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Golf may not be the sport that is primarily associated with sports injuries. But the movements are relatively monotonous, which means that those who play for a long time rarely get to experience any of the classic golf injuries. The main thing to keep in mind is to work preventively. 

This is because most injuries are just the result of wear and tear that was building for a long time, and most of the reported injuries related to this sport are entirely preventable.

In the following lines, we will talk about the most common injuries that appear in this sport and what you can do to avoid them.

Back of the Wrist

A relatively common injury is the one that affects the back of the wrist. It occurs on both hands even if the leading hand dominates. For those who turn from the right, it means that the pain usually arises on the left side. That is why it’s always highly advisable to use thumb spica splint to take the best of your game. 

These support braces protect from wrist injuries and adjust wrist for a wide range of motions while regulating blood flow. It’s the same kind of support that is used for treating the notorious carpal tunnel syndrome and can, of course, be used by both men and women. 

The best kind of wrist support has a copper lining with velcro straps and moisture-wicking capabilities. You can easily use it on just left hand and it can be comfortably used for golf and tennis as well. 

Above all, this is about building muscles in the wrist to prevent injuries and pain. But to some extent, it is also about where you stand and strike. It will always be a very blunt ground if you stand on worn exercise mats during practice hours. The vibrations of the club then affect the wrists, and with a hard surface, these become much tougher.

Radiating Pain in the Shoulders

The most common pain that occurs in the shoulders usually radiates from the outside of the arm. To prevent this, you should stretch the shoulder so that you have a “normal” movement. You can also work out to train the rotator cuff muscles.

The Classic Tennis Elbow

(The Sleeves worn in the picture above greatly reduce the chance of tennis elbow occurring)

Perhaps the most well-known golf resort affliction at the golf court. The wrist pain sits in the elbow at the inner joint. This is where the muscles attach, which then extend to the wrist.

If it is an only minor pain, you can usually remove this with stretching. But, if the problem persists, you should seek care as the risk is that the pain will remain for a long time. A proactive measure is to investigate whether the swing you play within the long run affects the elbow more than necessary. 

On most golf courses, you can hire a professional who can analyze the swing and advise how to play more ergonomically based on your own needs.

The Back Problems

The part of the back that you can quickly get in trouble is the lumbar spine. It can start there and not infrequently radiate down to the legs. This is mainly due to an overload on the back, which in turn often indicates too weak abdominal muscles. 

Thus, strength training of the torso muscles becomes the basis for not getting back pain during the golf rounds. You should also stretch your back after every shot.

Feet and Lower Legs

The most common cause of these injuries is wrong/inappropriate golf shoes. It is essential that the shoe clearly supports the foot. 

In some cases, you may need to insert or buy special shoes to relieve your legs and feet. If you continue to have problems, you can seek out a foot specialist. Then bring the golf shoe that you usually use to get advice on what can be improved.

This can be combined with stretching and exercise programs so that the health joints can cope with the stress.

In Conclusion – Three Important Points

In the end, we will point out three important elements that will be useful as you progress with the prevention of injury or recover for minor damage.

Liniment and Pain Relief

Liniment can be used before exercise to provide better endurance and to prevent stretching or similar damage to the muscles

It is a simple summary of the benefits of the liniment therapy. As it heats up, the risk of injury is reduced. But the downside is that it is easy to rely on the liniment too much. Warming up is always necessary, and you should be aware of the damage you have and repair them both short term and long term. Liniment can help – but don’t use it to hide the damage.

Review your Game

Many people take golf lessons to improve their swing and their way of playing. But as usual, it should be to bring in professional help regarding ergonomics. It may seem unnecessary at first, but given that it is precisely the wear and tear that occurs, it is essential to work proactively.


It’s easy to forget about stretching after a round on the golf course. It does not work heavily with muscles and joints, and no significant physical exertion has taken place. 

But it is an effort for the body that can appear a few days later, or months later. Be sure to stretch out afterward and warm up before.

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