If you are in Florida, then a trip to Destin should be a priority to experience the marvels of Crab island, which is the central attraction for visitors. The tiny sandbar surrounded by shallow crystal blue water that flows from the Gulf of Mexico has an irresistible charm because what was once a highly reputed party spot is now a truly family-friendly destination that suits people of all ages. To know more about the hot spot of Florida’s Emerald Coast, check out this latest blog post.

An island only in name

The name Crab Island appears a bit deceptive because technically speaking, the piece of land surrounded by water on all sides is a sandbar with a shallow and quiet waterfront all around. What remains today are the remnants of two islands created by sand dredging from the Eastern Pass that existed many years ago. With time, the heavy sand of the island started eroding due to the influx of sand from the Gulf of Mexico. In the process, the place got converted into a sandbar.

The secret of attraction

Although the place is not just one of its kinds, yet it has become a hotspot for tourists and family vacation because of the opportunities to spend fun time with family and friends. The shallow and tranquil water that rises to a maximum level of 4 feet during high tide is ideal for enjoying the water. The beaches are most suited for lying under the sun for boosting vitamin D.  The unique location of the island at the other end of East Pass is the secret for the tranquil sapphire blue water that seems so inviting that you cannot resist staying away from it.

An excellent place for water sports enthusiasts

Whether you want to enjoy your time on land or water to engage in some water sport, Crab Island has a lot to offer. Plan your adventure based on your adventuristic desires and capabilities and the people who accompany you. The same applies when planning the mode of transport to reach the island, which does not have any direct land approach. Take a leisurely cruise on your way to the island by choosing a boat or pontoon or a kayak or paddle boat to reach the island. Once you are there, the enjoyment increases manifold by engaging in various activities like jet skiing, dolphin tours and Crab island excursion. The hundreds of boats anchored during the weekends speak volumes about the popularity of the place.

The best time to be there

To be at Crab Island during high tide is what people usually prefer because it is the best time to be there.  To know about the time for high tide use Destin’s Tide Tracking charts to understand the daily tide schedules. Be there between the period 2 hours prior and after high tide, which are the golden hours for enjoying the beauty of the place.

This is when the water is most clear due to the inflow of water from the Gulf of Mexico.

It’s been 2 years and I’m still proud of single handedly planning an entire trip from my aunt’s maternal home. Back in 2017 July, my parents asked if I wanted something grand on my birthday or maybe just a small gathering. And I knew this would be a perfect time to demand what they wouldn’t allow on a normal day, a trip to Yercaud. 

While I did expect a 180 degrees negative response from both, my mother seemed quite alright, as her sister lives in Salem and would be able to accommodate me for 2 days. 

And voila, with a major chunk of my internship money saved (no hotel booking, you see), I was ready to pack my bags. In two days, I was to reach my aunt and of course, being able to see my cousin brother made me happier than ever. I mean, a trip plus visiting your favorite cousin? This gift couldn’t get any better!

The Birthday Trip

My mama (maternal uncle) suggested that I should book a top-rated taxi in Salem to reach their house. After all, why be stuck in public transport after such a long journey, especially on your birthday? Upon reaching their home, I still remember the big chocolate birthday cake which sat on their dinner table. Everyone wished me as I cut the cake, of course not without trying to pull my leg by singing that absurd song. 

We began planning for the next day as there were many places to visit. While I had just a few in mind, my brother recommended various other sightseeing options. In an hour, the list was getting bigger to fit within a 24 hours gap. But, these were the ones we were able to check-in:

Rose Garden

It took us an hour to reach the Yercaud Hillstation’s Rose Garden. We had to start our journey early as the line would begin from 8 am sharp. The 10 Rupees extra for my camera did cut a sweet deal as within the garden, was a heavenly sight.

This was not your ordinary strolling path as the Rose Garden had various sections of exotic shrubs and flowers. My aunt and I began with the bonsai garden. Now I know about the bonsai from several Japanese animations from my childhood. Up next, there were topiary, butterfly and foliage gardens which were fragrant and lush with greenery. 

The Botanical Survey of India did work wonders to preserve various endangered plant species under a welcoming environment. 

The Emerald Lake

The Emerald Lake which was 5 Kms away from the Rose Garden, is a natural formation and of course, a part of my bucket list. Of course, we had to hurry as the tourist attraction would close at 5:30 PM. 

Although, the afternoon light made the lake look beautiful and gleaming as ever. 

The lofty hills and floating fountain in the background made the entire backdrop feel like a dream. My uncle and cousin booked a 4-seat motor boat with paddles. Although this was a 20 minutes motor ride, I was able to relish in the views, the sounds, and the serenity of the environment. Not to forget, the deer park on the banks was quite a wonderful surprise. 

