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The business card is one essential thing that digital will not fully replace anytime soon.  It might just be a small piece of paper, but this small piece is a powerful tool and plays a vital role in making a lasting impression upon those who you do business with. As a business owner, you need this piece when you meet people in person by chance at networking events or conferences center.

Handing out your business card makes a real statement and speaks volumes about the seriousness of what you are doing. An excellent business card will nudge the person receiving it to deepen your professional connection. However, if you still doubt whether you need a business card, then here are the top 5 reasons why you should have this small piece with you wherever you go.



You meet different people during your journey to the public. These people ask many varieties of questions about your business and others. Your answer should be only one for all the questions; here is my business card with all my detail. An excellent business card does more than just pass on an email address, phone number, or company address.  What it also does is that it creates an instant first impression to your potential client.

An attractive and well-thought-of business card grabs the attention of its target customers. The use of the right brand colors and typeface, a tastefully displayed company details and company logo surely give the card a professional look.


  • It adds a personal touch to your business


A business card can provide everything the other person needs to know about your business. Your clients do not only get the contact details when handing out a business card. Both the parties greet each other and share their contact information through the cards in a friendly way.

However, do not forget that having high-quality business cards matters for your company. While the personal warmth in sharing these cards is necessary, their quality and design remind the clients of your professionalism. Therefore, creating your own business cards using an online printing company like JoinPrint Australia is an easy way to get quality business cards.


  • It makes you look professional and legitimate


People try to know if a business is legit before transacting with them. They try to verify the legitimacy of the company by knowing: Who they are? What can the business do for them? Where are they located? And how to contact them?

Professionally designed business cards can enhance the legitimacy of your business in a few seconds. Providing a well-written and creative business card will not only describe your business as a whole but will also show these people that you are running a legitimate business and you will treat them right. Business card builds awareness of your business and lets others know you’re serious and ready for business.


  • It shows your business credibility


There is a huge difference between handing someone a business card and just saying you own a business. Something business card is always considered trustworthy, especially when you consider the number of fraudulent emails people receive. A company that freely hands out phone numbers, names and contact address doesn’t have anything to hide.

Business card validates your company’s position and represents a trustworthy company. However, if your company doesn’t use business cards, not only will your company’s reputation or credibility be at stake, the company also stands the chance of being forgotten when a prospective customer quits the company.


  • It facilitates networking


You can make virtual contact with hundreds of people through emails, but this eliminates the chances of meeting your customers in person. You need face-to-face interaction with people to build stronger relationships that are more meaningful. These types of interactions help develop a quality professional network.

Business cards play a significant role in creating these opportunities. They help increase personal networking when meeting new people in a social environment. Therefore, don’t forget to take along your business cards when attending an event. You’ll notice increases in business growth opportunities as your network increases.

In Summary

Although online promotional and networking opportunities have increased significantly, but business cards are still relevant in today’s business world. These small cards are still one of the best ways to remind people about your business. They share your business contact information with other business people as well as prospective customers and clients.

This small piece also helps establish a friendly personal relationship with clients. A company that doesn’t have a business card runs the risk of being completely forgotten as well as missing out on an easy advertising opportunity. However, you can contact printing company if you would like professionally designed and printed business cards for your business.

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