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Our shining red neighbor. Read some of the incredible facts about Mars in this article where we’ve scoured the internet for the best ones out there.

1. A team of NASA scientists live out their daily life as though they were on Mars but they’re on Hawaii

2. Three men from Yemen sued NASA for trespassing, as they believed they had been gifted the planet from their ancestors.

3. Between Mars and Jupiter lies a planet few people know of; Ceres.

4. Mars only weighs about 10% of Earth, in terms of mass, while it’s year is 687 earth days long.

5. A 13 year old girl from Louisiana is working to become a crew member on a Mars One expedition

6. Mars will collide with it’s largest moon, in approximately 50 million years.

7. Elon Musk said to Vanity Fair he got motivation to build SpaceX so he could die on Mars.

8. The sunset on Mars is blue

9. 4 billion years ago Mars had an oxygen-rich atmosphere.


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