Daycare providers found themselves in an untenable situation when the pandemic sent thousands of people into chaos. Many had to close their doors and others saw enrollment drop precipitously as parents kept kids at home out of fear or because they’d lost jobs due to the economic crisis that came with it all too well- arenas for these worries include daycares where you don’t know who is sick until after they’ve entered your building – which means no one can come to visit without getting quarantined first!

The lack of available options for child care led some families to desperate measures such as keeping them indoors where possible rather than risk spreading illness around your house when you leave. The world has never seen anything like this before-and we may never see something quite so dramatic again!

Daycares, which are often on the brink of bankruptcy due to their low margins and minimal funding from federal agencies; during pandemic times laid off staff members cutting over 370600 jobs in just four months. The government did not take any action towards child care so many day-care centers had no choice but to go out of business or shut down entirely because they couldn’t afford it anymore.

But Tomoko Nakamura wasn’t one of them and in fact, was and is among the heroes we all salute along with medical professionals who have contributed in these times in a major way.

“What does it mean to value life?

What does it mean to respect life?

Everyone is different and that is good.

We all understand this in words, but what does it mean in action?

We are pursuing and conveying these ideas in a highly replicable way.

My ultimate goal is to

Spread the “Root Of Life” through babysitting, lecturing, and speaking activities.

I want to eliminate war, discrimination, prejudice, and bullying from the world and make it a world full of smiling faces.”

Tomoko Nakamura is also known as shaka-chan by her peers.

Starting as a freelance babysitter Tomoko now has helped over 500 clients and was rated as the top reviewed person in 2019 for her babysitting efforts, which led her to be named a Top Supporter in the industry. In January 2022 She was ranked #1 nationally (sales generated).

“I have two important activity goals.

1. Raise awareness of babysitting

I am trying to increase the number of users and babysitters by communicating not only the word “babysitter” but also who babysitters are, what they are thinking about, and what they are doing.

2. Increase the number of adults and children who enjoy life through babysitting and lectures

I believe that for children to have dreams and hopes for the future, adults need to show them how to shine brightly and vividly with dreams and hopes.”

With the belief that “children are raised by everyone, not just by their families,” Tomoko has taken an interest in preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, and high school education, communicating with teachers and actively involved in more than 20 occasions as a board member or in a committee.

Can you tell us a story about what brought you to start your initiative 

As my children grew up, I became more aware of the need to contribute to society.

I realized that I love humanity, children, and people.

When my children were small, I could not spare the time, and nursery school teachers, and kindergarten, and school teachers seemed like gods to me, and I did not even think of doing any work related to childcare or education myself.

In 2016, the issue of children waiting for nursery school became a hot topic on the Internet, and I wanted to contribute to society by using my experience. Furthermore, my life and my children’s growth have been helped by many people so I wanted to help many people.

I like people and having fun with children, so a job in childcare and education was a perfect fit for me.

I have a strong intellectual curiosity, and I always ask myself, “How can I make it better? How can we make it more fun?” 

I’m impatient and troublesome, so I act like I’m “killing five birds with one stone” rather than “killing two birds with one stone,” which improves my work, play, and life all around me.

What were some obstacles you had to face along the way, also could you share how you were able to overcome and thrive during the global and industry change?

“I am still overcoming those through learning and practice.

From childhood, I grew up with a fearful father and a struggling mother, I was always reading the air around me and never putting my feelings into words, so I was not good at verbalizing my feelings and thoughts, and I was not good at speaking or making sentences.

I was shy, shy of places, and shy of people’s eyes, so I was not good at speaking in front of many people because I was not good at words.

However, my feelings changed little by little when the arrow I was pointing to myself turned to many people.

In 2020, I reduced my babysitting activities to a year of learning. I actively engaged in online learning and teaching activities, and it became a year of skill development, self-improvement, and self-exploration.

I learned about psychology and HSP, found out that I am an HSP, and became able to take care of my mental health, leading to a stress-free life.

I am now able to know myself better and align both my mind and body to better demonstrate my HSP sensitivities and talents.

By knowing myself, I have also learned how to ease my difficulties and unpleasant things.”

We all know that passionate people are more productive, but did you also realize how important it is for them to be happy? It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind without considering your happiness. If we want our employees’ passions and dedication to provide us with great work as well as make ourselves fulfilled at home or during leisure time, then they need to love what they do—just like Steve Jobs said!

And who could argue against Richard Branson when he says “there’s no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than follow your passions in a way that serves the world and you.”

The best way to not have any stress in life is by finding something you enjoy doing. If your workday feels like it’s dragging on, try looking for jobs that paycheck will make the time go by faster and be more fulfilling! “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life,” which is often attributed to Confucius.

Tomoko shares here purpose with us

Tomoko :

I was widowed at the age of 21 from the father of my children, and at the age of 24, a dear friend committed suicide. Some of my elementary and junior high school classmates chose to take their own lives.

I have given birth four times.

In my tumultuous life, “life” and “death” became keywords, and I realized that the theme of my life is to nurture human “life. This is my mission, the use of life.

It is not only for my children but for people all over the world. Furthermore, on a cosmic scale.

What makes a difference and how we can encourage the next generation?

While the world has made great progress in improving child survival, education, and nutrition over recent decades there are still many threats to children’s future. More than half of all countries have experienced some form or another environmental degradation which will affect their quality of life scripts depending on how it unfolds; population movements can lead us into conflict while others practice predatory commercial practices that seek only wealth at any cost (including human lives).

The world has been waiting for over 5 years now since 2015 when countries agreed to achieve sustainable development goals. It doesn’t look like we’re making much progress towards achieving them…

The work we do together as a community will be more effective and far-reaching than any individual effort could ever hope to achieve on its own.

Creating a stronger, more inclusive child care system that benefits all kids will require partnerships across sectors. This starts with leaders in each community and region coming together to find common ground for solving challenges specific to them–whether it be through education on how best to support young learners or increasing parental access so families don’t face long waitlists!

As Tomoko touched on it “Understanding the importance of life and living with that understanding vastly encourages us to be good to ourselves and others.” Truly a world with peace and a society filled with good.

Today Tomoko continues to be involved in activities to protect children in the community. 

Tomoko share 

“As the number of children grows, so does the time we can spend with their parents and others, and in that way, the scope of our activities is expanding.”

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