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College students always need one thing: more money. While a cash gift is always easy and appreciated, it’s not the only option. Students can use many small things daily to make their lives easier. Students are generally focused on their studies and just learning about how the adult world works. They may not think about the things that make their lives easier or life’s little necessities. That’s where family members and friends with experience come in. 

If you are getting ready to send your college student back to campus, or to their new school for the first time, it’s essential to make sure they are prepared for the changes they will face. Whether it’s ramen gifts or a new laptop, there are certain essentials that your college child should have. Let’s take a closer look at a few useful gift ideas for college students.

Portable Tool Kit

Having the right tools to take care of small repairs is essential for your college student. Most of the maintenance will be taken care of if your student lives in the dorms. But, if they live off campus, dozens of small things will need to be fixed along the way. A portable tool kit is a perfect gift to help your college student face these challenges. An effective kit will have a multi-head screwdriver, pliers, utility knife, and a level. These basic tools will help get the job done for your college student. 

Ramen Gift Set

College kids are not likely to be gourmet cooks. They want fast and easy meals that fill their bellies without much fuss. Before sending your college kid back to school, give them the gift of ramen noodles. A case of mixed ramen flavors is the perfect gift for busy students. College kids can easily make a cup of ramen in their dorm rooms without spending extra money on take-out foods. 

Pepper Spray Keychain

Most college students are new to navigating the outside world. Many young students tend to be naive about the dangers around them. To help keep your child safe on campus, you can give them a key ring with pepper spray. These discreet tools can be used in an emergency and can even save a life. 

French Press

Most college students live on coffee and snacks. Daily takeout coffees can be expensive and beyond the budget of students. Gift them a French press to help your college kid get a good start on the day. No need for large, bulky plug-in coffee makers if you have a french press. Simply buy your favorite ground coffee blend and let it brew. 

Cord Organizer

Every college student uses technology, including smartphones, laptops, and tablets. All these things need to be constantly charged. If your student is in the dorms, they may have just a few electrical plugs. A cord organizer can help your student keep all their gadgets charged without a maze of cords crowding their room. 

Gifts for college students don’t have to be limited to cash and gift cards. Consider one of these useful gifts for your college student this year. 

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