Due to their association with the inevitable, wills aren’t the most pleasant things to think about. People hardly want to even discuss them. However, it’s something that you’ll likely need to have eventually. After all, everybody dies. That’s sad to say, but that’s the prime reason why something this serious should never be put off. The sooner you get started on your will, the better. Here are a few points for you to consider so that you know it’s time to get a will.

Are You at Least 45 Years Old?

You may have heard the term, “You are now over the hill.” Basically, this means that you have reached the point where you have lived half your life already and are considered to be aging. You might be in denial about this and want to be only as old as you feel. However, as you advance in age, you need to think about the future seriously.

Even if you’re still relatively young (and nowhere close to being 45), you should make a will. We didn’t come to this earth with an expiration date, and so death can come when we least expect it, and so t’s a tremendous disservice to your heirs to avoid making a will.

Are You Prone to Illness?

As people age, their bodies get weaker. During this time, you’ll find yourself more prone to illnesses. Even if you recover from these, you should still be aware of your mortality. Take into account your recent medical history. Have you been going to the hospital frequently? Are you taking more time off work? Be honest with yourself about your health when realizing if you need a will.

You should also take into account your genetic history. Do you know what age your ancestors typically lived to? Do you know if any of them died from any diseases that you may be at risk of getting?

Do You Have an Heir?

If you have a child, it’s important that your will be in place soon after he or she is born. After all, if something were to happen to you, you’d want to have a say in who ended up raising your child. If you have multiple children, this is an especially important thing to consider. If you don’t have a relative or friend who can take in all of your kids, then you’d want to plan who went where ahead of time.

If your children are adults, then it would be best to divide your assets and not leave the decision making of who gets what for everybody to fight about after you pass.

Do You Have Many Assets

The depth of your will depends on how many heirs and assets you have. You might have a substantial net worth to divide. You might also have valuables such as cars to share. Take inventory of everything valuable you own. Assess the value and determine who it should go to. You should also be speaking to your executor as much as possible. Ask them for their best advice regarding the situation. It’s important to hire a professional, such as those with Penguin Insurance Services Inc, who has a thorough understanding of inheritance. Schedule a meeting between yourself, your heirs, and your executor before you pass.

There’s no such thing as starting a will too early. By beginning early, you can reduce anxieties about procrastination. Even if you don’t pass for decades, you’ll be glad you got your will now.