Vanity Cabinet

No house in Sydney is ever truly complete without the decoration and the aesthetic of vanity cabinets in the bathroom. The essential room in the house is the bathroom. It is what separates humans from animals apart from our usage of working and mobile thumbs that we have the ability and the moral choice of going to the bathroom indoors. Just because the washroom is used maybe only a few times a day does not mean that it should be valued any less and that the aesthetic pleasure of the bathroom should be completely overlooked and ignored. Here is where bathroom décor and a vanity cabinet come into play.

What Are the Many Benefits of Using Vanity Cabinets?

The benefits of vanity cabinets can justify the choice of spending so much money on them. They are now one of the most salient features of any bathroom. The beauty behind this invention is that it acts as a space of storage and transforms and blurs the lines between customisability and attractiveness. This shows a fresh take on what the inside of a bathroom can look like. A vanity cabinet can be a variety of things. beginning with small storage space behind a fold-out mirror or some other concealed location behind some everyday and common objects, which not only helps maintain the illusion of being de-cluttered but also helps make the bathroom look like a more appealing place to be daily. As such, most bathroom storage is found in the air, the person using it or on the ground, never at mid-level. The benefit of using a vanity is that they have recognised this defect for decades. However, this problem has never been tackled by any developers or inventors to produce something that can be used and does use every square footage of the house, thereby providing more storage space.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Vanity Tower Bridge?

Evidently, a vanity tower bridges the ground and air gaps to create a very sleek and sensible storage space that can outdo most bathroom designs. Moreover, it does not stop here, as you can further customise this tower to include what the owner needs most, like a drawer, a cabinet, or something else entirely. The beauty behind this is that it allows for almost any kind of storage capability. Another salient feature of any vanity is that it is also inviting and attractive. When a guest uses the bathroom, they will stand in awe of the beautiful and masterful design and grace with which the entire bathroom has been organised. It allows for the bathroom to be customised. It nearly quadruples the amount of storage space available to the owner, creating a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is also a good investment.

Using a vanity would help a person completely transform their bathroom into something entirely different and new. It would help make cleaning a lot easier while also enabling a person to use new areas and organise their bathroom in a way almost equal to the benefits of a good therapy session. A vanity is an essential feature that must be added to any bathroom if they continue to evolve and transform the experience of being in such bathrooms.

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, there are many things that you need to consider before you can work out how much you should spend. This article discusses some of the things that you should consider when you’re shopping for your next bathroom.

Perhaps the most important consideration is that you want to get a design that makes sense with the rest of the room. If you buy a huge bathtub that has a low ceiling and there’s no space to get away from it, then it won’t make much sense to you.

As well as getting the right fixtures and fittings, there are other factors to consider. If you want to be able to enjoy it in the morning, then you need to have a shower that’s heated and ready to use in the morning, so that you can get your first wash and have it ready to use.

When it comes to bathroom renovations, you also need to consider the fact that you may not have all the money in the world to splash out on everything. You will want to make sure that you only invest as much as you have to when it comes to getting something done, so that you don’t end up with a house that isn’t what you really wanted it to be.

You will find many different bathroom designs on the market these days, and this is all the more reason that you should think about what you’re going to use it for. You will also find that a lot of times, after you’ve got everything set up and all is working, you may find that you’re going to want to change the design and add on to it at a later date.

Bathroom designs can be changed again in a few years if you don’t like the one, you’re using today. However, if you’ve stuck with a style, you will have it for a long time, so that you should really think about this before you make any changes to your bathroom.

When you are thinking about how much you should spend on a trusted bathroom remodeling contractor, it can be very helpful to look online. Many people like to shop online, because they feel that it’s more convenient.

For a start, shopping online can save you a huge amount of time and effort, because it means that you can be looking at all the different ideas for bathroom renovations in your local area, rather than having to travel to a different area. Another thing is that you can see how other people have got on with their project, which means that you can have an idea of what you could be getting yourself into if you go ahead with it.

Before you decide how much you should spend on bathroom renovations, you should check the prices of the products. You may find that the cost of a product is significantly less than it would cost you if you went to a shop to see it, so that you know that you’re getting a good deal.

Bathroom renovating isn’t a cheap job and you will have to make sacrifices in order to get it done. Whether you’re trying to fit new fittings or buying new tiles, you’re going to have to go along with the cost.

Of course, you should always have spare cash on hand in case the situation arises where you can’t afford to make a change, or don’t want to spend the money on it. Just make sure that you know how much you are spending on the project, so that you can budget for it and plan your finances accordingly.

