Investments come at that stage of life when you sit back and look at the future, wondering what to give to your children and grandchildren, and suddenly the mutual fund concept strikes you. It is a savings scheme with a difference – you have many options to change the plan and create your portfolio.

Well, the leading companies have created compelling videos to invest in mutual funds. Let’s check out:

Mutual Funds Sahi Hai by Gulaq

With Zero Commission, Zero Fees, and Zero Charges, Gulaq is a top option for many investors. Gulaq is one of the leading mutual fund service providers who will help you get the best picks. They research the entire market and help you choose the best portfolio so you get the best result. Whether it is marriage, honeymoon or retirement, mutual fund investment can be the answer.

SIP by Sundaram Mutual Funds

If you place one grain on the first square of the chess board and placed the double of that on the next and continued to do this until the end of all the squares on the chessboard, you will see that it is not possible to count the number of grains on the last square. The practice of saving is the same, using Sundaram Mutual Funds; it is possible to grow your savings if you begin early. Actually, you can begin at any age, the idea is to save and choose a good investment agent and investment plan. They manage 30,497.27 crore of assets.

Why should we invest in Mutual Funds by IDFC Mutual Funds

Infrastructure Development Finance Company (IDFC) Mutual Funds is another great option. It is an advisory company for infrastructure development that also guides you in investment and asset banking. It manages 69,351.96 crore of assets.

Understanding Mutual Funds – The Pizza Way by ICICI Mutual Funds

The way we look at life is likened to eating pizza by the ICICI Mutual Fund. There are many kinds of pizzas that are prepared by different cooks in various food chain outlets. We might choose the vegetable pizza from our nearby shop. In the same way, your money is managed by various financial groups and they will provide the chef, the fund manager for your account. Now, you can make the choice of what toppings you will like and how big you want your slice to be. It has an asset value of 307,735.44 crore now.

Plan your life goals with Mutual Funds byAMFI

The Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) is the mother organization of all mutual fund companies. All the mutual fund organizations are a part of this AMFI. As of now, it has 42 companies registered with SEBI as its members

What are Mutual Funds by Tata Mutual Funds

There are many kinds of mutual funds which is the way your fund manager manages your investment for you. These include Money market funds (treasury bills, certificates of deposit, and so on), Fixed income, equity funds, balanced fund, index fund, and specialty fund. Tata Mutual Fund helps you find the right one for your investment plan. It has an asset value of 49,293.32 crore today.

As with all things in life, do not hesitate to begin. The sooner you begin; the more compact your plan is. Look to the investment advisors to give you the best deal, consult the team and get the best package together now.

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