It’s a little alarming how being stylish today has become a provocative means of showing skin as much as the person can. Looking sexy has a little thing to do when it comes to being stylish and fashionable. Being fashionable and stylish is how you treat yourself.

It’s how you choose your outfits that suit your figure and how you are dressing up improves your confidence. Here are some tips on how to look modest but stylish at the same time.

Loose Clothing Is Best

If you want to look good while not showing a lot of skin, it’s suggested that you should trade your tube-tops and miniskirts for loose, flowing pieces like tunic tops or maxi dresses to give you better comfort and especially during the summer.

To feel cool and sexy without revealing too much skin, you should opt for loose clothing. Tight clothes often constrict your skin and block off your pores. When this happens, your body overheats causing you to sweat even more. Loose clothing allows air to freely pass in between your body, making it feel cool and refreshed, even during the hot summer days.

Work With Necklines

If necklines are your thing, you can also try mixing a mandarin collar with crew necks, and turtlenecks or a V-neck that sits high on your body. Don’t be afraid of low necklines because many of these can be appropriately worn and modestly by layering a tank top or camisole beneath them.

Don’t Put Too Much Layers

Don’t put too much layers on your body as well. Too much clothing can make you look exaggerated. It’s also hot when you have lots of layers on you during summer. If you must have layers, choose pieces that aren’t too heavy or thick. It also helps you cool down if you lessen the number of pieces you’re layering on your body.

Select clothing pieces that don’t require you to layer up too much such as a maxi dress that you can wear with a thin t-shirt underneath or a light cardigan on top. Instead of purchasing two shirts, always look for some pieces that can offer you a cool and fresh feeling without covering or exposing too much of your body.

Play With Sleeve Styles

Since you’re layering your clothes it’s best to keep cool during the summer. Another way to keep cool while you’re out layering clothes is by rolling your sleeve. Depending on what you’re wearing, you can roll your sleeves so you expose a bit of skin on your arms to make it feel cooler.

Here’s a perfect look you can go for: Wear a white camisole or shirt underneath a loose flannel. Unbutton the polo shirt so the white shirt underneath is exposed. You can roll up your sleeves so you’ll look and feel cooler. Finish off your look with shorts and sandals. Alternatively, you can go for light denim jeans and sneakers.

Choose the Right Fabrics

Your skin will obviously love you if you stick to a lightweight clothing. Choose breathable fabrics during the summertime such as silk, chambray, cotton, and jersey to allow your skin to breathe during humid weather.

Make Use Of Maxis

Because of the length, choosing different kinds of maxi dresses and skirts is a good idea. These fashion items are usually made with breathable and lightweight fabrics. They’re also ideal to keep your body covered and cool at the same time.

Camisole Underneath Your Shirt

If you love to wear a dress or a top with low square neckline or low v-neck, do not lose hope. A feminine lace or a plain camisole with pretty neck details can transform your garment into something fabulous. Some camisoles have adjustable straps that you can adjust according to your preference.

Have Accessories Ready

Finding a modest and straightforward outfit that suits you will help you to enhance your patterns in dressing modestly. Wide-brimmed hats, straw totes, strappy sandals, dainty ring stacks,  and accessories will add some character and beauty to your summer flair outfit.

Another perfect accessory to have during the summer is a watch. You can opt for an Omega constellation piece that will make you look extra gorgeous and sophisticated at the same time.


Summer is the time where you should relax and enjoy the heat. However, the right choice of clothes can severely affect the way you enjoy summer. If you’re more of a conservative, the tips mentioned above are perfect ways to look fashionable during the summer, without exposing too much skin. Try to take advantage of layering, accessories, using the right pieces of fabric and clothing, etc., and you’ll be enjoying the summer without having to worry about overexposure.

Have you been staring at that luxury watch in your local mall’s display counter for quite some time already? Well, perhaps it’s high time you go buy that one! When staring at a luxury watch, most men and women often find themselves torn between the watch’s financial cost and the potential perks of owning one. From social and cultural cues to investment, here’s a fun, no-nonsense luxury watch guide for first-time buyers. 

