Many people consider it a challenge to purchase and arrange furniture in the new dwelling, but it is enough only to imagine how difficult it is to relocate a house filled of different belongings and arrange them in another home, especially if it is smaller than the previous one. Some time can be required to get used to the new space until you manage to achieve comfort and functionality there. It is possible that you will decide to throw away odd pieces and buy new items to get a desirable effect. However, there are some useful approaches on how to have furniture arranged moving to a new home, so learn the following solutions and tips.

Space assessment

There is no sense to make a furniture layout until you make a detailed plan of how to do that. For this purpose, you should assess how much space is available in your home making several steps:

  1. Clearing space

It is impossible to plan anything if your space is filled with boxes, litter, or any other things. Therefore, it is necessary to make the room vacant and only then start planning. A good piece of advice is to plan the arrangement while space is empty and before your belongings arrive at your new place of living.

  1. Define the function of every room

It will help you to decide what furniture pieces must be used in every room. It is natural that a bed is in the bedroom and a sofa with a coffee table is in the living room.

  1. Think of rooms with several purposes

When a kitchen or living room is combined with a dining room, it is time to define which items will serve as partition and which ones will signify every zone.

  1. Choose a focal point for every room

You may select a standard focal point or create it yourself, but it will set the mood and the arrangement of all the other pieces and decor. A focal point serves as a core from which all the rest of the pieces is arranged.

  1. Take advantage of the furniture layout tools

Nowadays, the process of furnishing arrangement can be simplified if you use mobile or computer tools developed for this purpose. There are multiple online tools as well as software to download where you can create a model of your space by indicating the room dimensions, the location of key parts such as a door, a window, a fireplace etc., basic furnishing and decor, lighting, accessories. There is a possibility to experiment and make up several options to choose the most successful one.

If you are not an advanced computer user, take a pencil and a sheet of paper to make a sketch of your interior by considering all the measurements.

Tips on how to achieve balance in the furniture layout

Even if you are not a certified interior designer, it is possible to create a balance in the room furniture arrangement following simple tips from the experts including:

  • Large furnishing should be combined with other sizable items or groups of small items;
  • Arrange some furnishing in the central part of the space creating interesting and functional areas;
  • Analyze the height of furnishing and make up different levels to underline the length and height of the room;
  • Add color spots by using bright cushions, pictures, statues, curtains, and other decorative pieces;
  • Opt for multiple textures to make space more lively and diverse;
  • Think of the traffic around the room and leave at least 2 feet of open space;
  • Begin with arranging large pieces and finish with small ones;
  • Check if there are no obstacles for opening doors and drawers;
  • Plan the location of lighting elements by zones.

Efficient furniture layout plays a very important role in the creation of a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in a home. However, moving furniture is a painstaking task. It is not only heavy and sizable but also can be easily damaged while arranged. Therefore, only with the professional help moving furniture is a simple and effortless process which is more a pleasure rather than a burden.

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