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A certified translation of your Abiturzeugnis will always be needed when applying at a foreign university. It is also not uncommon that potential employers abroad or visa applications for entry in a different country require the translated document.

International Standards

The Abiturzeugnis is a document that serves as proof that you passed your final exams and can now proceed studying at a university. The Abiturzeugnis typically contains grades or points, that show the scores in the individual subjects. While the school systems are similar in most countries, every country has a different format, a different grading system and different names for the Abiturzeugnis. Make sure to choose a translator that knows the country-specific differences in order to produce an accurate and high-quality translation.

Can I translate it myself?

Most foreign universities, governmental institutions and employers accept an English translation of the Abiturzeugnis. That makes English the most popular language for it. However, the Abiturzeugnis translation should only be done by specialists that know the school system of both countries. This is the safest way to make sure that your translation will be accepted. There are very strict rules regarding wording, format and contents, that must be considered. You definitely do not want a poorly translated Abiturzeugnis to decrease your chances to land your dream job or get accepted at a foreign university.

Certified – What does that mean?

A certified translation is a legal translation of a document. This kind of translation must be done by a translator who has been sworn in by a court in Germany.  A sworn translator has demonstrated his legal and translating skills before the court and is therefore authorized to make certified and officially recognized translations. The translator certifies the translations by adding an attestation clause, a stamp and his signature. This confirms that the translation is complete and correct.

Understudy loans have turned into a big issue. U.S. Education Department reports over 40% of borrowers are behind on their installments or have quit paying them.

This shouldn’t be your fate. Begin by investigating financing alternatives that exclude the loan borrowing. There are various grants and scholarships to enable you to pay for school and deal with your budgetary difficulties. If you still have to get a loan, we have stated some master tips below to enable you to maintain a strategic distance from student loan default. To find out some good student loan offerings, click here.

Before You Borrow

Before you get the loan, ensure you have a feeling of your own accounts. Track each penny you spend. Spare the receipts, regardless of how little the buy, or keep a running count by utilizing an application like

Keep your requirements and needs isolated, and classify your costs in a way that is anything but difficult to record and sounds good to you. For example, food and housing are your basic needs but Netflix, Starbucks coffee and concert tickets are your wants.

Toward the end of the month, you will see the amount of your cash is heading off to each cost, and the amount you have left finished. This will give you a reasonable depiction of your way of life, and what you can manage. You’ll most likely locate a couple of needs that you can live without when you perceive the amount you could spare.

Be Clear about What You’re Going to Study

One motivation behind why school is so expensive for such a significant number of understudies is that many don’t graduate in four years. Amazed? As indicated by Complete College Four-Year Myth,” a report from Complete College America, the four-year graduation rate at state funded colleges’ ranges from 19% to 36%. Some fail out. Others, who neglect to graduate in four years, drop out.

It’s obviously better to enter school with however much clearness as could be expected. Realizing what you need to study can enable you to keep away from the five-or six-year school design and the extra costs and understudy loans that may accompany it.

Increase Your Earnings

You must also consider winning school credits in high school. Advance Placement (AP) tests, College Level Entrance Program (CLEP) and Proficiency Examination Program (PEP) tests can be utilized to acquire school credit while you’re still in secondary school. Different alternatives include taking summer classes and general instruction courses at a neighborhood junior college after entering the college. This will enable you to graduate in 3 years rather than 4 (practically, 4 years rather than 5 or 6), especially if you enroll in more courses and take more academic load than the usual.

Take a Gap Year

Taking a year off in the middle of school has been a well-known practice in Europe for a long time and is quickly developing in prominence in the U.S. To such an extent that there is presently a gap year association and additionally counseling organizations that encourage you and your family (for a charge) to decide if a gap year be well for you, and assuming this is the case, how to best structure the gap year. Most of the schools allow students to defer enrollment for a year.

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Taylor Hill works for a financial technology company located in San Francisco which is revolutionizing the way individuals with limited or zero credit history get loans in the U.S. To learn more about personal loans, check out


Doing a fair amount of research on the Internet has its fair amount of challenges. If a research is conducted thoroughly, the resulting collated information can be as smooth as a drive through a Formula 1 race track. If not, the whole process of researching on Internet could be as bumpy as a Rally Racetrack.

Internet spews tonnes of information by each passing minute. Hence, it becomes extremely crucial to filter out the necessary information needed for your field of interest. It also becomes necessary to maintain the integrity and accuracy of the information. With the advancement in the way content is presented on the Internet, various Internet research methods have also been devised to make your research work a lot less painful.

Some of the professional tips to use the Internet to conduct a good solid research are:

1. Choosing the right source

Typing in the right keywords on the search engine is a good enough way to find any information that you intend to research on. There is only a slight glitch, i.e. not all information available on the Internet is accurate. Hence it is always beneficial to utilize the potential of the Internet to the fullest by syphoning off various sites on a related topic.

Always ensure to look out for citations of the source information. It is a crucial element when you are researching on websites like Wikipedia. As we all know, Wikipedia is open for editing by anyone and everyone. It leaves a broad margin for errors and might hamper the integrity of the information you get here. Prefer looking in government( and university ( sites for the correct information – as these sources are most reliable in terms of maintaining the accuracy of the data they present.

2. Using Linguistic Software for Better Writing

A little help from the language software takes you a long way in improving your research work. Many of the available language software on the Internet gives you a clear picture of the style of writing. This software can point out to any grammatical mistakes that may be present in a research paper and help you form a strong sentence structure to make your research look more robust.