The Most Popular Luxury Watch Styles

Beyond just aesthetics, there’s one basic tenet that every watch must do, and that’s to keep track of the time. While cheap, low-priced watches are generally mass-produced by often unskilled workers at some third-world factory, highly-skilled artisans are often the ones behind crafting luxury watches. And while there are various luxury watch styles, the most popular one include Dress Watches, Diving Watches and Sports Watches.

Dress watches are made to perfectly complement business or formal attire. Often, these are thin enough to easily slip in and out of a shirt cuff, and they feature minimal designs so that they seamlessly blend into a formal outfit.

Diving watches are specifically manufactured to endure tough diving conditions, as well as to help deep-sea divers (since timekeeping is critical for divers who are hundreds of feet underwater). These are also crafted with superior water resistance and are usually made from corrosion-resistant materials. 

On the other hand, sports watches are designed for cyclists, runners, mountain bikers, football, tennis, baseball, volleyball or basketball players as well as for adventure enthusiasts. Such timepieces, like the Big-bang watch, need to have strong cases as well as good water resistance. They can also come with a wide array of functions (or “complications”) like chronographs and tachymeters. 

The Two Types of Watch Movements

A watch’s movement is called a “caliber”, and this refers to the internal mechanisms or systems which powers the timepiece. The two types of common watch movements include mechanical and quartz movement.

Mechanical movements are ingeniously-crafted movements that consist of tiny and intricate parts and components that seamlessly work together. Thus, the valuable parts or components should only be crafted by truly skilled or seasoned watchmakers. Two types of mechanical movements also exist, and these include Manual and Automatic.  

Quartz movement watches use what’s known as a “quartz” battery for its main power source. This type of watch movement is accurate and requires little to no maintenance, as they have few mechanical parts and require way less labor than their mechanical counterparts. Besides, these watches are also less expensive than mechanical timepieces. 

Common Watch Functions

As mentioned earlier, a “complication” refers to any function that exists on a watch, apart from telling the time. Timepieces that have multiple complications are hard to make because more elements or parts are needed to be added to the movement.

The most widely used or added watch complications include Date, Chronograph, Power Reserve Indicator, Moon Phase and World Time. Perhaps the simplest watch complication is the date, as most watches display the date, day of the week or even the month.   

The chronograph functions as a stop-watch where the user can measure time intervals without affecting the watch’s main time. Depending on the type of watch, the chronograph may time seconds, minutes or hours.

The power reserve indicator is a function that displays the current phase of the moon and shows if it’s a new, full or half-quarter moon. Some luxury watches elegantly display the moon phase cycle with a classical or stylish illustration of the moon, as it moves through a cycle through its aperture.  

Now, world time is a quite complex watch complication or feature, as it displays 24 time zones at the same time. Watches that have this feature often contain a rotating inner bezel which has a 24-hour display showing the world’s major cities in each time zone. 


With centuries of colorful history, prestigious brands, enduring designs, and styles, as well as ever-changing innovation, learning the basics about luxury watches can feel quite daunting. However, with this simple yet informative guide, I hope buyers have an easier, less stressful time shopping for their favorite luxury watches.

Seiko was founded by Kintaro Hattori in 1881 but in 1892, he opened Seikosha to produce clocks. Later in 1969, Seiko introduced the world to the first production quartz watch and from that tenure, the company introduced numerous watch models which have been appreciated almost everywhere in the world. Prospex Land, Astron, and 8X Series are the best watch collections which have got remarkable progress in the world. Thousands of stores are offering millions of watch models representing numerous watch brands in the world. Choose the beautiful watches which suites on your personality and discover the best collection of watch models for your personality. There are many brands which make almost every range of watches but some are known as low price models and some are known as due to the luxury style of watches. Everything depends upon the people interest of the people, some likes to buy cheap price watch models and some like to buy expensive luxury style watch models which represent their personalities and their interests to wear the branded watch models. Seiko is also in one of the most expensive and beautiful wrist watch models which have almost latest technology models to meet their customers’ expectations. Shop Seiko solar watch models online or from the local shops from your nearest sellers who provide almost every range of Seiko watch models in the affordable price range. Due to convenience access and durability of the materials, Seiko has almost every range of luxury style watches to which people like to wear on different occasions.

