Citizens of Winnipeg enjoy some of the lowest rent rates in Canada, which is part of the appeal that makes moving to the city a great option for the younger generations. However, it is advised that if you have plans to do the same, do so carefully and seek out better housing options than what may seem like the most obvious choice initially. To know why that is both wise and quite practical in respect to almost any situation, let’s discuss a few points.

Affordable Luxury is a Possibility in Winnipeg

The main argument that can be made against shifting to a better, more luxurious apartment in any city, would be the fact that it’s going to be a lot more expensive. That is true for Winnipeg too, but the difference is that living in The Peg is affordable, even if you upgrade a bit.

When it comes to luxury apartment rentals Winnipeg used to lack options until companies like A&S Homes stepped in and started building luxurious apartments with all-inclusive rent options. As long as you have a decent, reliable income, the varied options available in the luxury apartment market will have something suited to your range and needs.

Better Housing Means Safer Housing

Unfortunate as it is, Winnipeg does have a notorious reputation in terms of crime rate within the city. Certain areas, especially the ones with the lowest rent rates, are generally located in the worst neighbourhoods with alarming crime rates.

As living in a shady part of Winnipeg compromises your safety and that of your family, shifting to a better apartment might be more essential than you realize. This applies to everyone, but if you have a family, then moving to a better and safer part of the city is highly advised.

The Shift Can be of Direct Advantage to You

Consider how convenient or inconvenient it is for you to complete your daily commutes to and from school/office/college/public transit points, etc. If you are losing hours every day in commuting to and from the various destinations, consider shifting to a more strategically and conveniently located housing option to save time and cut down on unnecessary travelling expenses.

Aside from that, maybe your new place will finally have a reliable garage or at least a parking spot. In case you have been holding off on buying a new car because it didn’t feel safe to leave it on the street corner, the upgrade may just solve that issue as well. Since we are talking about rentals here and not mortgages, that car may not be as unaffordable after the shift as one might think!

It depends on your financial status above everything else as to whether or not you should consider moving. However, if you think you can even make a small upgrade in your housing by tightening down on some of your other expenses, it might be a sacrifice well worth it, especially if it helps you to move to a better, safer and more convenient neighborhood in Winnipeg.

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