Bathroom renovations aren’t always easy, but they’re a great way to give your home a facelift, and if you stick to it you shouldn’t have too many problems getting it done. Just remember to keep your costs down and get a good designer, and the bathroom will look fantastic for years to come.

Bathroom styling has been carefully conservative for years now, white sanitaryware with wooden accompaniments in either pale pine, honeyed oak or darker mahogany tones.  It was almost as if no-one had the courage or dared to do anything else after the heady colours of the 1970s – avocado, brown, dark cappuccino and even orange! Well, these colours are slowly creeping back and a room that has been rather overlooked for a few decades is now on the interior designers hit list.  There is plenty of online inspiration about styling in the bathroom but why not consider a different type of shower enclosure for your bathroom or shower room?

What are the advantages of Wetwall panels over conventional shower cubicle design?  Read our handy list to help you make up your mind:-

  • Wetwall shower panels are completely waterproof made from tough PVC so there is no need to tile and grout saving you both time and money on a refurb
  • Shower panels can cover a large wall in next to no time making light work of a redecoration project, they can even be fitted on top of existing tiles or surfaces
  • No tiles mean far less cleaning in the bathroom, you can get away with little or no maintenance and the shower panels will stay looking as fresh as the day there were installed for years
  • 100% waterproof shower panels will mean the water is contained where it should be and the wall beneath remains totally dry
  • Special joints ensure that is no gapping between the shower panels and the tray at the bottom
  • Shower panels are totally hygienic as without the need for grouting, there are no recesses for mould to lurk
  • Should you need to get involved in some serious cleaning if there are marks on the panels, even the most stubborn stains can be removed with just soap and water
  • Opt for wood, stone or marble effect with prices to suit a range of budgets or even choose a tiled look finish without all the work and maintenance of the real deal
  • High gloss panels have an identical look and feel of painted glass without the price tag or the challenging cleaning regime, there is also no risk of shattering or chips or cracking
  • Why not choose a statement colour splash, go bold with a huge range in our colour palette
  • Wetwall panels are long-lasting but if you do fancy a new look, it is easy to change them out or upgrade
  • They are easy to cut and fit easily to different dimensions or awkward spaces

It’s funny to think that the origins of board shower and bath panels was to hide unsightly plumbing.  Now with the advent of modern materials and finishes, shower panels have taken on a whole new life. Shower panels combine functionality for 21st century living with great style and design and introduce effects and finishes which would be almost impossible to create with tiles or other materials allowing you to create a high-end hotel look without breaking the bank.

Around 75% of household water is used in the bathrooms, so the odds are some of the water could make its way into the floors and walls of your bathroom, causing serious water damage. Before you know it, you could also end up with structural damage and mold problems that would need substantial efforts to repair. Water damage repair is a meticulous, expensive, and lengthy process.

Knowing what to look for to avoid water damage in your bathroom is important if you want to prevent going through the expensive and vigorous process of water damage repair. Let’s take a look at some of the actions you can take to avoid water damage.

Check grout and sealant

The regular prolonged exposure of your sealant and grout to heat and moisture in the bathroom can cause them to crack and wear out. So, make sure you check your sealant and grout regularly to make sure they are free of rot and stains. Also, you can use a cleaning solution to clean the grout when doing chores and dry it carefully when you’re done.


If you noticed that the grout is extensively damaged or missing, you should remove anyone that is worn out and clean the area. Then give it a good dry before installing new grout. That will stop your tiles or fixtures from shifting and prevent rot from spreading.

Look for potential signs of trouble


Water damage normally comes in the form of small issues that may be ignored. For instance, softness or discoloration on the bathroom walls shows a water leak. If the showerhead or pipe in your bathtub drips constantly, you should tighten or replace it. Moreover, constant water leaks will lead to home water damage, but also higher water bills. It could also lead to the growth of dangerous bacteria and the growth of mold.

If the drain in the shower cubicles doesn’t empty well, it could be as the result of a blockage. Mildew or mold growth is also a sign of severe moisture issues. So, you need to make sure your exhaust fan is effective in removing moisture and heat from your bathroom.

Check your exhaust


Make sure you turn on your exhaust fan each time you use the shower or tub and let it run for a while afterward. In fact, some states require that landlords install an exhaust in the bathroom. So, if your exhaust fan is broken, try to find out your rights and have the landlord install one or fix it.

