Investing in pieces for your home is not a task to be taken lightly! Whether you’re only looking for one item to freshen up a room, or if you’re kitting out an entire home, you need to proceed with a little caution. Furniture is expensive, and unfortunately, it is a case of getting what you pay for. So, if you’ve got your budget all figured out and it’s time to go shopping for furniture, slow down! Read these essential considerations before you hop online or visit your local homewares store…

How much space do you have?

This is a big one! You need to understand how much space you actually have available before you start filling it. This means determining whether you have a small, medium or large-sized home right off the bat. Next, you’ll need to get measuring! Now, whipping out the measuring tape isn’t exactly everyone’s favourite task, but it’s very worthwhile basically every step of the way when you’re buying furniture, so grit those teeth and get going! Once you’ve got your numbers down, you can get a better idea of what furniture you can fit in your home.

What is the function of each room?

This is for those who are furnishing a house from scratch, or for those who are repurposing one of their rooms. Determine the function of each space of your home and think about it properly! It’s really easy to be a little lazy with this one, where the lounge seems obvious, everyone nabs their favourite bedroom and obviously there’s space for a washer and dryer downstairs. Resist the temptation to just fall into your house plan and get thinking about what function is best for what room. This will ensure that you’ll be buying furniture that works for the specific spaces and functions in your household.

How long do you plan on living there?

It’s important to ask yourself this question, especially if you’re a renter. If you’ll be moving around often, say every six months or every year, you should try and find furniture that is easily transferable to multiple spaces. This means being modest with sizing, selecting pieces that are easy to put together and sticking to a somewhat neutral colour palette.  

Will you have enough storage space?

Your furniture can give you a lot of opportunities for storage, so you should really think about grasping at that potential! If your house already has a lot of storage throughout, this might not be so relevant, but for most of us, we’re always searching for an extra spot to tuck a few things away here and there. Items such as a storage bed, blanket box, chest or tallboy can make your space more organised and clearer.

What’s your overall theme going to be?

Your style and overarching home aesthetic are the fun part of furniture purchasing! Here, it’s easier to lean into your favourite style of furniture or home décor, that way you can shop within a particular collection. This really can be anything you like, from modern to rustic, shabby chic to Hamptons luxe, there’s a whole world of design options out there to choose from!

Feeling inspired yet? Hope so! By making these simple considerations before you dive into any big furniture investments, you can be sure that you’re securing the right pieces for you and your home. Once you’ve got your measurements, budget, room function, living plan, storage and theme secured, it’s time to go shopping! Visit a few furniture stores near you to get started. 

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