The travel industry is witnessing fast-paced innovation and disruption due to which even established companies struggle to make their foothold. If you come from a tech space, then you must know how much intense the competition has become. To make a difference, you have to stand out from the rest, and PR can help you achieve it. However, the success may not be easy to come by as a lot of it depends on the conception and thoughtful execution of the activity. In the effervescent travel-tech market where so many apps exist, and many more can come, you can create a place for yourself by using earned media. It can be beneficial to you in many aspects.

Increases your reach to customers and potential buyers

Any B2B technology customer is an informed person who takes decisions after a week or month long research. The reason is simple. The software tends to be expensive; hence, one cannot be hasty in his or her choice. You can reach out to them through PR. Since PR guys maintain relations with journalists, you can spread your story through them hassle-free.

Creates a special place for you

As mentioned, the travel-tech market is quite abuzz because of the rising demands. Users are choosing the internet over traditional methods to book their holidays and travels. But the challenge is you have to convince your prospective business partners about your authenticity and value. Otherwise, they will not ally with you. The earned media can help your brand convey it. You would need it more if you are a startup travel technology company. Endorsements or thumbs-up from a third-party can quickly differentiate you from others offering the same product or service as you.

Earns brand authority

Third-party reviews and accounts enjoy a certain level of trust and confidence of the customers. Hence, what they suggest becomes automatically acceptable to many. The business customers attach a significant amount of importance to what PR machinery is saying about a specific brand before becoming partners. Even the end-consumers get influenced by articles and reviews. If you manage to get adequate PR coverage, you can successfully establish your brand’s authority.

Generates demand

You not only need reliable business associates but customers also to leave a mark in the industry. For that, there has to be a growing customer base and high demands. The articles, email marketing, and sales promotion can help you push traffic to your app.

PR is undoubtedly a tool that can help you stay ahead, where so many travel-tech startups are already competing. But hiring a PR agency can be a difficult decision for a cash-strapped company. Besides, it is not a comprehensive activity in itself. You would still have to do numerous things along with PR to give your brand desired visibility. Hence, it doesn’t make sense to invest a fortune on this while you can take advantage of it through different routes. For example, you can get an affordable travel content agency on board. It will not only take care of PR, but overall content marketing needs to give your business an edge. 

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