The quality of content that you write can play a significant role in your professional growth especially if you aspire to be a blogger or content writer. There are various fields such as regulatory and legal in which it becomes imperative to write correctly every time, and even the smallest mistake comes with a hefty price. In the last few years, search engine optimization has focused immensely on the grammatical correctness of the content on web pages because of which the writer is required to put a lot of emphasis on the correct grammar.

Which tool should I use?

Not everyone who has the willingness of writing quality content is blessed with the ability and skill set of producing error free content every time. People who have English as their mother tongue, face lesser challenges as compared to the who have it as their second language. It becomes essential for such people to make use of tools and software that are designed to check the grammar correction of any word content in small time. There are numerous online grammar tool and applications that people use to check if they are writing error-free English content or not.

We have listed down below the top 3 great tools that can help you to correct the grammar of the content you are writing:

  1. Grammarly is one of the most trusted and used Grammar correction tool off today is Grammarly. It is used by more than 10 million users globally. It comes with two versions one of which is free but with Limited features enabled. To be able to access features it has, you will have to pay a certain amount which is a bit hefty to some extent. However for the simple job of Proofreading the free version is more than enough which you can install as a simple plugin to your writing software. For users who cannot afford premium plan, you can find some of the best Grammarly alternatives to make your content grammar errors free. But, choosing the premium is the best way to get rid of common issues.

  2. Pro Writing Aid is an excellent help for all those who want to convert their average writing skills to the professional level. The tool not only helps in proofreading and identifying grammar mistakes but at the same time, it helps you improved the quality of your content with the help of its 5000 inbuilt writing style. A lot of published writer make use of this tool to enhance the quality of their write-ups because of which it is gaining immense popularity.
  3. For improving your writing productivity and identifying even the smallest of the grammatical mistakes, Ginger Software grammar checker is an excellent choice. The tool is helpful in determining all kinds of grammar error such as contextual, spelling correction and incorrect word usage. The tool is easily accessible online, and you can even download the software on your system to use it directly. It comes with additional features such as sentence rephrasing and English personal trainer.

What you must know about grammar checking softwares

With so many Software Solutions available online and as the individual application it is essential for us to be cautious when downloading and using any of them. A good Grammar checker can help you considerably in improving the quality of the content you are working on; however, a poor software can make it extremely bad as well, so the choice is yours, what you prefer!.

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