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Explore Copenhagen the local way

Consider exploring the sights and streets of Copenhagen by bicycle, the favorite means of transportation for almost 55% of Danes, including the Prime Minister! With over 200km of bike paths, the city is easy to navigate. Get a map of the city and borrow one of the bicycles available free of charge via the CityBike system, nearly 2000 bicycles! Feel free to visit VisitDenmark for more practical information and tips. If you have rented a vacation home in Denmark, or if you’ve possibly rented a real home in Copenhagen, then chances are there will be a bicycle ready for you to loan.

See what all the fuzz is about with H.C Andersen’s little mermaid
After touring the Danish capital by bike, head to Copenhagen Harbor to admire the capital’s main tourist attraction: the statue of the Little Mermaid, sculpted by Edvard Eriksen in 1913, which of course represents the heroine from the eponymous tale by Hans Christian Andersen.


Did you know that the little mermaid statue was commissioned by Carl Jacobsen, the son of the founder of Carlsberg breweries? Present in more than 140 countries, Carlsberg is also the 4th largest brewer in the world. Glyptoteket is a museum hosting some of the world’s finest pieces of art and paintings in special exhibitions, and every tuesday the entrance is free. Carlsberg and the various founders have always been great benefactors to Danish culture.

Visit one of the oldest theme parks: Tivoli

You have kept your child’s soul? So in this case, head to Tivoli Park, Copenhagen always! Open since 1843, it is the second oldest amusement park in the world after Bakken (also located in Denmark). Between various attractions and various restorations, you will surely spend a delightful day in this very warm park.

The district of Christianhavn

Then take the opportunity to stroll on the side of Christianhavn. With its canals and houses inspired by the Dutch architectural style, Christianhavn is the bohemian quarter of the capital and also one of the warmest. Want a gourmet break in this bucolic setting? At Lagkagehuset, probably the best bakery in the city, where you can taste Danish specialties, including the famous wienerbrød.

A little shopping?
How about a shopping session starting for example by Strøget street? It is indeed the longest pedestrian and shopping street in the world! Crossing the heart of the city center, rich in shops but also historical buildings and entertainment, it is the essential starting point of any self-respecting shopping addict!

Get out of Copenhagen: drive around the islands & see the many castles and moats the country has to offer

Want to discover the great Danish planes and open fields? Go on a roadtrip between the many different islands and see the sights up close! Rent your car or go to a specialized agency to organize your tour through the most beautiful panoramas and historical landmarks of the country: Aarhus, the Scandinavian Riviera, Odense, or explore the southern border with Germany where there is excellent accommodation of vacation homes in Denmark.

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