We all are having long working hours and with that, we need to manage our personal lives too. In such kind of a scenario, we tend to have a lot of body aches. We all prefer to take a painkiller pill to have instant relief. There are so many people who take such pills on regular basis. So now the question arises that, are these painkillers healthy for us and doesn’t affect us in any sort of way. But the harsh truth is that eating these western medications so regularly will have side effects. We all want instant relief and we really don’t think about the consequences that we need to face in the near future.  Because of so much work and personal stress, people get habitual of these pills and hence leads to a lot of problems. So, the best and the safest way to get rid of these pains are natural medication as in the long run, you won’t be facing any side effects.

There are so many natural herbs that can help you to be healthy and not in pain. Not only just natural herbs but there are a lot of exercises too that you can do to help yourself like yoga, morning walk, meditation etc. These herbs are treated as natural medicines, there are times that they take a lot of time to heal but they will be fruitful for the long run for sure. Also, turmeric, cloves and ice or heat bags are also a very good way to get off the pain immediately.

So, to help and guide you furthermore, here is the list of 7 items that can give you relief from different types of pain and there will be no side effects after using them too.


There are times that we tend to face unbearable pain and at that, all we need is western medication. These pains can be categorized into headaches, backaches, bloating, joint pains and many more. You can get relief in such kind of situation from natural medication too but yes it will take time to heal but once it starts affecting you than it is going to help you for a long run. So, there are so many ways from which you can get relief from severe pain like- Every parent tells us to put hot water bag to reduce the pain. And yes, it gives a lot of relief than you can even think off. It will help you the most in case of arthritis. We can also use cold water bag on our joints to prevent any kind of inflation. Also, you can massage your body with oil to get instant satisfaction.


Back pain is a problem that is being faced by almost everybody. This is a kind of pain which is very less bearable and hence everybody prefers western medication to get instant relief. But taking such medication can also cause side effects and hence we should use natural medication. And we can get rid of back pain by first yoga, having physical exercise and yoga helps a lot to get rid of back pain. Also, people who do yoga on regular basis never really suffers from back pain. Exercises and yoga actually help a lot if done in the right manner, also many people face this problem because of the heavyweight. If you are aware of the fact that you are a little fat than the first thing you should do is reduce weight as a fat body is prone to many diseases. Back pain also takes place because of the heavyweight.


Turmeric is considered as a natural herb from a very long period of time. Earlier people used to use it very regularly. These herbs give anti-oxidants that help to take care of our immune system to ensure that there is no damage in our inner bodies.  They basically protect the body from the damage of cells and tissues. Turmeric helps to cure indigestion, stomach pain, psoriasis, prevent cancer, cures inflammation and lowers the risk of getting heart diseases.


We all love chocolates and hence we always have one. We cannot even think of that chocolate can help us in getting a little relief from the pain that we go through in our day to day life. One scientific study proved that taking small amounts of chocolate can help us to get rid of the pain in our body. It is important to take a small amount of it and also it won’t completely cure it, it will just give a little relief. Also, you can take help by using medlife coupon code to get more information and medication at lower prices.


This is a very old Chinese remedy in which tiny pins are placed on your body to get relief. This treatment basically balances the pain in your body by placing pins far away from the swelling or the pain. This can make you feel so satisfied as it can take away all kind of pain that a human body can have. In other words, it regulates pain that helps our body to reduce the pain that we are facing by producing pain-reducing chemicals such as endorphins. Endorphin is a type of chemical that fights pain in our body.


Clove is a kind of spice that is being used regularly to cook meat or rice. Clove is considered to be a great product that can help to prevent diseases like nausea and a common cold. Also, it can treat a severe toothache, it helps to treat arthritic inflammation, it helps to relieve pain in the body too. But it is also said that you should consult a doctor before trying all these things.


It is always advised by our families to put either cold water bag or hot water bag in different body situations. It is one of the best ways to get instant relief. You can hot water bag on the joints where you are experiencing severe pain. Also, you can put cold water bag to reduce inflammation.


It is being said that garlic should be added in your day to day food items. As it helps to cure severe ear pain.


Apple cider vinegar is advised by many doctors to drink early in the morning. It is very good for our health and also helps to get slimmer. Also, it can help the patients who are suffering from heartburn.

It is advised to use more of natural medication as compared to western medication as they are healthier. But it is also advised to consult the doctor about the exact situation you are going through at that particular time.

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