It is the most beautiful moment of your life when you see your baby walking for the first time. The experience is surreal is not it. It is not the same for every child andthat is very common to happen. And that is exactly why the curiosity to know the baby walking stages comes so frequently in each one of us. 

Know more about the first baby steps so that your curiosity can be quenched to an extent:

  1. First and foremost know that most babies take their first steps sometime between 9 and 12 months. And then those are just baby steps so finally they start walking well by the time they are almost tentatively14 or 15 months old. What you need to know as a parent is that you do not have to worry at all if your child takes a little longer. 
  2. Secondly some children do take a little longer than the rest and it isprettymuchnormalfor them. So what basically happens is that duringyour first year, your baby is busy developing coordination and muscle strength in every part of her body. And hence the entire process is eventually and gradually growing and then she or he finally learns to crawl and move and walk.
  3. After all of that is done your baby will finally learn to sitroll over, and crawl before moving on to pulling up and standing at about 9 months.
  4. Also what is very important for you to know is that once you know how old do babies start walking all you do is relaxand not panic or force them. Make them take steps, help them, oil them and massage them but do not force or push them in a rush, they will do it eventually as their muscles will start co coordinating and this process we are talking about is a gradual one. 
  5. And once that is done, From then on, it is a matter of gaining confidence and balance. One day you will be absolutely amused and thrilled to see your little one standing against the couch or may be sliding along it or crawling over it or beside or under it. 
  6. So what is again important for you to know is that your newly born little one’s legs are not nearly strong enough to support him yet so do that.  That is your responsibility as a parent to that little one. 
  7. But what you have to keep in mind is that if you hold him upright under his arms you can notice that he or she will dangle his legs down and push against a hard surface with his feet. And that is almost as if he or she is walking. This will continue for a few months before your little one finally starts walking. 

Treasure each moment before your little one is finally walking and jumping all around the house. And that will be their first step towards independence. 

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