If you’re running an automotive shop and planning to invest in a high-quality alignment machine, you need to know a few pointers in order to get the best equipment. The wheel alignment equipment is one of the staple machines of any automotive shop, as car owners need help in adjusting their tires. 

This equipment employs diagnostic systems used to measure the major tire angles called the toe, camber, caster, and ride height. One reason for having a car aligned is to help a vehicle point in a straight line.

As there are several brands and products in the market, you can be easily confused about which to get. Here are some pointers that you need to know about this high-tech machine. 

Wheel Alignment Market

In the United States, automotive shops offering wheel alignment are standard. However, not all of these shops can provide seamless service using advanced equipment. About 50 percent of car owners can get help from automotive shops for tire adjustments. For a business owner, this huge percentage can mean a great potential to drive sales. 

Because of the increasing number regarding road accidents, Americans become more vigilant when it comes to maintaining their vehicles. In 2018, there are recorded fatalities of 36, 750 due to car crashes. Because of this huge number, the Federal Government implements all vehicles to have Electronic Stability Control or ESC. Mechanical failure due to tires misalignment is a contributing factor in car crashes. 

Having wheel alignment equipment will help you cater to the needs of drivers, and at the same time, earn profits. You need to get the best machine to ensure that wheels are in the right angle and height. 

Front-End vs. 4 Wheel Alignment

Before buying a machine, you need to know the difference between the 4-wheel alignment and the front-end alignment. Technically, they mean the same thing in adjusting the tires according to their right angles. However, the only difference is, the front end refers to the alignment of only the front two wheels. Depending on the placement of the tires and its condition, technicians can recommend adjusting the two front wheels. On some occasions, you can also request the driver to consider the 4-wheel alignment to maintain all the wheels. 

3D Alignment System vs. CCD Alignment Systems

If you are buying alignment equipment, note that you will encounter a few terms that indicate varying functions. The 3D Alignment System is a technology that takes an image of a target mounted to the wheel and uses laser beams or software to determine the position. 

Meanwhile, the Charged Coupled Device alignment system uses sensors like in the digital cameras to record a still and moving images. It was first used in the 1990s, but through the years, the technology has improved in terms of accuracy and speed. Both machines are great for wheel alignment and are great investments. You need to identify your needs and find the right machine to cater to customers you will serve. 

Get your hands on the most recent technologies when it comes to wheel alignment. Make sure to get your equipment from the best supplier that offers at least two years warranty. 

HeatSign has been focusing on Direct Marking Technologies, Marking and engraving machines. We offer a wide range of high-precision product engraving and marking solutions, the main product is dot peen marking machines(pneumatic marker or electric marker, laser marking machines and other customized marking solutions used for industrial metal & plastic parts. We also offer a high-end CNC engraving machine/CNC Router. We have endeavored to make a real difference for our customers with superior marking solutions, low prices, fast and reliable delivery, and a trusted and convenient experience. We are committed to ensuring 100% satisfaction on all your marking requirements.

We offer a variety of High-Precision Product Marking, Trace-ability and Turnkey Process Automation Solutions, using the latest Bench Top Dot Peen Marking, Portable Dot Peen Marking and Laser Marking technologies. Our highly flexible marking machines incorporate attractive and eye-catchy Text, Logos, Graphics, as well as Data Codes on a wide-range of mark-able materials.

The marking technologies we develop are inspired by the question  “How do we ensure customer satisfaction?” Our skilled and experienced team works hard to offer the best solutions for product marking and traceability. Our pre-sales and after-sales support are what keeps our customers with us.

HeatSign provides laser marker and laser engraver for worldwide. If you want to get more information and HD videos about our markers, please visit our site ehttps://www.heatsign.com/  HeatSign dot peen engraving machine and laser marking machine can work with most metal marking applications including stainless steel, brass, aluminum and can also mark on many non-metal materials, such as ABS, Nylon, PES, PVC, Makrolon.

