The summer is an exceptional season. Clear skies, green trees, warm breezes, and plenty of fun accompany this beautiful period. 

However, it also brings a lot of heat with it. While you may be able to go to the beach, local pool, or a garden, among other places, to enjoy the sunshine, your dogs might not have as much fun. Dogs are sensitive creatures, and they can get hot just like every other animal.

On every adventure you embark upon this summer, it would be best to take a few necessary precautions to keep your dog safe. To get an idea of what has to be done, check out these few fantastic tips.

Keep Your Dog Hydrated

Drinking an appropriate amount of water is very important in the summer. You might always take along a bottle of cold water during a walk or a hike, but it is essential to take one for your dog too. Take a squirt bottle along and give your canine a small amount every 15 minutes. Make sure the water is enough to last the entire duration of the activity.

If the dog starts panting when you are outside, get it to shade immediately and provide some cold water. But avoid giving too much water altogether. It would be best to consult a vet about the right amount for your dog’s breed.

Even if it is just playing in the backyard or around the house, your canine needs to have cold water to stay cool and hydrated. 

Enjoy In the Water

During the summer days, your dog can play in the water to stay cool. 

When you are planning a trip to the beach, take your dog along and let it play in the water with the rest of the gang. If you’re headed down to a pool center, ask them if they allow pets in advance and take your canine along if they do. 

If you are not planning a trip near a body of water, get your dog a kiddie pool to play in the backyard. If you live in an apartment, then maybe a smaller kiddie pool to place in the bathroom.

However, not all dogs can swim so be careful. You should look into whether your canine has the ability to swim before taking it to a beach or a pool.

Lock Up the Dog House

You may have a dog house for your canine out in the backyard of your home, and it might even be its favorite place to kill some time in, but it is not entirely safe during the hot summer days. As they usually don’t have much space for cross ventilation, they can be pretty hot during the daytime.

If your dog does want to go outside, then try to arrange an open shaded area and put plenty of cold water in a bowl nearby.

Don’t Forget Your Dog in the Car

Many people take their dogs along while running errands in the car, and they leave the dog to sit in the parked vehicle all alone. That is an extremely risky situation.

If you do sometimes leave your dog in the car to pick up some food or run an errand, then it’s time to change your habits. Leaving your pooch in a parked vehicle, with or without the windows being half-way down, can be extremely dangerous. Your dog can possibly die from the heat. 

It would be best to keep your dog safe at home. You can take the canine along if it is possible to walk them to the place you’re headed to after parking your car.

Some dogs aren’t used to travelling, which is why you should also be careful when driving long distances with your dog.

Watch Out For Sunburns

You might apply sunscreen to your body when down at the beach, but what about your dog? Dogs also have sensitive spots around the body that can be sunburnt.

You can contact your vet and ask for the best sunscreen for your dog. Also, you can get educated on how to apply the cream and what spots need the most protection.

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