What are the Best Features of Seiko Watches?

Fast and Free shipping service is available for valued customers anywhere in the world. Save your valued money by choosing the best range of Seiko watch models and enjoy your events by wearing the world’s best watch models. Seiko is one of the few fully integrated watches manufactures which has got much reputation on behalf of high-quality material inside watch models and have got remarkable progress since from its formation. Leading-edge technology is used in almost every watch model of the Seiko brand. Due to the use of Leading-edge technology, the Seiko Watch Making Company, widely known as the best watchmaking company. Discover a large selection of Seiko Solar watches on the world’s best watch shops and buy immediately to enjoy your best times with best watches. Authenticity Guaranteed in almost all watch models of Seiko watch models and found Warranty Included to provide maximum satisfaction and comfort for valued clients across the world. The company offers Hassle-Free Returns in case of any issue found in any watch model. Seiko watch models are very unique and have great confidence for the watch lovers to use it with full confidence and found it best for enhancing your personalities among your communities. it can also receive radio signals from Japan, China, and the US. Find useful information about dial, case, movement, band, and features in detail from the original website of the Seiko watch brand which always helps the interested people to know about the latest news about Seiko watch models.

Types and Prices of Seiko Watch Models

Seiko watch models consider the world’s most attractive watch models which have great demand in the world and people are crazy to use the best models of the Seiko watch brand. In most attractive and most demanding models of the Seiko brand: Seiko Prospex Divers Scuba PADI Special Model- $999.00, Seiko Presage SARW047 – $1,399.00, Seiko Astron Solar GPS SBXC003 – $1,799.00, Seiko Astron 5X Series Dual Time GPS Solar SBXC006 – $1,939.00, Seiko Prospex Divers Scuba Save the Ocean Special Edition – $509.00, Seiko Prospex Land SBED007 – $2,039.00, Seiko Astron Executive Line SBXB139 – $1,749.00, Seiko Astron Executive Line SBXB137 – $1,749.00, Seiko Dolce & Exceline SWCW109 – $919.00, Seiko Astron Executive Line SBXB107 – $1,709.00, Seiko Astron Executive Line SBXB126 – $2,189.00, Seiko Astron Executive Line SBXB170 – $2,229.00, Astron Diamond Limited Edition – $3,909.00, Seiko Astron Executive Line SBXB099 – $1,979.00, Astron Sports Line Dual Time GPS Solar – $2,189.00, Seiko Brightz Wave Solar Radio SAGA197 – $839.00 and numerous other famous watch models are widely known as the best and recommended watch models of Seiko watch brand. These prices and models availability are updated from the official website of the Seiko watch brand and these models availability along with prices are based on June 2019 estimates. In the latest fashion industry, Seiko luxury watches considers an important sign for the latest technology lovers as well as for fashion lovers who like sot wear the best quality watches. In timepieces standards, Seiko has now good reputation and goodwill in watch making companies and meet the standards of the people by making the world’s best watch models which greatly appreciates by men and women in the whole world.

Choosing a watch from malls or in online shopping is not an guessing task. It needs self-quality skills to find the right watch that will fit your standards. It needs your cautious observation when it comes to the materials used. And of course, watch shoppers greatly need their patience.

Finding the right, high quality, and fit to standard-watch will utilize most of your time in a particular shopping day. Thus, be sure to use it in a purposeful way.

But, what if you will find Citizen watch right at the moment of your shopping? Well, heaven luck will all be yours since it’s so popular in Singapore and even worldwide because of its useful and advantageous features. Here are some of your advantage in using Citizen watches.

Bow to the King
You are the King. This is what you will be when you will use the Citizen watch. This is something you can be proud of. Here’s an assurance: the girls’ attention will all be yours. This particular watch is an attention grabber. See? It’s your chance to grab the attention of your crush. Believe or not, Citizen watch will definitely give you a chance to talk to your crush.

Conversation like: “Oh! Where did you buy that watch? I like it.” “Somewhere in the mall. Why? Do you want one? I can go with you.” Surely, Citizen watch will give you a golden opportunity.

Can Style your Fashion
Whatever your style is, Citizen watch will surely match your style creating a unique and jaw-dropping fashion. No need to be depressed in front of the mirror. Citizen watch will bloom your day. The longer you wear it, the bloomer you will become.

