One of the reasons there are gala fans of a ribeye cut of beef steaks is the excellent marbling of the fillet. If you are not much-accustomed buying steaks, then here is a short introduction about marbling. Steaks are better understood by studying their texture. The more fat content is there on the steak; it would show up as thin and thick lines just like the normal texture in marble stone. That is why this textured look of a steak piece due to the fat layers is called marbling. And the ribeye looks lovely with the standard marbling and also feels juicy and fresh with great taste and flavor for the fat content.

Steak lovers, crazy about the succulent juice texture of steak would love the feel from a ribeye steak. And the taste and aroma would be better when the steak is delivered from Meyer Natural Angus breed.

How are ribeye steaks obtained?

Rib eye steaks are cut from the muscle just beside the backbone. These steaks are deemed perfect for roasting. And the flavor comes from the succulent fatty texture which increases aroma as well as a visual appeal through great marbling.

What to look for while buying ribeye steaks?

When buying prime ribeye steaks look for aging. How aged the steak is would decide how soft and succulent it would feel and taste. The ideal aging time is 3 weeks or 21 days. If the beef is kept for 21 days under controlled temperature where bacterial growth is totally avoided, then the steak you would get will be of the best quality. The aging information is available on the label of the steak. You must check it every time you buy.

There are some other indicators that you received the best quality beef. If the beef has a pink or pale color, then it means it’s fresh and not much aged. This kind of beef will be lacking the flavor and texture you are looking for. If the beef you get is red and dark colored, then this indicates that the beef has been aged properly. Another important check is fat color. If you find the fat color yellowish, then it’s not the best quality. The fat should be firm in texture, creamy white in color, and then only can be deemed the best quality.

Also, look for enough marbling over the steak piece. If there is plenty of marbling, then expect the ribeye to be giving you the desired succulence and flavor. A steak cut evenly would make for a great piece for cooking. You can flip and turn it easily, and get it uniformly cooked.

Finally- storing the steak at home

If you have to refrigerate it and cook later, then you can keep it in the fridge for many days while covering properly. If you get vacuum-packed steaks, then you may preserve them in the fridge for almost a year safely. To cook it, you must take it out from the fridge and let it thaw overnight.

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