Epidural stimulation is an effective and efficient technique to remove the spinal cord pain at the lower side. Around 2010-12 epidural stimulation has been implanted on Four patients. After a month of treatment and training, they were able to walk independently with the help of balance. This treatment is implanted specially for those people who are disabled to make any movement and also not able to walk. Nowadays it is best for those guys who are suffering from the paralysis of spinal cord injury. This method was initially used for treating unadoptable pain. However, its use expanded by following unbelievable improvements in paralysis patients.


Spinal cord stimulation (SCS) has become the best treatment for patients with chronic pain in their back or limbs who have not found pain relief from the other treatments.

Epidural stimulation treatment work on electric current. Small chips or device which generates electric current are located at the lower side of the spinal cord where the pain is observed. Also, there is remote system which is used to control the intensity and frequency of the electric current. The electrode generated form the device blocking pain perception to travel through the spinal cord to the brain and the patients be able to give movement to legs.

Normally Stimulation works by applying a continuous source of electric current with controlling the frequency and intensity at the chronic pain of the patients. This process generates pleasant sensation and blocks the brain’s ability to sense the previously pain coming from the spinal cord.


By this treatment the patients can also voluntarily control their legs and bear the weight of the body, the most important parameter is their lives has been impacted with better health and quality life.

During the experimental therapy, the researcher found not only the improvement in the spinal cord but also a better result in the nerve system. As per the study reported after implanted on First four patients epidural stimulation is also beneficial to the recovery of critical function like “Bladder”, “Bowel”, “Sexual Function”, “temperature monitoring” etc.

Spinal cord stimulators are sometimes a solution, however they’re not permanent. We will remove it and try something different In case the system becomes capable of managing your pain.

If your pain is eased by cord stimulation it may remain implanted for a long time. The battery of the generator is FDA-approved for ten decades, and that means you would have to get it replaced, but this is a procedure.


This technology has existed since the 1950s, as it took off due to batteries along with programming choices which help disrupt the strain signals being shipped, however, it was not until the early 2000s.

Pain signals aren’t exactly the same all of the time. You might experience pain or during specific activities. We had techniques to block signals that were various to insure those aspects of annoyance.

Studies have come a very long way and we promise to push for outcomes by comparing high-frequency indicating to the amount of electrodes and indicating. In doing this, we expect to reduce your pain much farther so it is possible to continue to live life.

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