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SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of making your website perform better in the search engine results page. If you have a website with no traffic, it’s likely that your competitors are taking advantage of your absence on the serps.

With mobile phones, people are always looking online for goods and services. Make sure your website is hosted on a content management system that supports mobile indexing. You could be missing out on hundreds of potential visitors and clients by not having a mobile friendly website.

There are many free platforms to claim your brand on, Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are a great start. You want to make sure you’re on every platform that you think your customers might hang out on. If you’re service is targeting businesses, you may want to claim a profile on LinkedIn as well. These links are a great starting foundation for your SEO campaign.

According to this local SEO infographic from NYC Serp, only 44% of businesses have claimed a GMB listing. Make sure to include a list of all of your locations and services you provide.

Competition in the SEO space can be tough, especially in a larger market such as New York. If you’re dealing in a highly competitive niche, you might want to target low volume keywords to start generating some relevant traffic.

Most people prefer to click on organic listing when compared to paid results. You can also invest in both of these services to make sure your brand appears for numerous relevant keywords.

One of the biggest ways to start getting new clients is through referrals. Customers love to talk about how services have benefitted their brand. If you go out of your way to treat a customer right, they’ll be talking about it to their friends for years to come. This is a great way to generate referral clients and reviews.


Five star reviews can also help your business rank in the Google local-pack. The more review signals you have, the more likely it is that you’ll start ranking higher than your competitors.

If you want to invest in SEO services, you need to make sure you’re in it for the long haul. There aren’t any quick fixes or short cuts that will rank your website in one month. In fact, you should avoid any SEO agency that claims that they can rank your business in a month.

A brand new domain can take several months before it starts to rank. However, if you’re consistently adding quality content ( ideal is over 1,000 words!) and building high quality links to your website, you should be able to get out of the Google sandbox within three to six months.

Google is always evolving its ranking factors. You used to be able to spam a website with a link blast and appear at the top of the serps in a week. Nowadays, that type of black hat SEO will get your website hit with a penalty. You need quality content and backlinks to gain some traction for your website.

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