Key Features:

  • HeatSign Dot Peen Marking Machine With rotary chuck can mark circle parts like a pipe, tube, fittings, etc.
  • Adopt Imported guide rail, high marking precision
  • Compact Machine Design, keep machine stable working
  • Connect by USB interface, easy to install and operate It can Marking various content automatically such as English letters, Logo, Graphic, Serial number, Vin code, etc


Package Dimensions29.5 x 20.1 x 13.8 inches
Shipping Weight110.2 pounds
Item model numberHS-DP01-R
Best Sellers Rank#975,912 in Arts, Crafts & Sewing (See Top 100 in Arts, Crafts & Sewing)
#930 in Jewelry Making Engraving Machines & Tools
#12,140 in Craft Cutting Tools


  1. Applying the most widely used up-down lifting structure to mark different size metal parts.
  2. Software with powerful edit function, it can mark any logo, character, letter and graph, data code, series number, VIN code, engine numbers automatically
  3. Rotary chuck can clamp circle parts diameter within 100mm.
  4. It adopts imported guide rail, high marking precision
  5. Work with pneumatic airpower, can do deep and clear marking


Their website is opaque in terms of the machinery they sell, particularly in terms of cost. To get that, you need to contact them. There’s no online support for an informal chat on their website. You must fill out a long-form, submit it, and hope that they will return to you.


HeatSign is a Chinese company that has been involved in direct marking technologies and marking machines for more than 10 years. 


When selecting a dot peen marker, start with considering your intended operation.

  • How easy is it to operate the machine?
  • What is the quality of marking you are looking for?
  • Is the machine durable going by its construction and operation?
  • Is portability a consideration? Are you looking for better customization for automation and other forms of optimization?

Other considerations include the after-sale services your selected supplier is willing to give. You will find a very fast and reliable customer service here. And prices that match what is on offer for all the dot peen marking machines being sold.

That is not brag but a mere fact!

A laser machine is a huge investment that you are about to make. This calls for informed decisions before you go to the market. These machines are on the wish list for many businesses and do-it-yourselfers which means they are on high demand. These pieces of technology use high-powered lasers to draw designs on surfaces. They almost work the same as 3-D printers because they are computer controlled and they facilitate the job self-sufficiently. 

You must have realized how these machines can be helpful. But before you go to the market to buy engraving machine, there are a couple of things you need to consider and questions to ask yourself. The below tips and questions are aimed at helping you make an informed decision  when purchasing these machines. 

Why are you buying the laser machine?

This is the first question that you should ask yourself. You must be very clear with reasons why you are buying this machine. Maybe you need it for your business or for your personal operations. If it’s for the business and you will be using it more often, then you have to go for the strongest and the best of all engravers. 

How often will you be using it?

If you just want to be using this machine once in a while, you may just need professional engraving services rather than buying the machine. Though, if you think that you need these machines so desperately for your operations or if you are one of those people that want to feel in control, you have to invest and buy the machine

What materials will you be engraving?

These machines are very useful because of the materials they can engrave. Though, before buying the machine you have to think about the type of projects you will be taking and also the materials that you will be engraving. If you are not really sure, then you can get an engraver that can be able to engrave many different best welding helmet materials. 

What is the maintenance cost?

This is the other thing that you should consider when you are buying an engraving machine. You have to consider the maintenance costs. You might be able to find a cheaper and a readily accessible Laser engraving machine but if you are not careful, you will incur a lot of money in terms of maintenance cost.

Is it easy to use the engraving machine? 

Now that you are considering buying an engraving machine, its very easy to use it. The ease of use should also be a factor to consider. Some of the engravers are very hard to learn and use. If you are not careful, you will end up buying an engraver and eventually hire someone for operations.

Will you have to hire someone for professional repairs and maintenance? 

Lastly, you should be sure you won’t incur additional costs hiring someone for repairs and maintenance. If you have to, then you should be ready to invest more money in future.