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Heading out into the great outdoors with your dog is one of the best ways to spend your time and get your heart pumping. According to an owner of dog kennels Sydney, in order to have the most successful, smooth sailing and enjoyable walk possible, there are a couple of accessories you’re going to need to have by your side. These ten essentials will make sure that your time spent with your dog is as positive and fun as it can be! 


A lead is essential for any walk that you’re headed out on. The type of leash that you opt for might differ from breed to breed or it could depend on the behaviours and particular personality traits of your dog. You might have a simple classic style, a tough pull resistant option, a multi-clip or an extra long lead – choose the style that is going to fit best for your dog and their walking habits!


For every lead, there needs to be a collar! Dog collars are vital both for walks and just for the day to day safety of your pet. You need a collar to attach your dog’s name tag to, an amazing safety measure that will ensure that your best friend is always identifiable both for yourself and for everyone else. Look for a high quality collar that is going to stick with you through many adventures to come. 


A harness is fantastic for evenly distributing weight around your dog’s frame and minimising the pull that often occurs on those exciting dog walks. Whether your dog is just learning to get out and about with you by their side or they are a bit of a serial tugger and you need to gain a little control, then a harness is going to be right for you.


Mess bags are a must-have, cleaning up after your dog is so key for being a responsible member of the community. Choose a biodegradable option so that you are being gentle with the earth that you and your dog love to roam together. 


You’ll need some tempting treats on hand in order to get the best behaviour possible out of your dog. Treats help when you need your dog to heel, sit and stay, and for rewarding great habits when they start to set in. 


You’re going to need a nifty little pouch with you to carry your bags, treats, keys and wallet as well as any other daily essentials that you need access to on your outings. Look for a weather resistant, hands free style to make spending time with your dog as easy as you could dream of!

Travel Water Bottle

You can’t always rely on there being a shared doggy water station everywhere that you go. A travel water bottle means that your dog can expect a healthy dose of hydration whenever they need it.


Whether it’s a simple ball, a chew toy or one of your dog’s favourite companions, sometimes you need to spice up your run of the mill strolls with a fun accessory. 

Protective Weather Gear

Come rain or shine, your dog needs their exercise. You might need a waterproof doggy jacket, a life jacket or sun protective gear to keep your pet safe and happy no matter what the elements are up to.

Luminous Night Safe Gear 

Going out for walks after dark is going to require a few extra safety measures. A luminous collar or attachable LED light will keep the both of you secure when the sun goes down.

Grab these essentials for your best walk ever!

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