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A certified translation of your Abiturzeugnis will always be needed when applying at a foreign university. It is also not uncommon that potential employers abroad or visa applications for entry in a different country require the translated document.

International Standards

The Abiturzeugnis is a document that serves as proof that you passed your final exams and can now proceed studying at a university. The Abiturzeugnis typically contains grades or points, that show the scores in the individual subjects. While the school systems are similar in most countries, every country has a different format, a different grading system and different names for the Abiturzeugnis. Make sure to choose a translator that knows the country-specific differences in order to produce an accurate and high-quality translation.

Can I translate it myself?

Most foreign universities, governmental institutions and employers accept an English translation of the Abiturzeugnis. That makes English the most popular language for it. However, the Abiturzeugnis translation should only be done by specialists that know the school system of both countries. This is the safest way to make sure that your translation will be accepted. There are very strict rules regarding wording, format and contents, that must be considered. You definitely do not want a poorly translated Abiturzeugnis to decrease your chances to land your dream job or get accepted at a foreign university.

Certified – What does that mean?

A certified translation is a legal translation of a document. This kind of translation must be done by a translator who has been sworn in by a court in Germany.  A sworn translator has demonstrated his legal and translating skills before the court and is therefore authorized to make certified and officially recognized translations. The translator certifies the translations by adding an attestation clause, a stamp and his signature. This confirms that the translation is complete and correct.

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