Digitization in various industries has brought a drastic change to their businesses. If we talk about the textiles industry, there are hundreds of computerized machines and tools available to simplify numerous sewing related tasks.

If you are working in such industry or searching for a new-generation computerized sewing machine, then you need to collect the right information about the computerized sewing machine before making your final choice.

Just to give you the right information, here we have prepared a detailed information report about the computerized sewing machines, and the list of their advantages. If you are curious to know about the sewing machine types, then the following report will give you in-depth information about the highly advanced computerized sewing machines.

Types of Sewing Machines

Out of all the different types of Sewing Machines, there are mainly two types of them which are popular among the industries and normal users who sew at home, Mechanical Sewing Machines and Computerized Sewing Machines. Depending on your basic requirements, you can pick the most suitable type of Sewing Machine from the market.

If we talk about the current market, there are numerous types of Sewing Machines available for different types of people. You can pick the right and affordable Sewing Machine to suit your basic sewing needs.

If you are getting confused between the Mechanical Sewing Machine and Computerized Sewing Machine, then the following list of its advantages will resolve all your queries. Get on to the list of the advantages of Computerized Sewing Machines.

Why Choose Computerized Sewing Machines and not the Mechanical Sewing Machine? 

There are many reasons why Computerized Sewing Machines are more popular in today’s time. The Computerized Sewing Machines are designed with microprocessors to do various sewing-related programs effectively. The machines offer a reliable user-interface to do numerous sewing tasks.

This type of machines saves different types of stitches in its memory. The computer receives all the inputs of the user and will start taking stitches itself. User just needs to make a simple setup to start the operations.  The best embroidery machines are computerized sewing machines only that helps you import designs from the computer that you have downloaded from the internet.

With simple instructions, the machine controls different processes without the need of any manual tasks. After giving proper instructions and making changes to its operations, the machine will do all the tasks automatically.

Computerized Sewing Machine allows you to download new programs from the Internet. It lets you make use of different types of stitches programs for a variety of fabrics and embroidery works. The machine will give you the best of sewing experience with automatic programs.

antique sewing machine

Advantages of Computerized Sewing Machine over Mechanical Sewing Machine

  • Automatic Features with built-in Programs

Computerized Sewing Machines are designed to work automatically for the users. This type of sewing machine doesn’t require you to do any manual task. All the stitches-related tasks will be done automatically by the machine itself.

It comes with a lot of automatic features which includes automatic needle up and down, automatic threader, auto tension, thread cutter etc. All these features work automatically with simple instruction given by the machine.

Computerized Sewing Machines are designed to save your time when you are busy. You can work on other tasks as the machine will do its tasks automatically. The automatic features and functions make the machine more convenient to the users.

  • Numerous Stitches Options 

Unlike Mechanical Sewing Machines, the Computerized Sewing Machines are more reliable at handling various sewing tasks efficiently. This type of machine comes with numerous stitches options. You can easily select the type of stitches, and the machine will start taking stitches at the very next moment.

New-generation Computerized Sewing Machines come with hundreds of built-in Stitches options. Some of them are offering many options for symbols, letters and many other designs. Once you select the symbol or design or letter, the machine will stitch accordingly and will finish its tasks in a few minutes.

  • Easy Sewing Operations 

When you make use of different built-in Sewing Programs, the Computerized Sewing Machines offer easy sewing operations at user’s end. With ready to go sewing tasks, you can easily work on different sewing projects.

The machine can handle a variety of sewing projects and opens up the ocean of possibilities for your future sewing projects.

  • Hundreds of Buttonholes 

Buttonholes should look trendy to make a different impression on the people. Most people love to design their outfits with innovative buttonholes. The best thing about Computerized Sewing Machine is it comes with hundreds of ready to use buttonholes.

The machine can make buttonholes in just a few seconds of time. It doesn’t take much of your time and the buttonholes will be ready. You can select the type of buttonhole you need, and hit the Enter button to start the sewing operation.

  • Easy Controls

Since all the tasks and sewing operations done automatically, the Computerized Sewing Machines are more reliable and easier to use than the mechanical sewing machines. They offer easy controls with no manual tasks.

Moreover, this type of machines come with built-in features and programs which also make the operations simpler for the users. To start any sewing program, you can select the program from the built-in digital display and can start the sewing operation quickly.
Works super faster

If we compare the sewing speed of a Mechanical Sewing Machine and Computerized Sewing Machine, the Computerized Sewing Machines are way faster than the Mechanical ones.

Unlike Mechanical Sewing Machines, Computerized Sewing Machines have hundreds of built-in programs which work automatically. This makes the stitching and other operations faster than the mechanical sewing machines.

With the ease of using the programs and different stitching methods, the computerized sewing machines offer more productivity at user’s end.


Fundamentally, the Computerized Sewing Machines are good for the users who know about using the Computers, and its different programs. If you don’t know anything about computers, this type of Machines is not suitable for you. However, most people love how they work, and for that reason, most new buyers choose to go with the Computerized Sewing Machines over Mechanical ones.

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