If you have bought your house, the responsibility is on you to have a fan that is working. At the very least, you need to have a bathroom window closer to the shower that you can open, or you can put various sizes of the dehumidifier in the bathroom. With that said, the exhaust fan is the best option as it removes the most odors and moisture no matter what the weather is outside your home.

Damaged floors


The bathroom floors are designed in a way that they will be covered in water so that they will be in good condition unless there is a leak. But if there is moisture below the floor, it will cause buckling, cracking, and staining. So, if you see any of these signs, you need to take action immediately. 

In most cases, the subfloor of bathrooms is made from plywood, which starts to rot when exposed to moisture. The plywood floor will become softer gradually, maybe even somewhat spongy and unstable. You need to locate the source of the moisture and repair it immediately, or you will soon require a water damage cleanup in your home.

Leaky toilets

There are several reasons why a toilet could leak. There are floor flanges, valves, tank and bowl connections, gaskets, and more that could leak. And you may need to get some help whenever you notice any leak from these sources. However, there is a silicone caulk that could need sealing around the toilet base, so make sure you also check that regularly.


It is important to check because splashed water, pooling, and toilet leaks can find its way under your subfloor and toilet. You can also keep a space open at the back of the toilet base so that any potential leaks will show themselves instead of being sealed completely and damage your bathroom to the point where you may spend more to repair.


 There are always chances that you will experience water damage in your bathroom. But with the tips we discussed above, you can protect your bathroom from water damage. So, make sure you keep a close eye on things in your bathroom or get a contractor like Brisbane your building inspections. With that, it will be easier for you to handle any water problem than wait for full-blown water damage.

Many homeowners are hesitant to take on costly renovation projects. This is because very few projects yield a positive return on investment.

However, a bathroom remodel is certain to recoup its value. In fact, renovating the bathroom often returns more than 100% of the project costs.

Before starting a bathroom renovation, homeowners want to understand the total project cost. They are looking for answers on what drives cost and how they can save money.

Read on to learn how much renovating a bathroom cost. Explore the various subprojects that can take place in your bathroom.

What Factors Impact Cost?

Surprising to some, your master bathroom has more expensive elements than most rooms in your home. Only the kitchen can compete with a bathroom in terms of renovation costs.

The shower and bathtub are both pricey items. The bathroom sink and the toilet also cost a pretty penny.

The homeowner has to decide if they want to replace flooring and lighting as well. Lastly, there are custom features that could drive up project costs. Examples of custom modifications include molding or window trim.

How Much Does Renovating a Bathroom Cost?

Now that you understand the different elements of a bathroom renovation, it is time to discuss cost. The total project costs are going to vary depending on what items you decide to replace. Continue reading to explore each subproject and its associated cost:


Depending on the bathtub you select, this could be the most expensive item in your bathroom. A high-end bathtub could cost up to $10,000.

The average homeowner is going to spend $3,000 to replace the bathtub. The primary cost driver is the material composition of the bathtub. A marble tub is going to cost a lot more than an acrylic one.

The tub’s features are also going to impact the cost. A jetted tub costs a lot more than a basic one.


The shower is another significant undertaking in the bathroom. You are likely to spend $3,000 on the shower, with costs potentially as high as $5,500.

A glass shower door will drive up the cost of a shower replacement. Another high-impact decision is the shower wall material. Stone tile or marble are going to increase project costs more than a ceramic material.

Sink and Vanity

The sink and vanity will cost another $1,000. The vanity is equivalent to a major furniture piece. Sinks add a few hundred dollars to any project.

To save money, some homeowners opt to upgrade hardware instead. Replacing the faucet is going to cost significantly less than replacing the entire sink and vanity.

Other Renovation Ideas

Thus far, we have only covered the most expensive items in your bathroom remodel. You still have to decide whether to replace the toilet or flooring.

New flooring has the potential to add over $1,000 to your project costs. Replacing light fixtures can also add hundreds to the bill.

Renovating the Bathroom is a Worthwhile Investment

These costs may seem overwhelming, but they are worth it. Bathrooms are one of the few home projects that return 100% or more of project costs.

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When you’re looking to tackle a new project and update your home, look no further than your bathroom.

Bathrooms often are a neglected part of the house since they tend to be smaller. But with a few fresh changes or more substantial updates, you’ll be happier and set yourself up for a good return on investment down the road.

Keep reading to learn about the 2020 bathroom design trends that are sure to add style to your home!

