minded YouTubers. If you begin to promote their channel, they’ll likely do the same for you. Then, watch your subscriber list grow!

  1. Make an Effort to Interact Consistently

The success of a YouTube channel does not come from simply posting a video and leaving it to hang out in cyberspace. Nope, consistent interaction with your audience is key.

Make a solid effort to reply to your community of followers, like their comments and answer their questions. You can also comment, like, and subscribe to other content creators on YouTube, and you’ll likely receive the same support in return!

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