If you are in Florida, then a trip to Destin should be a priority to experience the marvels of Crab island, which is the central attraction for visitors. The tiny sandbar surrounded by shallow crystal blue water that flows from the Gulf of Mexico has an irresistible charm because what was once a highly reputed party spot is now a truly family-friendly destination that suits people of all ages. To know more about the hot spot of Florida’s Emerald Coast, check out this latest blog post.

An island only in name

The name Crab Island appears a bit deceptive because technically speaking, the piece of land surrounded by water on all sides is a sandbar with a shallow and quiet waterfront all around. What remains today are the remnants of two islands created by sand dredging from the Eastern Pass that existed many years ago. With time, the heavy sand of the island started eroding due to the influx of sand from the Gulf of Mexico. In the process, the place got converted into a sandbar.

The secret of attraction

Although the place is not just one of its kinds, yet it has become a hotspot for tourists and family vacation because of the opportunities to spend fun time with family and friends. The shallow and tranquil water that rises to a maximum level of 4 feet during high tide is ideal for enjoying the water. The beaches are most suited for lying under the sun for boosting vitamin D.  The unique location of the island at the other end of East Pass is the secret for the tranquil sapphire blue water that seems so inviting that you cannot resist staying away from it.

An excellent place for water sports enthusiasts

Whether you want to enjoy your time on land or water to engage in some water sport, Crab Island has a lot to offer. Plan your adventure based on your adventuristic desires and capabilities and the people who accompany you. The same applies when planning the mode of transport to reach the island, which does not have any direct land approach. Take a leisurely cruise on your way to the island by choosing a boat or pontoon or a kayak or paddle boat to reach the island. Once you are there, the enjoyment increases manifold by engaging in various activities like jet skiing, dolphin tours and Crab island excursion. The hundreds of boats anchored during the weekends speak volumes about the popularity of the place.

The best time to be there

To be at Crab Island during high tide is what people usually prefer because it is the best time to be there.  To know about the time for high tide use Destin’s Tide Tracking charts to understand the daily tide schedules. Be there between the period 2 hours prior and after high tide, which are the golden hours for enjoying the beauty of the place.

This is when the water is most clear due to the inflow of water from the Gulf of Mexico.

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