  1. 2020 Bathroom Design Trends Reboot Old Favorites

Old trends that seemed dated ten years ago have come back in fashion! Many people may remember that the 80s and 90s were all about brass fixtures. Although shiny brass fixtures cycled out of style as we entered the new century, they are back as a way to add glitz and glamour to bathrooms.

The same goes for skirted sinks, retro fixtures that channel the 50s, and clawfoot tubs. If there’s one thing to remember when you’re revamping your bathroom, it’s that mixing and matching styles from different eras is perfectly okay to do. If you like your spaces to look a little quirkier, go for it!

  1. Go Bold With Black

Low-contrast beige is one style choice from the 90s that isn’t as popular now — quite the opposite is true! 2020 bathroom design trends favor more drama and contrast. Don’t be afraid to go for a little intensity and add a punch of black paint to your walls.

If painting an entire wall black is a step too far for your comfort, upgrade fixtures like doorknobs and towel racks for a more subtle approach. In the market for a new bathroom cabinet? Opt for one painted black with glass doors for a crisp, elegant touch.

And if you want to be bold and retro, install some checkerboard floors. You’ll transport your bathroom back to the 1930s!

  1. Mix Wood With An Industrial Style

Combining wood and metal has been a popular choice in furniture design over the past decade, and the combo is now hitting bathrooms. You get the best of both worlds: warmth and clean design.

Many people like the industrial style for its focus on subtle surface textures and clean lines. There’s nothing busy or distracting about it, and it provides a zen experience when you’re brushing your teeth in the morning.

If the concrete or metal starts to feel too cold, touches of wood act as the perfect balance. Consider a maple vanity or some oak shelves in a rich finish. The wood grain will pop against the industrial gray tones.

  1. Try Out Some Patterns (And Maybe Wallpaper!)

Yes, that’s right — wallpaper is making a comeback. Whether it’s floral motifs or chevron, the paper we tend to think of as stodgy and old is on the rise again. Some think it’s due to the nostalgic appeal of seeing busy patterns on the walls.

The likelier reason is that amazing artists are creating original and modern designs that don’t look like they stepped out of the past. If you have the budget to spring for handcrafted wallpapers, plenty of designers offer screen-printed designs for an artsy, fresh look.

You can bring texture and artistry to a sterile environment. If you’re reluctant to go all the way by covering the whole room, a simple accent wall of wallpaper or bold, textured artwork is a good call.

  1. Make It Marble

When you think of marble, you probably think of a classy, refined space. Now that can be your bathroom.

Marble is light and airy, making it the perfect choice for a bathroom. You can try marble floors or walls, for instance, to add a touch of texture and movement to a sterile space. The only drawback is that marble is among the pricier options for a bathroom update.

  1. Opt For a Bigger Shower or Tub

The days of cramped showers and tubs are over, according to the current bathroom interior design trends. Big and open showers and tubs are in!

An open shower refers to one that is not enclosed by a curtain — and sometimes not even by glass. These showers are not for the modest, but they do let you enjoy the luxury of space.

In the same way, bigger tubs provide a more inviting place to decompress at the end of a long day. If you can’t make it to a resort midweek, at least you’ll have a tranquil space in your home.

And speaking of tranquil, don’t forget about good lighting. After spending the day working under unflattering office lights or the hot sun, softer lights are a must. Yes, you’ll want clear lighting near your mirrors so you can assess your makeup or shaving in the morning, but think about adding dimmer capabilities for those nights in a sudsy bubble bath.

  1. Accessorize If You’re On a Budget

If marble, wood, or a new shower are beyond your means, don’t sweat it. There are plenty of less expensive ways to spruce up your bathroom.

Add a glass jar with some fresh flowers or fragrant soaps to your vanity. Swap in some new artwork and decorative towels, or find a jazzier shower curtain. You don’t have to spend a lot to see the impact of small design changes.

And while you’re at, check what’s going on behind the scenes in your bathroom. Is your water pressure low? Is that gorgeous sink draining well?

If not, you could have a main water line problem. Call a professional if you have concerns since you want your bathroom to be a restful sanctuary, not the site of burst pipes!

Start Designing Today

All it takes is some creativity, design sense, and maybe a little help to give your bathroom a makeover. These 2020 bathroom design trends represent a variety of flavors and allow for originality.

Do some brainstorming and shopping, and then get started! For other helpful articles on home decor, DIY projects, and outdoor activities, check out some of our other articles.

