Autonomous mobile robots are intelligent transportation platforms that are programmed through software. Through this programming it has the ability to choose the most time efficient route, can collect and drop off cargo, and can use built in sensors to scan its environment and divert from any potential obstacles or accidents. 

Incorporating the use of an AMR robot into the workplace can have many benefits. Ultimately, they save on the use of manpower so that staff can be placed on better suited duties for them. AMR robots can also then remove issues of work leave and payroll for many roles and can also decrease human error. AMR’s are also more reliable and can work for prolonged time amounts with calculated efficiency and can be programmed as needed. 

Industries that benefit from AMR applications

Common industries that AMR robots are used in are:

  • Autonomous Security Robots (ASRs)
  • Grocery Stores
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitals
  • Disinfection and Cleaning
  • Last Mile Delivery
  • Distribution Centers

2 Benefits to implementing AMRs in the workplace

  1. AMR’s are significantly more cost-effective than other automated technology. Because AMR’s do not need magnetic stripes and other details to get it started working for you. Because of this, time and programming costs are dissolved and you will often begin to see a profit in less than a year of implementing them into the workplace. 
  2. AMR’s are built to be a flexible application in the workplace. This means that even if programmed to work with one route, it can be easily changed in a short time period. This efficiency can save on manpower, time, and improve customer satisfaction.

AMR’s can also be programmed to do several jobs at once. This will save you time with making daily adjustments when in needs of several repeated tasks.

Other skills include:

  • Retrieving selective pieces 
  • Scanning barcodes and item collection

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