Today, the meaning of jewellery is not confined to just diamond, gold, silver, stone or pearl; artificial jewellery has flooded the market all over the world. Not just because of thousands of different ideas that can be put into it to make the exquisitely designed jewellery, but also because it is way cheaper than the original ones. But those women who have the pure love for originality and like to keep it subtle yet remarkable, often hop to a reputed jewellery shop to get themselves the right piece of jewellery. One such piece of jewellery, without which a woman’s face looks incomplete are the earrings.

Earrings give a definition to a woman’s face, without them, her make up is incomplete. Moreover, it gives an immense pleasure to any woman if you gift her with beautiful earrings. Trends have been changing when it comes to earrings, since ages. It has changed from big danglers to small stud earrings and the new one still arrives now and then but some of them have taken their place globally, whose trends never go and they are forever bright and shiny.

5 top trends in earrings

  • Stud earrings just float on your earlobes without giving anyone a visible trace of any connection. These are small yet come in different shapes and sizes.
  • Hoop earrings have very much resemblance to a ring. These are too round or semi-round in shape.
  • Drop earrings look like a hoop but usually with a stone or diamond attached at the bottom hanging through that hoop. If you are looking for gold earrings design in 2 grams, then drop earrings is the perfect answer.
  • Dangle earrings are the most in demand among youths. These earrings are large in size and hang till your shoulders. Because they tend to dangle when you walk or turn, is the reason they got the name as dangle earrings. One good thing about danglers is that, if one of them gets broken, then you can put those danglers into a chain and use it as a pendant. There are many simple gold chain designs for ladies available in the market and that too at a nominal price.
  • Huggy earrings are very much like the hoop earrings but the only difference between them is that huggy earring is small enough to make it look like that those earrings are hugging the earlobes.

A lot of emotion and value is attached for women to a piece of jewellery, and when it comes to buying one, they can make the whole world upside down just to find the perfect match. Jewellery has been one of the most significant adornments of women for centuries. Any piece of jewellery can make a woman feel beautiful, and give confidence from inside out; jewellery defines who she really is – A Woman. This craziness for jewellery is found in women of every age, and this undying love for jewellery is something one cannot take away.

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