Friends do more than just give you an excuse to go to happy hour on Friday night. They’re also good for your health. In fact, evidence shows that people who have childhood best friends tend to be less anxious and depressed by the time they’re 25. Having one best friend is more important than having five or six casual friends, at least from a health standpoint.

But not everyone can carry their best friendship from high school with them into adulthood. People change and grow and move away from each other. But if you’re an adult with someone who can conceivably be called a best friend, it’s worth showing them you care. Here are three ways to achieve that.

Write a letter

The days of writing letters back and forth between friends are mostly gone. When we get our mail now, it’s very unlikely to find any personal letters. We might get credit card statements and maybe a magazine or two, but for the most part, junk mail fills up our mailboxes nowadays. According to New York University, 5.6 million tons of junk mail are dropped in American landfills every year. When you write a letter to a friend, you’re giving them something to look forward to besides a used car dealership flyer that goes straight into the recycling bin.

If your handwriting isn’t too bad, feel free to write the letter by hand. But if you have the handwriting of a doctor minus the salary, it’s okay to sit in front of a computer and type out a letter to your friend. Think about what you would say to them in a text, and then expound on it. For example, in a text you might say, “How are u?” In a letter, you can say, “I’ve been thinking of you. I hope your new job is going well.” If your friend wants to start a regular correspondence, that’s great. If not, they’ll still cherish the fact that you took the time to write an actual letter, put it in an envelope, and mail it.

Get friendship bracelets

In junior high, there’s a good chance you had one of those “best friends forever” necklaces that combined to form a heart or something similar. While it may seem like something that you outgrow once you hit college, you can still use physical tokens to symbolize your friendship. Custom friendship bracelets are a solid idea no matter how old you are.

Something tangible like a bracelet is useful, mostly because you can look at the item and think of your friend. You may not have time to text or call, but you do have time to glance at your wrist and remember how much your friend means to you. Adult life means making sacrifices — too often, you have to sacrifice friendships in the short-term in order to accomplish other goals like getting a promotion at work. Wearing a bracelet can serve as a reminder to check in with your friend occasionally no matter how busy life gets.

Schedule a half hour coffee date

Some people can be so addicted to productivity that they end up becoming addicted to being busy. If you’re not careful, you can convince yourself that your worth as a person depends on how many social invitations you turn down. But that’s a recipe for quick burnout. Fight back by calling up your friend and scheduling a coffee date. If you both only have 30 minutes, then make it for 30 minutes, but plan to spend at least some time in the same room together, doing nothing more than talking about your lives. If possible, you should both agree to not check your phones for the entire coffee date.

It’s a cliché, but no one gets to the end of their life and thinks fondly of all those moments they spent working overtime in the office. Relationships help make life significant, so take a little time and invest it in your best friend.

Essential oils boast a wide array of healing benefits. These oils interact with the body to bring about positive results when inhaled or absorbed through the skin. Several techniques can be utilized to reap optimal therapeutic benefits from these natural healing remedies. The natural aroma of essential oils is popularly applied in perfumes, body care lotions, and aromatherapy. However, essential oils are highly concentrated products and should be used with caution to avoid negative reactions. The following are six ways to use essential oils safely.

Application Through Compresses

A compress denotes a basic essence application method that entails using a damp, clean and folded cloth. This fabric is infused with essential oils and subsequently placed on the affected area. Compresses can be administered in two ways – while cold or hot.

Hot compresses are used when treating old injuries rheumatic pains, muscle pains, boils, menstrual cramps, and toothaches. A hot compress is created by getting some hot water and adding at least four drops of the selected essential oil. Subsequently, a folded cloth is placed into the water and left to soak for about a minute. It is then removed and squeezed to eliminate excess water before placing it over the affected area.

For bruises, inflammation, and swelling, cold compresses are preferred. The process of making cold compresses is similar to that of a hot compress only that refrigerated water or ice is used in place of the hot liquid. A cold compress is frequently replaced when it becomes heated by the body warmth.

Adding to the Bath

Essential oils can be used when one is taking a shower for both pleasure and therapy. Ideally one should dilute the concentrated oil before pouring it into the bath water to avoid skin irritation. It can be, for instance, diluted with a teaspoon of honey, a tablespoon of vegetable oil or a half cup of milk.  Since the veggies oil, honey and milk are good emulsifiers; they will help to speed up the rate at which the essential oil disperses in the water.

The safest and most effective oils to use in bath water are chamomile and lavender as they contain non-irritating and gentle effects.  For those who wish to try out other types of essential oils, they should first conduct thorough research on their prospective essence. Some may turn out to be injurious when they come into direct contact with the skin.

Eight drops of essential oil are enough for a single bath. Users should vigorously stir the water before getting into the water.   It’s also advisable to keep the bathroom door closed to keep the sweet aroma of the essential oil from dispersing.

Getting a Massage

Massage is among the most common ways of using essential oils. A combination of essential oil and a massage is likely to improve blood circulation, lymph flow, relieve stress and soothe physical tension. Just like when using them in bath water, essential oils for a massage should also be diluted but in this case, with a carrier oil. The best dilution consists of ten to twenty drops of the essence with thirty milliliters of the carrier oil. Sensitive skin, however, may require half of this concentration.

There are several techniques utilized for deriving maximum benefits from an essential oils massage depending on the desired results. For example, a full body massage for pain relief can be accomplished with a blend of carrier oil and peppermint essence. Lavender and a carrier oil can be utilized to achieve immense relaxation. Similarly, a face massage is best executed with a mix of jojoba essence and carrier oil to attain a soothing effect.

Using Essential Oil Diffusers

One can transform the atmosphere of a room easily and within a few minutes by dispersing several drops of their favorite essential oil using a diffuser.  Inhalation is arguably the easiest way of deriving optimal health benefits from essential oils. When a diffuser disperses the oil’s molecules, the room’s occupants inhale the scent, and their brains react depending on the effects brought about by the diffused essence. If, for instance, one uses rosemary in their essential oil diffuser, the dispersed molecules will lift their mood, improve their focus and alleviate pain. Similarly, if users add a few drops of ylang-ylang in their diffuser, the aroma will send signals to their brain to bring about relaxation.

Ideally, essential oil diffusers come in handy during those times when one doesn’t want to take a shower or go for a massage. All they have to do is place several drops of this natural medicine in the diffuser, sit back and relax; it is that convenient and easy. To Diffuse oil these gadgets work the whole day tirelessly, and they don’t require supervision. But, It is imperative to study the various essential oil diffuser reviews to get the most out of these magical gadgets.

In a Sauna

Steam saunas have been used for decades for their multiple health benefits. Essential oils, on the other hand, can be used to enhance the sauna experience by delivering the pleasure and health benefits they possess. Let’s take, for example, lavender essential oil. It contains soothing properties that come I handy when one is winding up their busy day. Sauna aromatherapy involves adding a few drops of essential oils in a cup of water and pouring it over the rocks, which will promote calmness and allow a good night rest.

Gargling the Oils

Essential oils are popularly known to provide relief for sore throats. Drops of essential oil like peppermint are added to water. It’s subsequently mixed thoroughly, gargled and spat out. Similarly one can combine the essence with a teaspoon of honey, and subsequently dilute it with warm water until the honey is entirely dissolved. The mixture is gargled after which the user spits it out. Preferably, one should use 1-2 drops of essential oil in every 30 ml of water.

The use of essential oils is highly recommended, and the appropriate application of the above methods makes it possible for users to obtain the full benefits of their constituents. All of the above techniques are safe when used correctly. One or several methods can be applied to achieve a host of emotional and physical health benefits.