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There are various transport services available these days. Whether you want to go for a public transport or hire a private chauffeur, you can easily avail the services because of the vast network. UK has some of the most punctual and organized bus, rail and other transport services which makes traveling convenient, not only for the locals but for the tourists too. Besides, you’ll also find various cab services all day long. You can also avail the Uber services whenever you need. Amazing, right?

But the question is:

“Which transport service is actually good for you?”

Well, you can find the answer to the question in our discussion below. Read the thorough comparison between a taxi and other transport services in UK. You’ll easily figure out what’s best for you.

Taxis are easily available anytime:

When it comes to deciding between a taxi or a rail/bus service, then opting for a taxi is always the right choice. You can easily hail a taxi whenever you want, especially when you are in a rush. Since, you don’t want to be late for a meeting or an event therefore, a taxi (in such a case) is a rather better option. The bus/rail schedules are fixed therefore if you miss your bus//train you’ll have to wait another half an hour or so to get to your destination, which in case of crucial meetings can be disadvantageous. 

You cannot travel through a bus/rail from Airport:

If you are looking for a Heathrow Airport Transfer, then a taxi service is the right option. After all, you can’t get a bus or a subway at the Airport. In such a case, you have two options, either hire a private car chauffeur or go for a taxi. The choice is totally yours though. A private car service is comfortable, hassle-free and private but is expensive and needs to be pre-booked. On the other hand, a taxi can be immediately hailed and is cheaper. Thus, when it comes to choosing one for London airport transfers, the choice is totally yours. 

Taxis are a bit private:

If you compare taxis with buses and subways, then taxis are way more private. If you go for a taxi that takes individual passengers, then you can travel in more privacy. But if you compare a taxi service with a private car service, then a private car is more private. 

Taxis are a cheaper option:

A taxi is a much cheaper option than a private car service. Even though, a private car service is way more comfortable and luxurious, but the rent of a private car is a lot more than a taxi. On the other hand, taxis are cheaper and are easily available without requiring any pre-booking. 

Thus, when it comes to choosing a between a taxi and any other public transport, then a taxi service is the always the most suitable one. It has a number of advantages and honestly, whether we compare it with a rail, bus or a private car service, a taxi service always wins. 

In most of the modern cities there are electric vehicles and other means of transportation. The electric or motorised skateboard is yet another method of transport. The electric skateboard comes with a weight sensor and a hand-held throttle to control the speed. Individuals use these skateboards to commute long distances, visit nearby shops and much more. No matter what the reason is, skateboard is an incredible thing to own.

There are different types of skateboards to choose from and it makes it difficult for a person to choose the right one. Regardless of experience, it is recommended that one should know the features well, so purchasing the best skateboard in 2018 becomes fruitful for him/ her. Once you are on this quest, you will also discover impeccable features of some skateboards that can offer you a smooth ride. It may be a little overwhelming to select the best one.

To make your search easy we have decided to make a list of some of the best skateboards. We have covered the details. For example, we have mentioned about the board’s weight and accommodating weight of skater in lbs. The deck material used for each has been mentioned. Each electric skateboard requires a Lithium ion battery and for how long you need to charge it. Also, each one runs at a certain power in watt covering a distance in miles at a mile per hour speed. Take a look and decide which one is the best electric skateboard just for you.

  • ACTON BLINK Lite Electric Skateboard: (7.7lb; deck: Maple wood;450 watts; Lithium-ion; 2 hrs;10mphr; 5miles; 130lbs). It is the world lightest electric skateboard which is great for teens, kids, etc. up to 130 LBS. It is different from high performance skateboards. The riders can go up to 5 miles on a single charge. It comes with a limited warranty of 6 months and with Bluetooth remote control you can turn your board on and off. You just have to flick the switch and it is done. Then choose forward or reverse and you can begin cruising your destination.

Pros: Good for children. LED lights provided. Bluetooth Remote Control. Smooth ride

Cons: Not good for hill climbing.

