6 Best DIY Valentine Gift Ideas for Him

Ask any woman and she’ll likely say the men in her life are the hardest to shop for. But the same could be said for women when you’re asking the men. Maybe it’s a lack of understanding about how the opposite sex thinks, or perhaps it’s just a gap in communication.

Either way, you can absolutely find a great gift for Father’s Day. If you stick to one of these great ideas, the dad in your life is sure to be pleased.

Party cruise

What guy wouldn’t love a day of cocktails with friends out on the water? Or how about an entire week? You know your man best. If you think he’d enjoy a week-long cruise in the Caribbean, book one in advance with one of the major cruise lines. Or if you think a few hours in the sun is all he can take, rent a Punta Cana party boat for an afternoon excursion.

A day to himself

As women, we don’t always understand a man’s need for space. But spending time alone gives him a sense of autonomy and allows him to recharge. It may not seem like much of a gift to you. But think about getting everyone out of the house for the day or sending him on an overnight camping trip by himself. He’ll be grateful you considered his needs.

Artisan beer

If your man is a beer guy, he would love an assortment of craft beers and artisan ales. Some companies even sell specialized gift baskets that you can have delivered to his work or home. But don’t stop there: include his favorite snacks and invite a few of his buddies for a few hours of unforgettable fun.

Fishing trip

According to Field and Stream, many men feel that “fishing satisfies a primal hunting urge.” Maybe that’s why it’s so important to make it a part of their recreational activities. But even if they don’t know the reason, many of them still find it a lot of fun.

If the guy in your life is already an avid fisherman, then you may not have to do anything but set him free for the day. But if you’d really like to surprise him, you can also book a fishing charter in a place he’s never been.


Keep the coffee coming all year long with a subscription to a coffee club. He’ll never get bored with a service that offers a variety of gourmet blends and products. But you don’t have to stop there. You can also present him with handmade cups from the kids, a brand new coffee maker, or flavored syrups for homemade lattes.

Box seats

If you really want to wow him, buy him a set of box seat tickets for his favorite sports team. In the world of Major League Baseball, for example, box seats are the most luxurious you can buy. Some of them even come with added frills like free parking, food, and drinks. But even if you can’t afford to spring for the premium seats, he’ll likely be thrilled with any tickets you can buy.

Sporting equipment

Speaking of sports, why not surprise your guy with a nice new set of golf clubs, baseball cleats, or a tennis racket? If he is into golf, you might also consider paying his greens fees for the year, or buying him a nice new set of golf grips.

Or if he likes to play hoops with his buddies, you could reserve an indoor court at your local YMCA. The point is to notice his hobbies and help him enjoy them to the fullest extent.

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