Whether you’re a hardcore jeeper or just a fan of big machines, the announcement of the Jeep Gladiator created excitement. The legendary brand’s truck combines the lines of the classic Jeep with the utility of a pickup. It’s more than just the aesthetics though, as the Gladiator has removable doors, optional soft top, and a folding windshield. Your pickup can’t be compared to anything else out there. If you’re ready to mod this baby up, here’s a few things to consider about Jeep Gladiator performance exhaust systems and other aftermarket parts.

Glasspack Muffler

When you think of a high-performance machine, you probably imagine a big engine with a powerful sound. While installing a new muffler may be too much for a do-it-yourself mechanic, it’s still a simple swap that dramatically changes your exhaust note.

Glasspack mufflers feature a straight through design that allows for effective venting of spent gases. Not only do you improve the look and sound of your Gladiator, you also get a slight uptick in horsepower. Another reason that aftermarket mufflers are popular as first-time mods is their price. Lift kits and cold air intakes are great, but both cost significantly more than a performance muffler.

Street Exhaust System

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to Jeep Gladiator performance exhaust systems. Start with the sort of driving you want to do. If you’re not into rock crawling, you’re probably looking at an aftermarket street setup. Far from a standard system, these designs can majorly boost your horsepower on the road. Even better, many of these can be installed by someone with a basic mechanic’s skills and the right tools.

Sound is another concern, with some owners wanting aggressive muffler notes and others wanting more moderate noise levels. A dual split rear exhaust with an x pipe resonator increases power but might cause your neighbors to complain. A single rear still evacuates a fair amount of spent gases while creating deeper exhaust sounds.

Off-Road Exhaust System

If jeeping means hitting the trails to you, then you need a completely different exhaust system. Nothing makes your blood turn cold faster than an ominous jolt while you’re off-roading. Between serious suspensions and hostile terrain, greater clearance is a must have for your pipes.

Most models use straight tubing for a faster flow and simpler construction. Off-road systems reroute over the rear axle to avoid damage to your performance exhaust. You can either buy prefabricated systems or choose custom builder exhaust kits. The second option obviously requires more automotive and mechanical knowledge, but it’s the ultimate choice for those who want truly unique designs. Not only can you relocate your muffler and tip, you get to personalize your exhaust’s performance.

The right parts can take a truck from good to great. In the case of your Gladiator, they can take a one-of-a-kind Jeep to a whole new level. If you know exactly which mods you want, make sure you find a service-oriented store to assist you. Shop online to find exceptional deals with all the details laid out in front of you.

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