Whether it is a formal Monday or a casual Friday, there is this one attire that always makes sense when it comes to your fashion statement. Blazers it is! Well, the idea of coats and blazers are not confined to the boring, dull overcoats and tunics anymore. There are these thrilling collections of blazers out there that would suit you irrespective of any style statement you want, the body type you have or unique patterns you prefer. Moreover, if you are one of the blazer enthusiasts, consider that you are just in the right place. Some of the blazers that are remarkably chosen and adored by one and all these days are listed below with some cool styling tips for you to simply snatch the spotlight this season!

Mixed velvet blazers

The velvet blazers are not completely a new sensation but have been worn by men since the early times. However, the emergence of the hard-core contemporary style took away its use for a while. But it is back in a whole new form again. It is often chosen by the young crowd to combine the formal and trendy get-up for official occasions. These unique pieces come in dynamic patterns and designs. The patch design is the most popular one among all. One of the keys to making them look even more gorgeous is to wear a light colored shirt inside. Best if it is white and also choose a suitable belt to enhance the typical style statement.

Bright and funky party wears blazers

These blazers are best for special occasions and you will never run out of stock when it comes to designs, cuts and colors. So, the exciting thing about these blazers is that they are purposefully made a bit extra ‘bright and tacky’. Some people keep a special knack for intense and shining colors with big patterns. You can geek it up with a black framed pair of spectacles or even pick a pair of canvas shoes. These blazers come in different colors that include, lime yellow, velvet red, dark maroon, violet and more. You will also find trendy prints that reflect certain meaningful ideas and concepts. They are just perfect for fancy dress parties, clubbing and special events.

Rich designer wedding blazers

Now, if you have an eye for detailed textures, designs and knack for those heavy embroideries, these pieces will just work wonder for you. You do not need to brood much on the costume part when an engagement party or even your own wedding party is waiting ahead. These pieces can be called the kind of blazers with numerous prints, patterns, cuts and designs. Some of them possess a Mughal clothing touch that reflects the classic look at its best. The long coats are often termed as Sherwani in India, but you will find similar designs in blazer cuts as well. Some are also available with the Nehru collar and are perfect for spicing up the hardcore festive look!

Simple formal blazer in its very old form

These blazers shall always be an exception, irrespective of how many styles arrive in the world of blazers. These blazers have a subtle yet sharp look and make you look the same. The black blazers of these categories are the best for getting that semi-formal look. You will find these blazers both available for men and women. They are structured coats but the materials are not that tough and you can slip in comfortably without any effort. There are ample patterns it but the ones with the same color background and patterns look the coolest. These blazers are best for you if you have a bulky shape, as its cutting-edge structure and dark solid colors are perfect for making you look slimmer.

To wrap it up, you can definitely do some research before grabbing your favorite type of blazer. You can also get them in bulk to suffice the fashion and definitely comfort requirement for all upcoming events and occasions.

Men’s sleeveless High-neck coats

These coats look the smartest on men out of all. There is something about the structure, making or cut of these coats. Getting the ultimate buttoned p look is really easy when you have one of these handy. The sleeveless, high-collared blazers usually come in dark colors and are a unique blend of formal and traditional outlook again. There is a wide range of sleeveless black blazer for men available and you can always check them out on the top online purchasing sites.

Side-buttoned women’s blazers

These blazers can be used for both casual and formal occasions as they provide you with two options when it comes to style statement. You can wear them with the collars up for a mainstream formal look or even go with the flat collar option. They come in dynamic materials and best to be used in the winters. They have a body-hugging structure with huge side buttons that allows you to open up the blazer fully.

Ladies Ethnic coats

It is time for discussing some ladies fashion statement now. There is some of the coolest ethnic collection of blazers for ladies available nowadays. The concept of ethnic designs are not entirely new but the recent prints and patterns, you have to agree are totally out of the box! The popular designs include, Bandhani, Ikat, Patola, Batik, Ajrakh and the highly favored Kalamkari. You can wear these blazers as your second skin with most of your outfits. They will look best with plain, solid colored traditional suits, Kurtas. You can also try the Indo-western look by wearing them with a plain top and jeans.

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