Designing Decorating and Furnishing A Beach Home With Style

Everyone who owns a beach home feels as if they have a bit of their own piece of heaven. Surrounded by the natural beauty of sun and water the area can feel like utter bliss. That is why for many, a beach home becomes a total contrast of other homes in style, furnishings and décor. Often decorating a beach home can become a process of learning what works.

Accenting the Natural Beauty of The Land and Water

When designing the interior of a new or existing beach house, there are many wonderful ways to accent the natural beauty of the outside landscape. In most cases, beach home décor is focused on colours and tones that fit the beach colours like Advantage Styling in the Northern Beaches  .

By contrast to traditional homes, beach homes are known to focus on lighter and simpler styles. Traditional darker wood furnishings and darker colour tones that work well in many homes can look out of place in beach homes because of the contrasting exterior landscape.

Additionally, since beach homes usually have a great amount of sunlight that streams in. Because of this, darker furnishings and decor can fade in the sunlight, leaving dull looking colours. This is another reason light coloured decor works best.

The Best Ideas for Beach House Decorating and Remodelling

When it comes to great designs and décor and home remodelling projects for beach houses, here are six tips to create a fantastic beach home with style.

1.) Beach Colours Are Best- Usually, the best colours for beach homes are ones that mimic the natural beauty of the great scenery that abounds from nature. These would be the rays of yellow sunshine, the white that matches the endless sky and clouds, the crystal blue waters, the coral colours of shells, the charcoal of driftwood, the greens of seaweed and the beiges of sand. These tones are the perfect accents to the natural beauty of beach properties.

2.) Light coloured and Light Weight Furnishings and Decor Create the Ambience- For furniture, some of the most widely used types of furniture include either wicker or like White Pine, Hard Beech, Birdseye Maple, Tallow wood, American Ash, White Oak, Yellow Poplar and Possum Wood. These woods a are common and easy to obtain. Additionally, pieces made with many of these woods can be lightweight as well as light in which makes them easy to move around in the event of storms and inclement weather.

3.) Create A Great Outdoor Living Space- This can be an important part of enjoying some of the most beautiful areas in the world. The whole reason people buy beach houses is that of the beauty of the area, having an extended outside living space is essential. That means creating beautifully designed covered patios, decks and porches, as well as landscaped yards with outbuildings like Cabanas, can really make spending time outside such a joy.

4.) Water Friendly Decor Materials- Outside furnishing should always be lightweight and waterproof in case of inclement weather. Additionally, because beach homes are subjected to the potential for flooding, high water and storm surges, any furnishings inside that can be sturdy and water resistant can be helpful in their preservation. Too many weathered, unsealed or untreated wood items can become an issue with high moisture tables and humidity since it can warp the shape of the wood.

5.) Real Wood Panelling and Flooring for Contrast- While light colours for tile works great in beach homes for kitchens, sunrooms, bathrooms and even porches, real wood can be great for flooring in living rooms and dining rooms. The dark tones of many hardwood panelling styles can also be a nice contrast in a den, family room or living room.

6.) Baskets and Cupboards for Extra Storage- Beach houses tend to lack a bit of storage. However, some of the most creative ways to remedy this are with built-in cupboards in every room and under bed baskets. These both are stylish and can match the décor and ambience of a beach house easily while offering great additional storage.

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