Nowadays, it is important to no longer just manage your company from the top in a hierarchy. It has been proven that many different factors contribute to the success of a company. The influences of all internal departments play an important role, especially when they work together. When it comes to marketing corporate products, one department in particular faces the major challenges of digitization: Marketing. Influencers offer this department a new advertising channel, which is the subject of the following article.

What are influencers?

Influencers are people in public life who have a relatively high reach to the general public via various online platforms such as social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). Through this reach and attention, they can, for example, influence the opinion, socio-political attitude or purchasing behaviour of many of their subscribers. The latter plays an important role in the areas of content marketing and social media marketing.

How does Influencer Marketing work?

If you want to improve your company’s image and expand your target group, it is highly recommended to establish a relationship with one or more influencers. Cooperation in this area effectively introduces brands and products to a large audience. The influencer’s opinion-forming influence also contributes to a greater basis of trust. If you get a product that you normally only know from very impersonal TV commercials, for example, but which is now recommended by a personal role model, the willingness to buy increases enormously, especially if the influencer has a positive subjective feeling towards the respective product.

How can my company work with influencers?

There are different ways of working with influencers. It plays a significant role whether you hope for mutuality by giving giveaways, for example, or whether you conclude a certain type of contract with each other, or whether you even establish a long-term, close relationship with the influencer. In the latter case, there is a high probability of achieving growth as a result of the cooperation. For a detailed introduction to the subject of influencer marketing definition it is important to consult accurate information. This information about the target group, influencer and product, for example, should be closely interwoven for a target-oriented campaign.

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