Citizens of Winnipeg enjoy some of the lowest rent rates in Canada, which is part of the appeal that makes moving to the city a great option for the younger generations. However, it is advised that if you have plans to do the same, do so carefully and seek out better housing options than what may seem like the most obvious choice initially. To know why that is both wise and quite practical in respect to almost any situation, let’s discuss a few points.

Affordable Luxury is a Possibility in Winnipeg

The main argument that can be made against shifting to a better, more luxurious apartment in any city, would be the fact that it’s going to be a lot more expensive. That is true for Winnipeg too, but the difference is that living in The Peg is affordable, even if you upgrade a bit.

When it comes to luxury apartment rentals Winnipeg used to lack options until companies like A&S Homes stepped in and started building luxurious apartments with all-inclusive rent options. As long as you have a decent, reliable income, the varied options available in the luxury apartment market will have something suited to your range and needs.

Better Housing Means Safer Housing

Unfortunate as it is, Winnipeg does have a notorious reputation in terms of crime rate within the city. Certain areas, especially the ones with the lowest rent rates, are generally located in the worst neighbourhoods with alarming crime rates.

As living in a shady part of Winnipeg compromises your safety and that of your family, shifting to a better apartment might be more essential than you realize. This applies to everyone, but if you have a family, then moving to a better and safer part of the city is highly advised.

The Shift Can be of Direct Advantage to You

Consider how convenient or inconvenient it is for you to complete your daily commutes to and from school/office/college/public transit points, etc. If you are losing hours every day in commuting to and from the various destinations, consider shifting to a more strategically and conveniently located housing option to save time and cut down on unnecessary travelling expenses.

Aside from that, maybe your new place will finally have a reliable garage or at least a parking spot. In case you have been holding off on buying a new car because it didn’t feel safe to leave it on the street corner, the upgrade may just solve that issue as well. Since we are talking about rentals here and not mortgages, that car may not be as unaffordable after the shift as one might think!

It depends on your financial status above everything else as to whether or not you should consider moving. However, if you think you can even make a small upgrade in your housing by tightening down on some of your other expenses, it might be a sacrifice well worth it, especially if it helps you to move to a better, safer and more convenient neighborhood in Winnipeg.

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The Indian Sub-Continent is divided on the grounds of distinct geographical, cultural and political identities. Seven countries falling under its umbrella are as follows; Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Historically speaking, this landscape has remained relevant throughout the course of time. Countless civilizations have passed through this region and/or settled homes here due of its mild climate, fertile soil, rich spices and an abundance of natural resources. Hence, it won’t be an exaggeration to call the Indian Sub-Continent, the eastern hub of ethnical diversity, culture, art, music and spirituality.

The changing urban culture of the Sub-Continent

At present, the countries in sub-continent are rapidly changing, because of the industrial and technological revolution. The urban areas are getting more densely populated, which has created a limitation of housing space and has given rise to the apartment-housing trend.

Pakistan and India are one of the two most populated countries in this part of the world. The economic conditions in both countries are progressing, but not rapidly enough to meet the demands of its people. More people are moving to the metropolises with hopes to improve their livelihood. In 2018, the urban population of Pakistan stood at 73.6 million approx. Major urban centers are facing an influx of businessmen, students and 9 to 5’ers who are seeking affordable housing solutions. Consider the case of Karachi, Pakistan’s financial hub, where Karachi flats are in high demand.

The stats for India are much more intense, as India stands to surpass the population of China in a decade or two. The veritable country is presently the center of attention of the world, with its growing IT industry and colorful cultural atmosphere. Every day more people are moving to the Indian cities to make homes and start businesses. Mumbai, the biggest city in India is home to approximately 12 million people. The rural areas are also getting attention to enhance country-living prospects.

The metropolitan cities in the remaining countries like Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, Maldives and Bangladesh are going through a similar transition, albeit to a lesser degree.

The rise of apartment and condo housing trend

Traditionally, the residents of the sub-continent cohabit with their parents, even when they have secure careers and families of their own (joint-family system). However, this trend is declining in recent years as more youngsters are moving to big cities for studies and finding an occupation. Even the city residents are moving out of family homes with dreams of finding their own two feet and have the freedom to find and mold their personalities, in the fast-paced world of today. For better or worse, this international trend of having a private living space for newly-turned-adults is here to stay.

Needless to say that this trend has also created a high demand for housing spaces (particularly, apartment and condos). As they are more convenient and well-suited for the needs of the people living alone, or in pairs. They are easier to afford and have a feeling of community, despite being private. As a result, new residential apartment buildings are being built every day in every major sub-continental city.

The advantages of living in apartments, condos or flats

Before we explain, why these properties make ideal housing spaces, let us elaborate on the classic definition of these residential units. Often they are used interchangeably, but there are few subtle differences between the apartments, condos and flats:

  • Apartment: Self-contained, private residences that are contained in a larger building, all owned by a landlord.
  • Flat: Smaller than an apartment, flats are apartments with all the rooms on the same floor.
  • Condo: Short for the condominium. A condo is an apartment that is owned by an individual rather than the building’s landlord.

There are one-bedroom, multi-bedroom, loft/ basement, garden, penthouse and duplex apartments to cater to the needs of the potential residents.

As for the upside of living in these residential units;

    They are low maintenance and low-costing.

    They come with certain amenities like gym, swimming pool, roof-top, BBQ area, laundry etc.

    They are certainly more secure with emergency exits, smoke alarms, secured ins-and-outs.

    These units require low commitment in terms of rental agreements or rules.

These are but few of the standard benefits of living in flats, but you can certainly see the appeal. Separate from the influence of one’s family, these smaller residences are ideal to get acquainted with one’s self and help them create a space that’s exclusively yours. Not to mention that the real estate market in sub-continent is quite expensive and is moving beyond the reach of the purses of the struggling youth with every passing hour.

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Being a social housing officer not only gives you a stable job, but also provides you with an opportunity to do some good in your life by enabling you to allocate homes to the homeless and needy. And if this profession interests you, then you need to know a few things as to what the job is all about.

Understand The Role

You should have a clear understanding as to what the duties of a housing officer. An officer is usually responsible for checking the needs of the people who are applying for social housing, to keep track of vacant homes, and to allocate such homes to the people with the greatest need. In addition, the officer is also responsible for deciding on the rent of the homes, for collecting such rents at correct times, and to collect the arrears when they become due.

They should also be mentally strong enough to deal with all kinds of anti-social and violent behaviors some tenants might show. In addition, the officers are also required to do a routine inspection of all homes and check them thoroughly to ensure that they are in a good state and have not been damaged in any way. And in case they do see any damage to a house, they must arrange for repairs as soon as possible.

Pick A Good Hiring Agency

The best way to get hired by a good social housing provider is to go through a reputed social housing recruitment agency. Such agencies are always in touch with the numerous housing organizations. As such, you can get your desired job by meeting a single agency rather than having to deal with multiple social landlords.

Have Good Communication Skills

When you become a social housing officer, you will be dealing with a lot of people from diverse backgrounds. These include homeless people who may have even forgotten what it is to have a roof above them, minorities who may feel threatened, abused people who may have to leave their homes under stressful conditions, and so on. As such, it is necessary that you have the communication skills to talk with them in a way that does not offend or hurt them in any way.

Education Qualifications

As far as education is concerned, a few of the employers might expect you to have a degree in a subject matter related to the job. These include degrees in community development, social development, housing etc. And in case you already have work experience related to any of these fields, then the employer will definitely see you more favorably. You should also have good knowledge about the issues tenants may face, like drug abuse, welfare, and so on.