Pagoda Point

The next day, our plan was for Pagoda Point. We began our journey to reach by 10 AM. I rented a licensed and well-reviewed car with an experienced driver. Because this was my last day to stay here with my aunt’s family. 

The wonderful surroundings in Pagoda Point filled my soul to the brim. Not to forget, I also got to know of the Pyramid Point name due to stone formation to look like a Pyramid. As art from the local tribes, this stood to be the focal tourist attraction. 

My aunt showed me Salem town in the distance which was a sight to behold!

The entire trip was my first solo journey (to the location, of course) and will remain in a special place for me. Upon returning, I made sure to share all the pictures with my cousin. Although it felt sad to leave for home back then, now I can plan an entire solo trip there and this time, a surprise visit to my aunt’s.

Florida is slightly smaller than the U.S. state of Indiana, and with a slowly decreasing population of just under 10 million, Florida is a land in thrall to its history.

Enjoy the charm of a well-planned city with several parklands and the nearby areas with their exciting stories to tell. The tourists can find a plethora of options when it comes to finding the family hotels in Florida; those completely suit the needs of a traveler. The vacation rental Eastpoint fl in Florida offers their customers the best amenities and are situated at the ideal places of the city, thereby allowing the travelers to explore the entire city.

Special Experiences

Florida’s shopping is not to be missed. The Hungarian market, offering local produce, sits comfortably beside the designer boutiques and high fashion stores. Florida has hot water to spare. Allodis Hotel, Florida, is also on the top rank in the list of  Family hotels in Florida, which is situated at a walking distance from the shopping center offers its guests free Wi-Fi.

La Chaudanne Hotel, a high-rise hotel which offers Wi-Fi access to its customers with best room service and luxurious dining experience during the vacation rental Eastpoint fl.  Le Savoy Hotel, contemporary hotel suites, and rooms offer free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and iPod docks.

Best facilities

AlpenRuitor Hotel is a charming ski in, ski out hotel that offers a warm welcome, great after-ski ambiance and a cozy atmosphere. Situated right on the pistes and close to the lifts, you’ll easily be able to maximize your ski time while staying here — Le Kaila Hotel, Florida the best family hotel in Florida with an aqua-spa and fabulous restaurants.

Allodis Hotel, Florida is the side of a stunning piste chalet hotel that offers every modern convenience including ski in and ski out access. The hotel has recently been entirely renovated and has an excellent position in le Belvédère area of Florida, one of the most sought-after areas.

The hotels also provide a business center and meeting space, as well as coin-operated laundry.


The hotels provide great breakfast, a refined restaurant/bar, a French cafe, and a rooftop cocktail lounge with a terrace along with a fitness room for its fitness freak customers. The Le Kaila hotel has a dramatic looking Michelin starred restaurant where Chef Laurent Azoulay creates dishes from local seasonal produce and provides you with his take on the traditional authentic mountain cuisine.

AlpenRuitor Hotel has a stylish wooden alpine interior, and all rooms include free WiFi access, satellite TV and a safe. Close to the center of the resort, it also gives you easy access to all the local shops, bars, and restaurants. There are 44 beautifully furnished rooms, suites, and duplex; all with balconies and fabulous views over the ski slopes or the Florida Valley. The bar at Allodis Hotel offers a cozy yet elegant atmosphere, which is a fantastic place to relax after a day on the slopes with an apres ski tipple and delicious afternoon tea. However, room service is available if you prefer to unwind in the privacy of your room.


The central resort of the world’s largest skiing area, Florida is the heart of the Three Valleys allowing easy access to all other areas. The skiing in Florida is excellent and caters to skiers of all abilities.

Before we go on to the money saving topic, here is a stat that will make you think!

According to American express, about one in three Americans plan to spend at least $1,000 per person on their next summer vacation – or $4,000 for a family of four.

Now, do you really think it is worth it? It’s your earning. You have put in all your effort, your sweat for that amount. How can you plan for a vacation so loosely?

I know you want to have a lavish time and for once, spend your money without thinking. Okay! Do that. However, ensure you get worth for that money.

Spending a huge amount on airline tickets at the last moment, just brings out your carelessness.

So, how do we plan a budget vacation that will give you that king-sized life and save your money at the same time?

I do have a few vacation budget tips that you can implement and not fret later!

Use gum and stick to your budget

Yes! Literally if you need to. The main reason we end up spending more on our high-end vacation is we don’t stick to the plans we made.

We fall for the Instagram quotes saying, ‘You only live once’. ‘Don’t stop yourself from getting what you desire’. While that is good to read and motivate you, but you need to understand that your desires can be met without making a well sized hole in your pocket.

So, the first thing you do is Google, of course and find out the market rates. And not just travel, food and places, the whole itinerary must be looked into. The restaurants you will eat at, the places you will spend more time in less funds, the free places where you can have the best of experiences, I mean. One of the best thing about New York vacation rental is that you can walk on the ‘Brooklyn Bridge’ in NY for free. So, why not do that more.

