But how exactly do you choose the right hosting provider? And should you choose a cheap hosting company, or go for the more expensive ones? Keep reading, because we will explain everything you need to know in order to successfully get started in no time!

Quick guide to webhosting for the first time

There are many things to consider when creating a new website. The design itself, what content to showcase, who to choose for handling the technical aspects and much more. It is no surprise then that many people are not considering webhosting until the last minute.

Luckily, it is not a time consuming process to register a domain for your website, and ordering a fitting hosting package to go along with it. In most instances your website can be live within just an hour or two, if everything else is already set up of course.

Everyone who has a website is hosting it somewhere. In a few small instances companies or private individuals have their own webservers, but these are expensive to run and very ineffective in terms of costs for almost all use cases.

Instead, most people turn to specific webhosting companies that have large server farms with computers serving up the content for online consumption. They handle all the technical details, and all you need to do is choose if you want WordPress or some other CMS.

If you are going to design and create your own website, then it is very likely you will choose WordPress. This is a complete website system that allows you to quickly add new content, such as text and images, and also change the design on the website as you wish. Most hosts these days have a 1 click installer that allows you to easily install WordPress and configure it, without any prior technical knowledge!

If you are paying a designer or web agency to make your website, ask them how they will deliver the site, so you can begin planning for your new hosting. In most cases they will be using a known system, which makes it easy to find a hosting company that can help you.

The differences between cheap and expensive webhosting

The cheapest hosting available typically offers their users a portion of a shared server, meaning that one computer will host a number of websites from different people and businesses.

In most cases this will be perfectly fine for small to medium sized businesses, and it is therefore a good idea for newer businesses or individuals to choose this option to start out with. Once the website or business grows in visits it is possible to then upgrade to better servers or hosting packages if the need arises.

The expensive webhosts are usually offering the same services as cheaper ones, but on slightly higher quality equipment (something people rarely notice on small to medium sites), and there typically aren’t as many people sharing the same resources.

For large websites with hundreds of thousands of daily visitors, expensive webhosting is a necessity. Often times either running on dedicated servers, or even using scalable cloud hosting that can assign resources as needed.

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