You can create your own fashion depending on your taste and, having this watch will make your own kind of fashion ready to shake the stage.

Wow! You’re a Decent Man
Everyone will notice your decent appearance. Isn’t it lovely? You will engrave a nice impression to different people you will meet. If confidence is the best outfit you can wear as what they say, Citizen watch is the best accessory to stylized that outfit. How lucky a man is when wearing citizen watches Singapore?

Citizen watch will make your appearance professional, respectable, and manly. Thus, making you a decent man. No doubt when someone approaches you and call you “sir.”

Awesome! You’re a Wealthy Man
You will look richer wearing this kind of watch. Aside from your suit, and your aura, Citizen watch will make your attributes look wealthy. But take note, it comes with a lower price. Citizen watch is affordable so, nothing to worry about.

There is numerous kind of watches out there. You can shop in the mall, you can find it online, and you can even ask it as a gift. Citizen watches are not only intended for man. Girls can wear it too.

Since you already know some of your advantages when wearing Citizen watch, why not consider it to your accessories and shopping list? For sure, your money will be in the right place.

The world famous Patek Philippe Nautilus happens to be the most attractive extravagance steel sports watch one can ever dream for. The hold up time from approved retailers in the UK is approximately 8 years by and large. And that is after Patek Philippe raised retail costs on all steel Nautilus models by 20%. A few eager collectors use to be paying as much as almost double retail on the optional market to get one.

Numerous components make the Patek Philippe Nautilus the world’s most looked for after steel extravagance sports watch. Here are the six factors that make the Patek Philippe Nautilus so valuable.

The Six Factors


This initial one abandons saying. The Patek Philippe name is characteristically connected to quality. Both in construction and design. You realize that specialists have put in months, perhaps even years constructing your watch. The quality control standards are extraordinary. Each Patek Philippe watch at any point made has an accessible ‘extricate’ accessible at the Patek Philippe documents. No other watch brand can offer that dimension of confidence.


Patek Philippe’s exact yearly production numbers are a monitored mystery. Assessments put them at around 50,000 watches. Of that, about 75% have mechanical movements. Production use to be spread over nearly 246 unique models. That implies that no single model is likely made in extraordinary quantities. Subsequently, there is a genuine feeling of shortage. Specific for prevalent models like the Nautilus. It is profoundly far-fetched you will discover one hanging tight for you to attempt on at your neighborhood AD.


It’s difficult to exaggerate the intrigue of the Patek Philippe brand name. The general agreement is that it is the most lofty extravagance watch brand on the planet. For sure is a standout amongst the most renowned extravagance brands period. The name is a harbinger of good taste. It flags the sophistication and refinement of its proprietor. In the meantime, it’s additionally downplayed. Everybody perceives a Rolex on the wrist. Just the all around educated couple of will most likely detect a Patek Philippe from over the room.


This is a watch that can be worn anyplace for any event. Wear it with a suit and tie, dress it down with a polo, hell wear it with board shorts to the beach. The case is appraised water impervious to 120m and the dark blue dial looks astounding in the water. It began life as an extravagance sports watch, yet the Nautilus is currently a conspicuous symbol. It’s cherished by sports stars, celebrities, and fruitful specialists and ladies alike.


The Patek Philippe Nautilus will dependably be the successor to the main extravagance sports watch the brand at any point made. A sports watch that birthed a whole gathering. One that is presently ostensibly the brand’s generally well known. This will dependably be a noteworthy watch, not exclusively to the brand yet in addition to watchmaking history. Low yearly production numbers mean it will keep on expanding in essentialness. Interpretation: it’s solitary going to go up in value.

Investment Value

Investment or resale value is frequently observed as a filthy word by numerous collectors. All things considered, you should purchase a watch since you want it and appreciate wearing it. Not on the grounds that it may go up in value. The fact of the matter is very extraordinary. There are just two extravagance watch brands that have displayed a predictable capacity to keep up (and now and again increment) their value: Patek Philippe and Rolex. That the Patek Philippe Nautilus is trading at near twofold its retail value on the auxiliary market is confirmation of that.