This budget will also stop you from impulse purchasing. And if you really need to buy something, that’s what the saved emergency money is for.

Another suggestion is selling a couple of things before you arrive for your vacation. Find things in your house that you don’t need any more and sell them on online sites or to the roadside reseller. It will get you more funds than you think! Now, you can drink wine in this money and relax on that Terrace café with the Sydney’s ‘Opera House’ view.

Don’t be afraid of accommodation research

There are many vacation home rental agency and hotel agency available in the market so research the best & never compromise on location, because that’s what you’re going there for! If the view from your vacation rental or hotel is a dustbin, would you really feel energised and revived?

Spend money where you really need to! Booking a vacation rental if you’re going for more lengths of time will be preferable as hotels are too expensive and hostels are not too privacy friendly. Romeloft.com

Adding to that, vacation rentals are proof on how to save money on travel! They are much cheaper than a luxurious hotel and offer better amenities with all the space you need.

Always call the owner of the vacation rental and negotiate for the price.

Chances are they will come down to your price as they are also waiting for somebody to book their homes that hey renovated only for this purpose!

Look for as many discounts as you can. It might be tedious, but hey! You’ll save a lot that you can later spend on food or shopping, perhaps!

How to save money on travel by choosing the apt travel time

I know you have the urge to see the Christmas eve at NYC or the Niagara Waterfalls in the peak season, but that would cost a lot and you would just see humans all around!

Do you really want a vacation that makes you feel you’ve reached your office again? Certainly not!

Hence, the next vacation budget tip is to travel in the off-season. Places are less crowded, giving your body and mind more space, and you can experience all the major attractions in their best form, as they are, natural!

Try to travel overnight, saving you time and energy and even, money at times. Also, Q tip – Never book airlines just a week before! Don’t be that guy please.

Book seven – eight weeks in advance for fairly reduced airfare.

For choosing the best period, look for the periods between two peak seasons. You would experience the city more like a traveller rather than a tourist. You might even want to write about it after you head back, because it was just so peaceful and serene!

How to decide on what to do, what not to do

Another one of the best vacation budget tips is to spend more time in places that are free of cost and give you the actual feel of being in that city.

Just visit ‘The Eiffel Tower’ and picnic in the park for half a day. See how the French converse or just people watch. It’s fun I’ve heard!

Now, I am not saying only run after the free stuff! Spend on the things that would really prove their worth.

Like visiting an observation deck in New York or visiting an Aquarium to say Hi to whales in Sydney – ‘The Harbour City’. These are the things you will relish once the vacation is over.

Always, always use public transports and get yourself discount cards for travel which are available in all the popular cities. Unless you’re planning to live in an igloo in Antarctica, travel will be easy and affordable!

Interact with the locals and don’t be the shy person going with the crowd. Just say hi and ask about the best places. They know best! Like an employee really knows about his/her own company and will vent out when just given a small trigger, locals will give you all the information you need. And hey! You might make a life-long friend!

Random ways to save in your vacation budget tips plan

This might be surprising but book everything, hotels, flight tickets, even theatre shows tickets in incognito mode. The browser won’t know you’re looking for such stuff and will not ping back to travel companies, who in return will send you over priced ads as cookies and pop-ups. Believe me, it works!

If you’re not sure about your travel, get refundable bookings where you will not just give the money to the hotel and airlines for nothing in return. Every travel brand has a month’s return policy that can be checked out on the website and air travel is refundable, you know that. Don’t be lazy to call them!

This might be corny but keep an eye on breakfast buffets. These have the best cuisines and are complimentary. I mean free food that’s clean and authentic, why would you not get up early?

This will sound discomforting but ‘Pack light’. Pack only limited stuff. Make a plan for that too.

You don’t want to go out and buy another bag just for bringing your shopping impulses back to your place. Pack decently and leave some space for the new things you will discover! It’s not impossible, please!

Hope these ‘How to save money on travel’ tips work for you!

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Planning to visit the USA for the first time? You must already be getting dizzy with tons of information on USA holiday and might be confused how to start planning your vacation. The best option is to get yourself acquainted with what things you should know to get through a hassle-free US travel experience. Let’s get started with few suggestions to consider while gearing up for your USA holiday.

The USA is enormous

Take size into consideration when you are planning your USA trip. The United States of America spans 3.8 million square miles with 50 multifarious states and eight different time zones. USA tourism is more than just New York, San Francisco, Florida and Los Angeles. A medley of fantastic places to visit in the US scattered all over the country’s length and breadth. So while you are planning your trip, make sure you choose your itinerary considering the distance between the US states.

