Many homeowners are hesitant to take on costly renovation projects. This is because very few projects yield a positive return on investment.

However, a bathroom remodel is certain to recoup its value. In fact, renovating the bathroom often returns more than 100% of the project costs.

Before starting a bathroom renovation, homeowners want to understand the total project cost. They are looking for answers on what drives cost and how they can save money.

Read on to learn how much renovating a bathroom cost. Explore the various subprojects that can take place in your bathroom.

What Factors Impact Cost?

Surprising to some, your master bathroom has more expensive elements than most rooms in your home. Only the kitchen can compete with a bathroom in terms of renovation costs.

The shower and bathtub are both pricey items. The bathroom sink and the toilet also cost a pretty penny.

The homeowner has to decide if they want to replace flooring and lighting as well. Lastly, there are custom features that could drive up project costs. Examples of custom modifications include molding or window trim.

How Much Does Renovating a Bathroom Cost?

Now that you understand the different elements of a bathroom renovation, it is time to discuss cost. The total project costs are going to vary depending on what items you decide to replace. Continue reading to explore each subproject and its associated cost:


Depending on the bathtub you select, this could be the most expensive item in your bathroom. A high-end bathtub could cost up to $10,000.

The average homeowner is going to spend $3,000 to replace the bathtub. The primary cost driver is the material composition of the bathtub. A marble tub is going to cost a lot more than an acrylic one.

The tub’s features are also going to impact the cost. A jetted tub costs a lot more than a basic one.


The shower is another significant undertaking in the bathroom. You are likely to spend $3,000 on the shower, with costs potentially as high as $5,500.

A glass shower door will drive up the cost of a shower replacement. Another high-impact decision is the shower wall material. Stone tile or marble are going to increase project costs more than a ceramic material.

Sink and Vanity

The sink and vanity will cost another $1,000. The vanity is equivalent to a major furniture piece. Sinks add a few hundred dollars to any project.

To save money, some homeowners opt to upgrade hardware instead. Replacing the faucet is going to cost significantly less than replacing the entire sink and vanity.

Other Renovation Ideas

Thus far, we have only covered the most expensive items in your bathroom remodel. You still have to decide whether to replace the toilet or flooring.

New flooring has the potential to add over $1,000 to your project costs. Replacing light fixtures can also add hundreds to the bill.

Renovating the Bathroom is a Worthwhile Investment

These costs may seem overwhelming, but they are worth it. Bathrooms are one of the few home projects that return 100% or more of project costs.

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