  • ACTON BLINK S Powerful Electric Skateboard: (11lbs; deck: Canadian maple wood and aluminium; 600 watts; Lithium-ion; 1 hr; 15mphr; 7miles; 220lbs) This skateboard is ideal for outstanding performance. The BLINK S-R is ideal for students to ride around without any concerns. It has a distinctive design and offers 15 percent inclination ride.

Pros: The 83-mm polyurethane wheels work in all road conditions. Improved braking and acceleration. 15 percent inclination, charge time – 45 to 60 minutes.

Cons: The braking is not efficient during low battery.

  • Boosted 2nd Gen Dual+ Electric Skateboared: (5lb; deck: Bamboo; 2000 watts; Lithium-ion; 1hr; 22mphr; 12miles; 250lbs) Use it to travel or simply ride for recreation. The 80 mm sturdy wheel offers secure support to the rider. The 2000 W motor allows you to climb paths with a 25 percent grade.

Pros: Safe and smooth powerful ride for people up to 250 lbs, Bluetooth enabled remote for smooth control.

Cons: Too long (38 inches)

  • Inboard M1 Premium Electric Skateboard: (14.5lbs; deck: Wood composite; 1600 watts; Lithium-ion;1 ½hr; 22mphr; 7 miles; 250lbs) The most advanced e board which is remarkably light. The boosted board is perfect for big cities and metro areas. To get anywhere quickly this is a great buy. You can kick push this board and take a smooth ride on it. You can match high speed with maximum stability as well.

Pros: Durable, sturdy and stable in rough areas. Well controlled. Has wireless remote controller.

Cons: Mobile app has connectivity issues sometimes.


  • MAXFIND Dual Motor Electric Skateboard Longboard: (13lbs; deck: Maple wood;1000 watt; Lithium-ion;1hr; 18 mphr;10 miles; 220lbs) The 8-ply maple wood deck means that it is extremely durable ad comes with a sturdy construction. The size and ply of the deck makes it very stable especially when you have to ride downhill. Top speed is 17 mph and wheels are 83 mm polyurethane. It has a high rebound which means that the wheel will last for ages.


     Pros: Utilises dual-motor technology. It has high-rebound polyurethane wheels. It is water resistant and has 20% hill grade for easy hill climbing.

Cons: Slows down speed while climbing.

  • SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard: (19.5lbs; deck: Maplewood;1000 watt; Lithium-ion; 2-4 hr; 25mphr; 15.5miles; 280lbs)  It is an inexpensive skateboard which is sure to give you an awesome ride. It can take you to hills at crazy speed. The board is durable ad sturdy. Gives you proper support and makes the ride fun. If you love in a hilly region then you will love this board.

Pros: The wheels are 53-mm polyurethane wheels that work in all road conditions. There are lights in front and rear for safety and built-in brakes.

     Cons: The wireless remote control is made of plastic.


  • Yuneec E-GO2 Electric Longboard Skateboard: (22.9lb; deck: Composite wood;


400 watts; Flexible Lithium-ion; 3-5 hrs; 12.5mphr; 18 miles; 220lbs)

This 12mm eight layered composite mm deck is highly durable and flexible. The two riding speed modes are exemplary to meet the needs of any rider. It has all the qualities which you seek in an electric skateboard. It is stylish and E-GO2 kicktail shapes offers you more control. Steering is better and it will allow you to meet the new trends.. The ball bearing rollers are smooth and give you absolute comfort while riding.

Pros: Large 90 mm wheels keep the skateboard steady on pavement. Bluetooth remote controls speed. Smooth ride for skaters up to 220 lbs.

Cons: Heavy and has low power.

The electric skateboard review of each skateboard covers most of the important details to help you choose the best one. 

Every day we hear saddening news from all around the world regarding the progressing environmental damage. There are fewer and fewer intact, wild places on Earth where nature remained without being affected by human activities.

In this world of galloping globalisation, it is extremely difficult for most people to lead slow, balanced lives. Many of us find it hard even to follow up with our closest family, so no wonder that saving the world from global warming or preventing biodiversity losses get put aside.

At the same time, we feel more needy (and capable) of making our travelling dreams come true. Sustainable tourism is widely encouraged these days and in many places we can find and join the initiatives that support local communities or protect natural heritage. But the question of transport isn’t actually discussed – we keep driving and flying on traditional fossil fuels. And what if we care about the environment during our journeys and want to keep the planet healthy?

