If you’re running an automotive shop and planning to invest in a high-quality alignment machine, you need to know a few pointers in order to get the best equipment. The wheel alignment equipment is one of the staple machines of any automotive shop, as car owners need help in adjusting their tires. 

This equipment employs diagnostic systems used to measure the major tire angles called the toe, camber, caster, and ride height. One reason for having a car aligned is to help a vehicle point in a straight line.

As there are several brands and products in the market, you can be easily confused about which to get. Here are some pointers that you need to know about this high-tech machine. 

Wheel Alignment Market

In the United States, automotive shops offering wheel alignment are standard. However, not all of these shops can provide seamless service using advanced equipment. About 50 percent of car owners can get help from automotive shops for tire adjustments. For a business owner, this huge percentage can mean a great potential to drive sales. 

Because of the increasing number regarding road accidents, Americans become more vigilant when it comes to maintaining their vehicles. In 2018, there are recorded fatalities of 36, 750 due to car crashes. Because of this huge number, the Federal Government implements all vehicles to have Electronic Stability Control or ESC. Mechanical failure due to tires misalignment is a contributing factor in car crashes. 

Having wheel alignment equipment will help you cater to the needs of drivers, and at the same time, earn profits. You need to get the best machine to ensure that wheels are in the right angle and height. 

Front-End vs. 4 Wheel Alignment

Before buying a machine, you need to know the difference between the 4-wheel alignment and the front-end alignment. Technically, they mean the same thing in adjusting the tires according to their right angles. However, the only difference is, the front end refers to the alignment of only the front two wheels. Depending on the placement of the tires and its condition, technicians can recommend adjusting the two front wheels. On some occasions, you can also request the driver to consider the 4-wheel alignment to maintain all the wheels. 

3D Alignment System vs. CCD Alignment Systems

If you are buying alignment equipment, note that you will encounter a few terms that indicate varying functions. The 3D Alignment System is a technology that takes an image of a target mounted to the wheel and uses laser beams or software to determine the position. 

Meanwhile, the Charged Coupled Device alignment system uses sensors like in the digital cameras to record a still and moving images. It was first used in the 1990s, but through the years, the technology has improved in terms of accuracy and speed. Both machines are great for wheel alignment and are great investments. You need to identify your needs and find the right machine to cater to customers you will serve. 

Get your hands on the most recent technologies when it comes to wheel alignment. Make sure to get your equipment from the best supplier that offers at least two years warranty. 

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