The world famous Patek Philippe Nautilus happens to be the most attractive extravagance steel sports watch one can ever dream for. The hold up time from approved retailers in the UK is approximately 8 years by and large. And that is after Patek Philippe raised retail costs on all steel Nautilus models by 20%. A few eager collectors use to be paying as much as almost double retail on the optional market to get one.

Numerous components make the Patek Philippe Nautilus the world’s most looked for after steel extravagance sports watch. Here are the six factors that make the Patek Philippe Nautilus so valuable.

The Six Factors


This initial one abandons saying. The Patek Philippe name is characteristically connected to quality. Both in construction and design. You realize that specialists have put in months, perhaps even years constructing your watch. The quality control standards are extraordinary. Each Patek Philippe watch at any point made has an accessible ‘extricate’ accessible at the Patek Philippe documents. No other watch brand can offer that dimension of confidence.


Patek Philippe’s exact yearly production numbers are a monitored mystery. Assessments put them at around 50,000 watches. Of that, about 75% have mechanical movements. Production use to be spread over nearly 246 unique models. That implies that no single model is likely made in extraordinary quantities. Subsequently, there is a genuine feeling of shortage. Specific for prevalent models like the Nautilus. It is profoundly far-fetched you will discover one hanging tight for you to attempt on at your neighborhood AD.


It’s difficult to exaggerate the intrigue of the Patek Philippe brand name. The general agreement is that it is the most lofty extravagance watch brand on the planet. For sure is a standout amongst the most renowned extravagance brands period. The name is a harbinger of good taste. It flags the sophistication and refinement of its proprietor. In the meantime, it’s additionally downplayed. Everybody perceives a Rolex on the wrist. Just the all around educated couple of will most likely detect a Patek Philippe from over the room.


This is a watch that can be worn anyplace for any event. Wear it with a suit and tie, dress it down with a polo, hell wear it with board shorts to the beach. The case is appraised water impervious to 120m and the dark blue dial looks astounding in the water. It began life as an extravagance sports watch, yet the Nautilus is currently a conspicuous symbol. It’s cherished by sports stars, celebrities, and fruitful specialists and ladies alike.


The Patek Philippe Nautilus will dependably be the successor to the main extravagance sports watch the brand at any point made. A sports watch that birthed a whole gathering. One that is presently ostensibly the brand’s generally well known. This will dependably be a noteworthy watch, not exclusively to the brand yet in addition to watchmaking history. Low yearly production numbers mean it will keep on expanding in essentialness. Interpretation: it’s solitary going to go up in value.

Investment Value

Investment or resale value is frequently observed as a filthy word by numerous collectors. All things considered, you should purchase a watch since you want it and appreciate wearing it. Not on the grounds that it may go up in value. The fact of the matter is very extraordinary. There are just two extravagance watch brands that have displayed a predictable capacity to keep up (and now and again increment) their value: Patek Philippe and Rolex. That the Patek Philippe Nautilus is trading at near twofold its retail value on the auxiliary market is confirmation of that.

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