The disadvantages of smoking are evident. From cardiovascular issues to decreasing your lifespan, smoking kills you slowly. Despite that, we see numerous heavy smokers on a daily basis.

Moreover, it is true that the benefits of vaping weigh more than smoking. And more and more people opting for it. Not only this, but heavy smokers also trying vaping and choosing e-cigarette over a traditional cigarette.

However, with the popularity of vaping, many people showed their concerned whether vaping is health damaging or not. If you are a smoker, you can try quite a safe option like vaping and go to to learn more about the products.

According to public health England, e-cigarettes let 20,000 people quit smoking in a year. So, when it comes to adverse effects of smoking and vaping, UK politicians consider vaping less harmful.

They even recommend to allow it in certain public places such as mental health treatment centers. Moreover, the committee further suggests to increase its advertisement and to loosen its restriction on the labeling.

However, this step is possible when Britain will exit EU regulations on tobacco products in the next year. Most importantly, this committee also recommends reducing taxes on the e-cigarettes as well.

Difference between the Products

The chairman of this committee, Norman Lamb suggests that current e-cigarette policies do not reflect as they should. E-cigarettes are not as damaging as other alternatives.

The committee wants to relax these rules so that it encourages more people to quit smoking. Also, the members of the committee maintain that e-cigarettes and regular cigarettes are not the same so they should not be treated the same.

Moreover, they want authorities to work on the matter and let vaping allows in the public spaces to make the most of less harmful option. 

Influence on Health

There are concerns that making e-cigarettes popular will encourage smoking in the young population, especially who are not yet smokers. Take note that the UK is one of the countries that spread awareness regarding the damages of tobacco.

So, there is no authentic evidence available that shows e-cigarettes work as a gateway for the young generation to begin smoking. But if it is used in the right direction, vaping may help in NHS no smoking arsenal.

However, for people who want to quit smoking, medically licensed can come in handy in this context. Doctors can suggest dosage to those who are willing to quit smoking gradually.

The committee put forward a recommendation to limit refill and tank size which is also beneficial for smokers to inhale minimum nicotine.

Vape Devices

These devices are not harmful, said David Thickett – professor of University of Birmingham’s Institute of Inflammation and Ageing. The vapor that your e-cigarette produces boosts the inflammatory chemicals and it disables protect cells in your lungs.

Hence, an e-cigarette is less life-threatening than other alternatives. The committee is in talks with the well-reputed health centers where they carry out researches before making public statements.

Many people consider vape devices harmful. According to information available, devices are not only safe but lets you use a limited amount of nicotine which is beneficial for your health.

Bottom Line

It is common to find mix opinions about a product. The case is similar to e-cigarettes. There are people who oppose this idea.

However, there are also people including the politicians of the UK who not only allow the use of e-cigarettes but trying to clearing out mis-concept associated with it.

If you are a heavy smoker but are worried about your health, you can try an e-cigarette to quit smoking. Plus, you can also research it and find fun flavors to begin your vaping journey.

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