Here is an example to help you understand the importance of language software better. While studying for being a nurse, a nursing dissertation is a domineering paper for students in the final year. When you seek nursing dissertation help, even professional writers and editors use linguistic software to make sure that the quality and the originality of research paper is impeccable.

3. Using the Browser, the Right Way

The evolution of web browsers through the decade has just been phenomenal. Gone are the days where you could only open one page at any given time. Nowadays several pages can be opened and managed through a single browser.

This makes research work on the Internet very convenient. Just open a new page in a new tab. In this way, you may be able to toggle or shuffle between pages in the same browser without losing track of the data you intend to research. You may also use the shortcut keys for ease of operation on the keyboard. Modern browsers also provide a lot of extensions that will further extend the operational capabilities of your browser.

4. Keeping a Track of Sites, you Intend to get Research From

Sometimes it can be extremely daunting to keep a track of all the sites that are visited in order to get a research done. Also, it may happen that if you wish to revisit the site again, you may not remember the website you wanted to study in the first place.

To avoid such scenarios, the browsers on the Internet have provided a facility called ‘Bookmarks’. These exactly work as bookmarks you use in physical books, allowing you to mark a favourite or necessary webpage you would like to revisit again.

5. Embracing Online Research Materials

Researching on Internet could never be more satisfying. One need not go painfully through a physical thesis and a plethora of books from a library. Sitting on a PC, you can gain access to a multitude of cases papers, study papers, research papers, PowerPoint presentations, infographics and a lot of e-books that will help you collate a comprehensive detail for research work.

6. Explore advanced search techniques

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How you search the Internet has a profound effect on what you find on the Internet. Are you putting in the right words for searching a particular matter? Are you using advanced operators to conduct your research?

If not, do a little bit of studying of how fine-tuning your search procedures will help you attain the desired results. Also, for starters, you could visit this link to start understanding advanced searches.

7. Utilizing Basic Search Operators to Produce Specific Results

To narrow down results while conducting a research over the Internet, simple operators, if used in the right way, will help broaden or narrow the search. A couple of examples could be:

  • If you enter a keyword in quotes (“”), only the exact matching term pages will be made visible to you.
  • Similarly, putting a (+) or (–) before a keyword lets the engine know whether the search should be broadened or narrowed respectively.

8. Gauge Your Searched Info

Once you have found out what you are looking for, it is extremely important to evaluate what you have researched. When it comes to the quality of print resources, it can be assured by the authors and the publishers.

But the same rule cannot be followed for the content made available on the Internet. Some websites have stringent policies regarding publishing plagiarised data whereas, in most of the cases, nothing is taken into consideration. To avoid such a mishap, a basic keyword search will help you diffuse the inappropriate content.

9. Take Assistance of Online Dissertation Services

Do you feel that writing a dissertation for a title or a proposal feels too overwhelming? You need not fear. With just a click on the Internet, you can find numerous sites offering dissertation help to UK students. These services made available on the Internet assure you to provide customised dissertations based on the primary and secondary research method of your choice.

To speak the truth some of the above-mentioned tips may sound daunting for conducting a research on the Internet. But if you could skilfully breakdown the points and try and accomplish the task of researching in a structured manner, researching on the Internet may just be irresistible!

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Norway is a country which lies on top of the arctic circle, and even claims ownership of an island located between Argentina and Antarctica. There are many things Norway is known for, from it’s beautiful Fjords, to the equally beautiful Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).

  1. Monty Python’s famous movie; Life of Brian was banned in Norway due to reasons of Blasphemy. That made the neighbouring country Sweden market their movie as being “So funny it was outlawed in Norway.” [Source]
  2. To become a police officer in this country, you are required to have foregone a 3 year education at a higher level university college especially meant for police cadets. The reward is that not only are you allowed to police once graduating, but you also get your very own bachelor’s degree in “Police Studies” as a benefit, this is similar to what happens in Denmark[Source]
  3. While the Japanese are famously fond of Sushi, it wasn’t until a combined Norwegian marketing effort that Salmon sushi, called Sashimi in Japanese became a thing. Before the campaign the Japanese people believed this particular raw trout species as being dangerous because of their experiences with the Pacific salmon. However the Atlantic salmon that the Norwegians had plenty of in their waters was perfectly safe to eat in it’s raw form and slowly they managed to get the message through. [Source] 
  4. The English king Henry the Third once was gifted a live polar bear from the Norwegian King Haakon of Norway. This was way back in the middle of the 13th century, back when the Tower of London was very much maintained at it’s fullest, so it served as a great deterrent for would be escapees, and was even put on a leash so it could hunt for fish in the river Thames. [Source]
  5. The Norwegian vikings sure knew how to live life. Harald Hadrada was one such a man. He fled from Norway due east towards the Russian Empire, where he gained temporary exile. However he quickly moved once more, to the Eastern Roman Empire and went on to become a member of a special unity of Nordic guards protecting the King and fighting as mercenaries at other times. His travels took him as far as modern Iraq in the middle-east, before he returned to marry a Russian princess. With this new support he returned to his home country and took to the throne, before finally invading England to round things out. [Source]
  6. If you are granted access to the country, you are allowed to study in any of Norway’s public universities without having to pay any tuition. This is all part of the government’s scheme to establish Norway as a center of learning in the world. [Source]
  7. And once more back to the heroic and this time romantic viking Kings. King Harald of Norway was not allowed to marry his chosen love by the court and advisors around him, so in protest he publicly declared he would remain without a wife forever, and therefore put uncertainty as to the succession and safety of the crown, if he was not allowed to marry his childhood sweetheart.  She was eventually crowned as Queen of Norway alongside her Husband, King Harald. [Source]