Renovating the toilet seems like AN exciting project to require on, however, one that needs you to be intelligent before you start the method. DIY toilet reworking sounds sensible if all you wish is to enliven your existing tub, however, the larger jobs—such as putting in new flooring, ever-changing the plumbing or putting in a bathtub—are best left to professionals.

Here square measures a couple of tips to prepare yourself before you begin searching for a shower reworking company.

Make a listing

Make 2 lists, in fact. One ought to contain the reworking jobs that you just completely cannot do while not, like substitution worn-out or broken flooring and adding any luxury options that you just forever wished in your dream toilet. Use the second list of things that aren’t top-priority, like luxury lighting or fixtures.

Doing your analysis and groundwork before you contact a transforming professional can facilitate them get a concept of the design that you just need, and that they are going to be ready to advocate cheap alternatives to the high-value things on your list. click here for more information.

Fix a budget

Remodeling is serious business, therefore the very first thing you must do is to line a allow your toilet renovation. Having a budget and projected to that whereas you scour the net for native reworking firms can create the shortlisting method easier. it’ll conjointly offer your reworking company a transparent indication that their recommendations should match well among the required budget.

At the identical time, keep space for a couple of hundred greenbacks additional for unpunctual changes, as budgets tend to expand themselves once the particular work starts.

Don’t lose focus of what’s vital

Whatever style or theme you select once upgrading your tub, ne’er compromise on the basics—that is, plumbing and craft. there’s no purpose in putting in pricey fixtures and style components during a toilet with poor plumbing or faulty electrical system.

For bathroom reworking, Phoenix Az which will provide you with worth for each greenback spent and can stand the check of your time, rent a transforming agency that makes a specialty of the task. Let the consultants do a radical analysis of the present structure so advocate that desires additional work—the style components or the fundamentals.

Lastly, enforce exploitation solely high-quality fittings and fixtures. they will price a touch additional currently, however they’re going to assist you to save on semi permanent maintenance, repair and replacement. for example, want stain-proof and break-proof flooring rather than the most affordable obtainable choice. opt for quality over appearance once giving your tub a makeover, and you won’t regret it.

Bonus tip: If you’re not going to sell your home terribly presently, go all out and indulge yourself in obtaining the toilet that you just forever wished however ne’er had. In any case, a transformed trendy toilet can augment the worth of your property. However, let the designers grasp if you propose to sell the property within the next few years, in order that they will counsel purposeful style components which will charm to most home consumers.

Renovating the bathroom sounds like an exciting project to take on, but one that requires you to be well-informed before you begin the process. DIY bathroom remodeling sounds good if all you want is to enliven your existing bath, but the bigger jobs—such as installing new flooring, changing the plumbing or installing a bathtub—are best left to professionals.

Here are a few tips to prep yourself before you start looking for a bath remodeling company.

Make a list

Make two lists, in fact. One should contain the remodeling jobs that you absolutely cannot do without, such as replacing worn-out or damaged flooring and adding any luxury features that you always wanted in your dream bathroom. Use the second list for items that are not top-priority, such as luxury lighting or fixtures.

Doing your research and groundwork before you contact a remodeling expert will help them get an idea of the look that you want, and they will be able to recommend affordable alternatives to the high-value items on your wish list.

Fix a budget

Remodeling is serious business, so the first thing you should do is to set a budget for your bathroom renovation. Having a budget and sticking to it while you scour the internet for local remodeling companies will make the shortlisting process easier. It will also give your remodeling company a clear indication that their recommendations must fit well within the specified budget.

At the same time, keep room for a few hundred dollars more for last-minute changes, as budgets generally tend to expand themselves when the actual work starts.

Don’t lose focus of what’s important

Whatever design or theme you choose when upgrading your bath, never compromise on the basics—that is, plumbing and electrical work. There is no point in installing expensive fixtures and design elements in a bathroom with poor plumbing or faulty electrical system.

For bathroom remodeling Phoenix Az that will give you value for every dollar spent and will stand the test of time, hire a remodeling agency that specializes in the job. Let the experts do a thorough evaluation of the existing structure and then recommend which needs more work—the design elements or the basics.

Lastly, insist on using only high-quality fittings and fixtures. They may cost a little more now, but they will help you save on long-term maintenance, repair and replacement. For instance, opt for stain-proof and break-proof flooring instead of the cheapest available option. Choose quality over looks when giving your bath a makeover, and you won’t regret it.

Bonus tip: If you’re not planning to sell your home very soon, go all out and indulge yourself in getting the bathroom that you always wanted but never had. In any case, a remodeled modern bathroom will add to the value of your property. However, let the designers know if you intend to sell the property in the next couple of years, so that they can suggest functional design elements that will appeal to most home buyers.

