Biology is a subject that consists of things related to the human body, plants and other such topics. It is an important subject for students who are preparing for the NEET examination. NCERT Biology Class 11 is the best book students should refer to for scoring good marks in examinations.

Biology needs to be understood well as it is completely based on theory and unlike the popular notion that Biology is a subject that requires you to become a bookworm, it is a subject that demands concentration and understanding. Studying Biology from NCERT books is important because when you prepare your topics from NCERT books, it will be easier to solve questions that are asked in the NEET examination. Also, before reading the concept from reference books, it is important to study the basic concepts because, when you analyze the previous year question papers of the NEET examination, you will find many questions which are based on the basic concepts covered in NCERT books.

One can easily decode the paper making pattern of CBSE if they go through the previous year’s question paper, and it speaks volumes to the fact that the questions are directly asked from NCERT books. The questions may not be asked as it is in the examination, but the concepts are the same. However, students generally prepare for difficult questions and ignore the basic questions as they have a prejudice that NEET will cover difficult questions, but when they see questions based on basic concepts, they consider that the exam was tough.

5 reasons why you should refer to NCERT books are:

  1. It has exhaustive material: Class 11 NCERT books have enough material that a student can refer to, to score good marks. Apart from NCERT books, students can refer to reference books as well, but many students tend to get confused by them. If you are preparing for competitive exams, you certainly need clarity on all topics. The material provided in NCERT books is in detail and if you are preparing for school level examinations, it is enough for you. You do not need to jump from one reference book to another, for preparation purposes.
  2. Easy to understand language: NCERT books have a simple language, making it easier for students to understand the concepts. Unlike reference books, NCERT books are not complex and have a direct meaning of what is written. In the reference books, you may find explanations of different things. Biology is a precise subject and there is no need for complexity in the concepts. While preparing for exams, you need to be prepared to write exactly what is asked and for that, NCERT books are best.
  3. It is based on the CBSE syllabus: NCERT books are exclusively made according to the CBSE syllabus. There aren’t any extra pointers and this is what makes it different from other reference books. Reference books are good for competitive exams, as they have extra information regarding a concept which usually distracts students from learning the basic concepts that are asked in the examination. NCERT books always stick to the CBSE guidelines and are perfect for the students who are preparing for competitive exams as they are always advised to complete the syllabus first which is based on CBSE.
  4. A majority of the questions in NEET are from NCERT: We all know that while preparing for NEET, students need to cover the syllabus of both 11th and 12th Biology. Students cannot leave any concepts. They need to study all the concepts before attempting the NEET examination. It is often observed that most of the objective questions asked in the exam are from NCERT books and they have direct answers. If you have read the NCERT book carefully and revised it well, you can score well in the Biology section. The NCERT book for Biology is more than enough.
  5. Long term advantage: The NCERT book of Biology is an investment as it will be helpful for you in the long run. You can use this book to make exhaustive notes for other competitive examinations. This book is the best option for last-minute revision before exams, as it will not confuse you with the concepts and you will be able to save a lot of time while revising from it.

So, if you want to score high marks in Biology in your 11th standard and other competitive examinations then start referring to the Biology NCERT book as soon as possible. This book will be your helper in many ways, be it in making notes, revising the whole syllabus in less time, saving your money from buying expensive reference books etc. Rather than wasting time in selecting reference books for themselves, students should read the chapters and go through the diagrams from their NCERT textbooks.

Focusing on basics is the only mantra to score good marks in their Biology examination. It is always better to switch to things that are reliable and you can blindly trust Biology NCERT books. It has simple language which is easy for understanding the concepts and you will be able to ace your examinations. School teachers make papers according to the syllabus prescribed by CBSE and they cannot go beyond that. Hence, you should adhere to NCERT books to avoid any kind of obstacle that comes in your way of preparation for Class 11 Biology.

Along with these tips, it is important to ensure that you are revising regularly, eating healthy and doing regular exercise. This will not only help keep you motivated but also healthy. You can also try doing other activities such as listening to your favourite music, reading books or painting, etc. This will enable you to stay active and more focused. All the best for your exam.  


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