The USA is spectacularly divergent

Most visitors believe that the whole of USA is modern and filled with sophisticated cities and concrete jungles. This illusion is far from true as the USA is brimming with an amazing assortment of natural and cultural landscapes, quaint townships and countryside beside urbane metropolises. The culture, dialect, cuisine, and landscapes transform as you travel from one state to another.

Take time to plan your USA trip

To begin with, do not make plans to visit the most of this colossal country in one trip; you will end up cramming your journey with hectic schedules. Covering the regions of the east coast and west coasts of the USA alone will take around 12 to 15 days. If you are planning a short duration trip, it is better to stick to one region either in east coast or west coast and explore the popular things to do in the USA rather than opting faraway regions and losing precious time in transit.

If you are a first-time traveller, choose popular destinations such as New York, Niagara Falls, Washington DC, Orlando in East Coast and San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas in West Coast. Looking for something offbeat? Glacial Alaska or tropical Hawaii are wonderful choices to suit your travel preference. Travelling with family? Kids would love it at Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Studios in Orlando.

With a little assistance from US Travel guides or a USA travel expert, you will be able to chalk out your perfect USA holiday. Also, take the weather into consideration while planning your trip as it varies throughout the country. Some months which are favourable to travel may not be the preferred for tourism in other regions of USA.

Don’t miss the National Parks

While you are mesmerized by USA’s cosmopolitan glint of cities covered with sophisticated malls, towering skyscrapers and buzzing lifestyle, turn your focus to the natural marvels of USA as well. Don’t make your USA trip into a monotonous journey of visiting US cities.

The USA has a spectacular collection of 59 gorgeous National Parks which includes Yellowstone National Park, Yosemite National Park, Great Smokey Mountain National Park, Grand Canyon National Park to name a few. Each one of them covers a different topography filled with impressive rock formations, pristine lakes and pools, exotic wilderness and abundant wildlife.

Adding even one National Park in your USA visit can make a remarkable difference to the whole experience. Opt for a scenic self-drive tour if possible for a slow-paced picturesque experience.

Understand the reliable ways of getting around the USA

One of the most crucial USA travel tip is to consider the travel distance between point A to point B in USA which matters the most while planning internal travel in the USA. Air travel is the obvious choice if you are travelling long distance with time constraints. Major cities are linked with good bus routes.

Within a city, you can hire private taxis such as Uber services to get around places. Local taxis are metered and start from USD 3 and rates increases per mile with additional charges for waiting and baggage handling. Amtrak is USA’s most expansive rail system and offers scenic journeys to many destinations including national parks in the USA at cheaper rates and convenience.

Have all proper documents in order for a hassle-free journey

A valid passport and valid USA visa are two mandatory documents you require to travel to the USA. Citizens of UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and certain European Union countries can enter the USA without a visa for 90 days. Visitors from rest of the countries need to apply for US visa prior to arriving into the country.

Always safeguard your original documents and keep copies of important documents as a backup. Travel and medical insurance are crucial even if you are staying for a short period of time in the USA. You can get the best medical services and hospital care in the USA but they are awfully expensive.

Don’t compare your expenses in the USA with your country

The USA has a highly successful economic condition and the US dollar is stronger than most global currency except Europe and certain Middle Eastern countries. If you are travelling from countries that have currencies weaker than US dollar, it would be wise not to compare prices of products and services of your country with that of US. Doing so will make you think that you are spending a lot on your US holiday.

So stop converting every dollar you spend into your nation’s currency as this is a major mood killer. Also, it is better to carry more than you budgeted for your vacation as you would not want to get stuck here without enough money.

Tipping in the USA

Tipping is highly expected and customary in the USA. You will have to set aside extra cash as tips for taxi drivers, restaurant waiters, bell boys in hotels, airport porters, and bartenders. Restaurants expect an extra 15 – 20% of the bill as tips. Tip on other services varies from state to state.

Respect the etiquettes of Americans

The American are quite liberal in lifestyle but still, there are certain codes of behavior you might want to keep in mind on your USA visit. Americans dislike invasion of their privacy and personal space. If you are standing near a stranger, make sure you maintain a decent distance. Greet with handshakes. If you do not personally know someone, they would not like any physical show of affection. Regarding etiquettes, what is considered normal in one region may not be considered so in other.

Americans feel insecure about strangers interacting with their kids. Always stay at arm’s length away from children. Observe rules and follow protocols where needed such as no jaywalking, disobeying traffic rules or cutting queues. If you are looking forward to a dinner in a restaurant, call and make a reservation early. Also, dinner time in the USA begins from 6 pm onwards so you will need to eat earlier than your expected dining time.

The USA is an ethnically rich country, hence it is best to avoid offending people with racial, gender and political comments. It is best to keep these views to yourself to avoid attracting unnecessary trouble.