When you’re building or renovating your bathroom, you should start thinking about the different essentials to stock up on. Not only will this make your bathroom functional but look beautiful as well! Wondering what you need to invest in? Read on as I show you the bathroom essentials every household needs.

The Nine Essentials Your Bathroom Needs

  1. Water Heater

You wouldn’t want to wake up with an ice cold shower, wouldn’t you? Having a water heater (I recommend tankless!) is a luxury that has you warm up and get ready for the day (or loosen up after a stressful time at work). Confused about what type of heater you should get for the bathroom? I recommend that you read up on reputable tankless water heater reviews to learn more.

  1. Durable Bath Mat

You should get a bath rug and a non-slip mat to ensure that you’ll get out of the shower safely and be able to dry your feet. It’s way better than your wet feet stepping on the cold ground, which ruins the feeling after a hot shower!

  1. Nice Mirror

You should also get a right mirror, which helps you with touch-ups while bringing in better lighting in your bathroom. Plus, it has the room look larger and brighter than what it seems to be. Get a large mirror with a design that matches the bathroom’s style.

  1. Cleaning Supplies

Of course, you’ll also need to make sure that you have everything cleaned in your bathroom, which is why it’s best to have cleaning supplies to ensure sanitized toilets, clean counters, and showers free from mildew. Also, have a deodorizer in hand just in case nature calls with a lousy stink!

  1. Shower Curtain

I would recommend a shower curtain the most to prevent any spilling outside the shower area. You wouldn’t want to have someone slip or feel icked out from the wet floors when they go in a shower. Get one that has a beautiful design and will be able to keep your floors dry and protected.

  1. Hand Towels

You shouldn’t let your guests dry their hands with your old wet towels! Make sure that they have their guest towels to make them feel at home and to give your bathroom a fancier touch. Your guests will appreciate it, and you won’t have to share your towels.

  1. Trash Can

This is a must-have in every bathroom, otherwise where else will you be throwing your used tissues, sanitary napkins, floss, and other miscellaneous trash with ease? Get a cute one that matches your bathroom’s style, and that has a cover to avoid any stink.

  1. A plunger and Toilet Brush

You never know what may happen when nature calls, and it may be embarrassing having to deal with a clogged toilet! Fortunately, you can save yourself from the embarrassment by having a plunger in handy, as well as a toilet,  brush to clean the mess.

  1. Window Curtains

And lastly, having coverage or curtains by your bathroom windows is another necessity because you never know who may be peeping. Get one that will be able to cover the outside without hiding the light your bathroom needs to appear bright and airy.

Wrapping It Up

And there you have it! Through making the right investments for your bathroom, you won’t have to worry about not being able to clean yourself safely and adequately. So don’t wait any longer and start finding these essentials at your local home depot today.

If you have any questions or would like to share tips on styling your bathroom, comment below. Your contributions are much appreciated

Is purchasing a house something you envision for your future? Then get ready — this is one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime, so it’s a must to go about the property-shopping process meticulously and make sure that you get a great deal.

Having a house inspection done is one reliable way to determine whether a house’s value is consistent with the asking price or not. This is not just a smart strategy that buyers like you should adopt — it’s also required by Australian law.

Early observations

To ensure the thorough inspection of a house you are seriously considering buying, hiring the services of professional home inspectors is the recommended action.

But while you are still in the early stages of checking out properties that could potentially be included in your shortlist, you could practice doing some basic inspecting yourself. This is especially true if you are still only casually looking through properties through an open house.

So, if you are visiting different properties with your realtor soon and you want to get a solid idea of ways to check the structural and functional integrity of the property, here are five tips to help you out.

1.     Inspect certain rooms more thoroughly than others.

The attic, bathrooms, kitchen and garage require more of your attention when you come by to see a house.


The attic and garage are the areas where indoor heat is typically lost. They are also prone to pest infestations. Meanwhile, the kitchen and bathroom both have plumbing provisions installed. You will want to make sure that there are no leaking pipes, blocked drains and other plumbing issues.

If there are such issues in a house that you happen to be seriously interested in buying, the seller should be informed about them so they can have those fixed by a professional plumbing service. Alternatively, you might want to negotiate a new deal for the property if the seller fails or refuses to take care of repairs.

And speaking of negotiating a better deal for the house, an outdated kitchen entails lengthier discussions. If you will be needing a full kitchen renovation for the improved overall function of the space, this presents an opportunity to work out a more reasonable price.

