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For troubled teens, Elevations RTC is a haven that allows them to reorient themselves and reestablish their lives so they can move forward positively with a bright future.

It’s heartbreaking to see any teenager struggling, but when it’s your own child or someone close to you, it’s even more challenging. We all want the best for our children, but the nature of being a teenager means they often fall into dark places, struggle to keep up with school work or feel isolated from their peers.

Elevations RTC helps 13-18-year-olds struggling with mental health, behavioral difficulties, and academic struggles. They don’t do this through isolation or keeping teenagers away from others in their age group – instead, they encourage forward momentum.

Without Leaving the “Real World” 

When a teenager is struggling, it’s tempting for many families to find them a solution where they can temporarily get away from the real world. This may not be the best approach. Treating a teenager’s problems without the realty of the stresses of the real world isn’t always beneficial.

Instead, Elevations is a co-ed treatment center with plenty of outside space, so teens know they are simply attending school elsewhere, rather than being sent away and out of sight. They are encouraged to socialize with one another, with staff, and with family and friends at home, so they feel connected and develop the social skills necessary to thrive in their adult lives.

Elevations students are encouraged to try new things and get off-campus, doing both therapeutic and fun activities that encourage growth. These include trying new foods and getting out into the natural beauty of Utah and going biking or rafting.

Encourage a Love of Learning 

One area in which many troubled teenagers struggle is in their academic work. Whether their troubles stem directly from their difficulties in keeping up with their classmates or from other areas of their life, few find solace in their academic work.

But that changes at Elevations and students are able to get a new start in an environment that understands their needs best. Students aren’t simply told what to do, they’re encouraged to see the value in it and truly engage with the material being taught.

Elevations’ staff are professional, helpful, and empathetic, and ask students to take responsibility for their own learning, something most of us aren’t able to do until we go to college or university. It’s this accountability and ownership of their education in which many Elevations students thrive.

Teenagers Experience Life 

Unlike other residential treatment centers, Elevations RTC students are encouraged to widen their eyes and try new hobbies to find new passions and skills. Teens are allowed to expand their horizons and see what life has to offer in a safe, supportive environment.

A New Start for Families 

The families of troubled teens need a new start at the same time their teenager does, so the fractured family unit can start to repair. When a teenager is struggling, emotions are high, and parents and siblings often find their own worlds are turned upside-down in the process.

Elevations helps right wrongs and forges new connections between family members. They not only help their students better cope with the mental and behavioral issues they’re facing but gives the whole family tools to help and come together once more. It’s extremely difficult to see life from a teenager’s perspective, especially if they’re struggling with the unseen, but Elevations RTC works to bring about understanding and help parents have hope for a fruitful future for their child.

Elevations RTC offers guidance, support and relief to students struggling with issues like trauma, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, behavioral problems, and substance use.  It offers a new start for parents and teenagers.

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