It is estimated that planes produce gigatonnes of CO2 along with sulphur and other greenhouse gases. But using boats, buses, or cars instead doesn’t sound neither like a practical nor a planet-saving option. Even electric cars, if we give them a closer look, don’t provide a green transporting solution.

Alternative fuels are an option worth exploring. Scientists are testing various cutting-edge technologies that can turn into fuel various ingredients including coffee or soybeans, natural oils, wood, algae, or even animal feces, waste, and food leftovers.


However, obtaining these kinds of biodegradable fuels isn’t an easy task. Most biofuels available nowadays are either low in efficiency or require activities often considered to be non eco-friendly or simply not worth it. Their production and processing may involve deforestation, greenhouse gases emissions, or highly energy-consuming machinery. In the long run, these might cause soil and water pollution, affect food supplies, or lead to biodegradation.

Despite the existence of all the challenges related to the alternative fuel sources, we should still know that more sustainable ways of driving and flying are possible. By being aware of the renewable alternatives, we can start the debate and that’s the first step to improvement!

Pianos are delicate, awkward, and heavy, so if you plan to move your piano into your new home, here is a guide to help you successfully navigate such complicated a process.

1. Gather the Right Packing Materials

Before moving your piano to your new house, make sure that you gather all the appropriate removal packing materials. Assemble high-quality packing and moving supplies such as quilted pads, piano dollies, and furniture straps.

These items will protect your piano against dents, scratches, and bumps. They will also give you a better grip whenever the piano will have to be handled or moved.

If you are using a removalist to move your piano, check that they include these materials as part of their service.

2. Prepare the Piano for the Move

Take your time in preparing your piano for the move.

  • Close the piano lid to protect the piano keys during the move. If the lid has a lock, then you can lock it. Ensure you keep the key somewhere safe.
  • Remember not to move the piano long distances on its wheels because these wheels are designed only to move the piano within a room and not between properties
  • If required, lay the music stands flat and flush against the side of the piano.
  • Cover the piano completely with heavy-duty blankets before securing it with straps if required.
  • Baby grand and grand pianos require extra disassembly and equipment to move safely, so these types of pianos are best moved using a professional piano removalist.

3. Make a Moving Plan

It is not easy to move a piano so don’t add any more difficulty to it by not having a concise yet clear moving plan. This will give you a clear picture of how to move the piano from the starting point to its intended destination.

When creating your moving plan, it is crucial for you to measure the dimensions of the piano and all the areas through which it will pass to reach the moving truck. Measure the hallways and doorways as well and remove all obstacles.

Don’t forget to communicate your plan to all members of the removal team. Make sure that everyone knows and understands their responsibilities.

4. Get Professional Help

Enlisting the help of a professional mover is the best way to move your piano. Reputable, professional piano removalists know how to safely move this bulky musical instrument and make sure that it arrives at your intended destination in its pristine condition.

Advantages of Hiring Piano Removalists

Prevent Property Damage

If your piano holds a great deal of meaning and has been around for generations, the last thing you want is for it to get damaged. Hiring professional piano removalists will give you the peace of mind because you know that your piano is in expert hands.

They know the proper techniques to get your piano out of your current house and into your new home. Also, they have the proper tools to get your piano in the truck and to disassemble and reassemble it appropriately.

Pianos are delicate, so it is vital to take the proper precautions and care while moving it to maintain its excellent playing quality.

Protect Yourself from Injury

Some pianos are too heavy andrequire certain techniques and equipment that only professional piano movers can provide. Regardless of how many people will help you, some may easily lose their grip, throw their back out or trip over something, resulting in serious injuries.

Save Money

Most people don’t hire professional movers to save money. But if your piano gets damaged, you will end up paying a lot more than what you have spent on hiring a professional.

Regardless of the weight and size of your piano, you can’t move it alone. Enlisting the help of strong family and friends can be an option but it is highly recommended that you get professional help to avoid any health and safety risks. Besides, they are skilled and equipped for this job.