Seasoned property buyers generally avoid paying top-of-the-market rates for an outdated property; you should be aware of this fact and take heed, too.

2.     Include the ceilings, walls, floors, doors and windows as well.

The condition of all these house features will have a reasonable impact on the quality of life you will experience if you were to move in.

For instance, check if doors and windows are broken or loose. If they are, that means the house’s HVAC system could be working extra hard (and failing) to regulate the indoor temperature, and consequently using more electricity than necessary. You will not like the monthly energy bill you will receive while living in a house in this condition.

Ceilings, walls and floors, on the other hand, shouldn’t have stains. Keep an eye out for wallpaper with bubbling or loosened areas. These signs indicate moisture issues in the house which may be caused by damaged plumbing. Pinpointing the exact source of the damage can be tricky, so you will need an experienced roof plumber for the job.

What’s more, if there is excessive moisture in the house, there could be a mold problem hiding somewhere as well. Certified building inspectors will tell you that molds are a serious problem that require professional removal. Plus, where there are molds, there are usually pests as well.

3.     Look over the exterior structures as well.

Step outside the house and have a look at the drainage systems, including the gutters. Also, check out the foundation and landscaping to make sure that everything is leveled and there is no growing vegetation that could affect the stability of the structure.

4.     Get an overall first-hand feel of the house.

A house should feel comfortably dry in its key areas. It should have a properly functioning HVAC system that maintains the ideal interior climate. Humidity should be low because a “moist” house, as previously mentioned, presents a lot of problems not only regarding the structural integrity of the house, but for the well-being of the residents as well.

5.     Ask about the year the house was built.

Many homes built before the 1980s contain asbestos. In such houses, asbestos would be present in old floor and ceiling tiles, shingles and flashing, insulation and other home components. Unfortunately, the presence of this naturally occurring fibrous mineral can lead to serious health risks for anyone exposed to it.

If an old house retains several “vintage” elements, there is a high likelihood that asbestos is present. If you are interested in the house, you could talk to builders or other professionals who are trained to handle asbestos during home repairs or renovations to gain more insight into its potential impact on your purchase. Otherwise, you could consider passing up that particular house and look for a newer and safer one.

You need to be dedicated and discriminating when looking for a home to buy because the purchase will provide you a truly valuable asset. As such, aim to actively learn what to keep an eye out for, and invest in hiring building and plumbing professionals to help you inspect the property you like the most. This way, you can be more confident that you’ll be making a truly informed buying decision.

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If you have been living in the same home for years, it’s time to move on without having to move out. 2018 is here, and so are the hottest interior design trends. You can create a focal point in your room or simply give the walls some serious punch; there are endless ways to create or recreate your dream living space. Here’s the first option to start with.

Stone-washed carpets

Stone-washed carpets can create a beautiful statement and inspire elegant living in any space, big or small. The carpets sit beautifully beneath your furniture and provide a contrasting backdrop to make your room stand out. The best part is stone-washed patterns can camouflage dirt, by virtue of which it looks clean and tidy for a long time. Also, you do not have to worry about the finish being eroded – even if it does, it won’t make any difference to the original pattern anyway.

Small Dining tables to fit any room

A family that eats together stays together. Small dining tables are a perfect fit for a small family. They are lightweight, minimalist and can be stored in the corner when not in use. Small dining tables allow you to sit closer to the person you have your meal with. As it follows, delicious food and endless conversation can go hand in hand.

Farmhouse kitchen island with traditional lights

Farmhouse kitchen island is all the rage in 2018, and you, too, can go with the flow by making little changes to your wooden countertop and suspended luminaires. You can accentuate your kitchen island with weathered countertop and matching cabinets to complete the look. Choosing suitable chairs and upholstery is also important. Also, replace those contemporary lights with traditional suspended diffusers to spruce up the kitchen like a farmhouse.

Coffered ceilings

Coffered ceilings can transform any room into an architectural masterpiece instantly. The recessed patterns catch the attention and elicit compliments galore. You might want to install minimalist light fixtures to accentuate those recessed sections even more. Coffered ceilings may be a big investment, but rest assured that the returns will be even bigger.

Aluminium Doors

Glass doors with aluminium frames are no longer exclusive to shopfronts. They can be a great addition to your home as well. You can use these doors in your kitchen or balcony. They not only blend in with all types of interiors, but they also provide a clear line of sight across either side of the door. The best part is aluminium doors are cheap and require little-to-no maintenance.

