The history of the state of Maharashtra is rich and vibrant. The state is a mix of traditions and cultures, which also reflects in a Maharashtrian wedding. The Maharashtrian bride thus reflects all the traditions of this vast culture.

The Maharashtrian bride embraces her traditions with so many ornaments for her special occasion. The traditional Maharashtrian wedding has intricate jewelry that has to be adorned by the bride.

Below are the various pieces of we bring you 11 pieces of Maharashtrian Bridal Jewelry which are important to complete the bridal look in the wedding

  1. Saaj

The ornament, originally from Kolhapur is equivalent of the mangalsutra. It is considered to be the symbol of a Maharashtrian married woman’s marital status. The ornament is made with 21 elements all of which symbolize something from the Hindu culture. It protects from evils and is considered auspicious for the new bride

  1. Mundavlya

The unisex jewelery, Mundavlya us very attractive and interesting part of the Maharashtrian wedding culture. Mundavlya is adorned by both bride and groom. The pearled string has to be worn across the forehead. There are two vertical strings that drop from the ends of the string. It looks very graceful and increases the beauty of the bride.

  1. Nath

A distinct Maharashtrian ornament, the nath also increases the beauty of the bride and makes her look distinct. This is a nose-piece with pearls that are stringed through a set of stones such as rubies. There is a distinct centerpiece of the nath that adorns the nose generally with stones like ruby and diamond.

  1. Vaki

The traditional Maharashtrian bridal armlet is called Vaki. It is worn by bride on every arm and is also made of traditional interlocked metal along with a stone, generally a ruby. The precious stone increases the beauty of the bride.

  1. Tanmani

The traditional Maharashtrian necklace is called Tanmani. It is made with queues of pearl strings that are fixed with gold. The neckpiece has many precious stones like rubies and emeralds. There is a studded stone pendant in the neckpiece.

  1. Choora

The Maharashtrian bangles or the Choora has a combination of gold and glass bangles. These bangles are green and are worn on each wrist separated one gold bangle. These traditional bangles are a bit different from bridal bangles as they are green in colour.

  1. Putli Haar

This is a traditional gold coin necklace that is embedded in silk cord and embedded together as a neck piece. The Putli Haar has round gold coins stringed together on a silk cord. Every coin has an image of Goddess Lakshmi and this symbolizes blessings. The necklace is an inherent part of the Maharashtrian heritage and has been adorned by brides since the 17th century.

  1. Veni Phool

The bride wears the bowed ornament in the hair. It has two pins that are fixed in the hair bun. The curved part of the Veni Phool is made of gold. It also has floral designs and patterns on it. The ornament has a lot of significance in the culture of Maharashtra’s culture.

So the next time you spot a Maharashtrian bride, do look for these signature pieces adorned on her.

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