If you’ve recently made the switch from smoking to vaping, there’s a good chance that you will probably want to escape the high prices at your local vape shops and begin buying vape juice online before long. When you begin your journey into the wide world of online vape shops, you’re probably going to start looking for advice on the various vaping blogs and discussion groups. Unfortunately, though, what you’ll end up finding is that much of the information published online is woefully outdated.

That’s because the American vaping industry has undergone a virtually complete transformation in 2021. Over the past year, we’re seen significant changes in consumer preferences. We’ve also seen changes in the types of products that companies are selling. New legal regulations have also spurred significant transformations in the way the vaping industry operates. All of these things mean that the experience of buying vape juice online in 2021 is very different from the way it used to be.

These are the things you need to know before you buy vape juice online in 2021.

Stop Worrying About Freebase Nicotine vs. Nicotine Salt

When you start looking for advice about how to buy vape juice, one of the first things you’re going to see is a mountain of information about the benefits of nicotine salt, which was all the rage a few years ago. The invention of nicotine salt e-liquid was an important thing for the vaping community because it enabled e-cigarettes to deliver nicotine almost as efficiently as tobacco cigarettes for the first time ever.

Today, though, the comparison between freebase nicotine and nicotine salt isn’t as valid as it used to be because the tobacco-derived nicotine that has historically been used for all vape juice will soon be a thing of the past. These days, all of America’s best e-liquid makers are switching to lab-created synthetic nicotine, which packs the same punch but isn’t extracted from tobacco leaves. By 2022, it’s highly likely that almost all bottled e-liquid sold in the United States will use tobacco-free nicotine. When that transition is complete, it’ll no longer be necessary to worry about the type of nicotine in a bottle of e-liquid. Instead, you’ll only need to concern yourself with buying the correct nicotine strength for your needs.

Buying Vape Juice Online Is All About Experimentation and Fun

If you bought your first vaping device in a local convenience store or gas station, you were probably pleasantly surprised by all of the new vape juice flavors that were suddenly available to you when you stepped into a vape shop for the first time and upgraded to a refillable vaping device. That’s because legal regulations in the United States restrict the flavors of pre-filled vape pods to just two options: tobacco and menthol. Bottled e-liquid, meanwhile, doesn’t have the same flavor restrictions. Any good brick-and-mortar vape shop will have several dozen different flavors available, giving you plenty of options for experimentation.

If you enjoyed the explosion of variety that you experienced when you visited a local vape shop for the first time, get ready to multiply that variety by several times when you buy vape juice online. No matter how large a brick-and-mortar shop may be, it’ll only have so much room for storing and displaying products. An online vape shop, on the other hand, needs no display space and can devote its entire warehouse to storage and order fulfillment.

It’s not uncommon for a good online vape shop to offer hundreds of different vape juice flavors. That’s a great thing for your enjoyment of vaping, but it goes even further than that. In fact, having a wide array of flavors can play a role in helping you remain a full-time vaper and avoid the temptation to return to cigarettes.

In 2013, the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health published a study in which more than 4,600 vapers were surveyed regarding their e-liquid flavor preferences and their current status as smokers. The survey’s results showed a clear correlation between flavor variety and smoking cessation. The more different vape juice flavors you try, in other words, the more likely you will be to avoid reverting to smoking. When you buy vape juice online, it’s a proven fact that you’ll enjoy your vaping experience more if you never stop experimenting with new flavors.

As you’re about to learn, there’s also another very good reason to buy plenty of extra e-liquid when you shop online.

Buy in Bulk and Buy Ahead in Case of Shipping Delays

The final thing you need to know about buying vape juice online is that the legal regulations regarding shipments of vaping products to consumers changed in 2021. The omnibus spending bill that funded the federal government for the 2021 fiscal year included language directing the USPS to stop shipping vaping products to consumers. The “vape mail ban” came into force in October 2021. As of now, no vape shop can legally mail e-liquid to you. FedEx, UPS and DHL have likewise decided on their own to stop shipping vaping products.

So, with the vape mail ban in place, how is it that you can still buy vape juice online? The answer is that online vape shops are now using private courier services to ship vaping products to their customers. The vaping industry has known since the end of 2020 that a mail ban was on the way, so vape shops have had several months in which to build private courier networks. If you live in or near a small or medium city, there’s a good chance that you can have vape juice delivered to your home or work through these private services. If you aren’t within a courier’s service area yet, it’s only a matter of time.

The most important thing to know is that, although you’ll still pay less when buying vape juice online than you would if you bought from a local vape shop, your shipping fees will probably be higher than they were before the mail ban. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to buy in bulk and minimize your costs. You should also buy in advance of when you expect to need the e-liquid because shipping delays may occasionally happen due to high demand.

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