Bathrooms with mixed tiles

It’s time to break the monotony in your bathroom. If you are planning to renovate your bathroom this year, using different tiles in different areas can create a unique style statement. Mix and match different colours and patterns to wow yourself every day.

Frameless mirrors

Create a reflection of an elegant home with an array of frameless mirrors. If you are not a fan of art or paintings, frameless mirrors can fill the void on your walls and make an effortless style statement. You can also integrate these frameless mirrors with your vanity unit and in other parts of home in various innovative ways. We leave it to your imagination.

It is imperative to plan out a budget beforehand so that you get off on the right foot and achieve desired results with minimum errors. Good luck for your new interiors.

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A lot of work can go into making sure that all surfaces and floors at home are free from dust and germs. Vacuuming the carpet, sweeping and mopping the tiles in the kitchen and bathroom, and scrubbing the toilet are some of the actions that can help achieve this goal.

However, there can be areas where the dirt or grime is not visible to the naked eye and can cause a serious problem. One such instance is having a blocked pipe at home or in the garden.

How are drains clogged?

There are several ways this can happen. Some of the most common reasons you might get blocked drains Newcastle are:

  • Dirt, grease, small objects, or other materials such as hair being washed down and building up over time;
  • A breakdown in the network due to a storm-water overflow or an ageing pipeline;
  • Incorrect installation of the pipeline;
  • The roots of large plants and trees, which go in search of moisture, reaching the pipe.

What are the effects?

Since most pipes and drains are hidden several meters underground, it can be difficult to spot these lingering problems. Most often, a problem is noticed in the waste pipe is when there is an unpleasant odour that lingers around the drains leading to a blocked pipe.

A slow draining sink in the kitchen or bathroom can also be an indication of a lurking issue. Other symptoms that might indicate a blockage are gurgling sounds emitted when draining the sink or shower, or flushing the toilet.

In the worst-case scenario, some people may experience issues such as:

  • Dampness in the wall or floor boarding. In the worst cases, there can be structural damage to the house foundation or walls as a result of water seeping through broken pipelines;
  • Members of the family falling ill, caused by the toxins emitted from the bacteria build-up of the stagnated pipe;
  • Overflow of water from the toilet bowl, causing flooding inside the house.

All-in-all a blocked drain in Sydney can wreak havoc and bring disruptions to day-to-day life. If this is the case, it is recommended to seek the help of a professionally licensed plumber to provide a solution to the problem.

How do professionals clear out clogged drains?

There are a number of specialist tools a plumber would use to identify the root cause of the problem. One such tool is the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) drain camera.

The device is inserted into the pipeline to help the plumber inspect the insides and determine the exact cause of the blockage. This detailed inspection can help the plumbing company provide the customer with a detailed and accurate quote, in addition to finding the cause of the problem.

If the problem is caused by debris, dirt, grime or the roots of plants and trees, a tool such as a Sewer Jetter or electric-drain cleaner can be used to clear the blockage.

With the Sewer Jetter tool, highly pressurised water is sent through a small nozzle. The pressure will then pierce through the blockage, causing it to be cleared out.

On the other hand, electric-drain cleaners use the mechanical force of an electric motor to ‘drill’ through the blockage. Since there is no water used, there is no flooding caused. During the operation, the plumber in Sydney will also incorporate the use of the CCTV camera to help guide the tool to the problem area.

In the case of the pipeline being damaged, misaligned or corroded, a more cost-effective repair would be to reline the walls of the pipeline, with a robust substance.  This would eliminate the need for having to replace or digging the pipelines.

In cases where tree roots have been identified as the problem, as a preventive measure, herbicide may be sprayed onto the outside of the pipe after the blockage has been cleared. This will prevent any roots from re-appearing close to the pipe months later. Usually, this will last for up to 12 months and a reapplication of the herbicide may be needed thereafter.


There are several reasons as to why gutters can get clogged. Improper usage, a failure in the pipe network, incorrect installation, and the roots of large trees and plants are some of the most common reasons.

Whatever the reason, home owners should check the health of the drainage pipelines as a part of their regular maintenance. This can not only save time and money but also prevent the family from possible health scares and the inconvenience of structural damage.

You can get your blocked drains cleared in Sydney by a good plumber. They will be fully licensed, which means they comply with state and local regulations. Some companies also offer round the clock service, 7 days a week. This can come in handy whenever there is an emergency in the household, such as flooding due to a blocked toilet.