Africa is one of the most underrated continents. If you ask an Asian guy, he would say that he wants to visit Europe and the places near it, or most probably Hawaii and America. 

Africa, being a poor continent has not got that fame, but the wildlife and beauty in Africa is a must watch thing. National Geographic and Discovery channels have played a great role in making people realize that they must visit Africa once in a lifetime. 

The best part is the Tanzania and Kenya, where you can watch nature in its full bloom. Moreover, there are some mounts and summits to climb, such as climbing Mount Kilimanjaro can be fun. 

Other African countries such as Egypt and Morocco, are known for their rich culture and spices. Many people think that these African countries are not safe to travel, but it is not entirely true. 

Like all other countries, these countries have also got some of its dangers, is a developing country it has got many people who are out to earn money, so you must make sure while traveling about the nature of the guy you are dealing with, be it a taxi driver or a hotel owner. 

It is safe to book your hotel and a car on rent through several options available online. It is a world of internet so you must take advantage of the advanced facilities of this new era, even if you are traveling to a developing place. 

Here are some of the most celebrated attractions of Tanzania. 

  1. Mount Kilimanjaro 

If you are in Tanzania, then do not worry bout the cost of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, which is Africa’s highest summit. It is almost 5500m high. 

The Mount Kilimanjaro national park is known n for the breathtaking view of the Mount Kilimanjaro’s top. People come here to witness the nature’s spells. 

According to geologists, this site was built as a result of volcanic eruption some 1000 years ago. this is an exotic place, which is still a place of interest for geologists. 

There are three volcanic cones, Shira, Kibo and Mawenzi. The Urho peak is one of the tallest peaks of the world. 

The slopes of this mountain have got places, where you will be able to see herds of various mammals. 

  1. Serengeti national park 

This national park is known for the greatest migration of wildebeests. The region is generally treeless with no trees, but the grasslands are more popular here. 

Animals can be seen searching for water and shelters. You can visit these regions during June, July and till December.   

  1. Zanzibar beaches 

If you want to view the old Arabian houses and towns, then visiting these beaches can help you a lot. These places like Morocco and Egypt are rich in culture. 

Surfing in these seas will be a whole new experience. 

  1. Ngorongoro conservation area

If you want to watch and witness some national geographic life, then this place can be your next destination. Here there is plenty of water for the wildlife, that is why they do not migrate much, only some birds would be seen migrating. 

The rich colorful view of zebras moving in herds, alongside flamingos will create a beautiful scenery. 

  1. Olduvai gorge 

Those who are interested in archeology, they can visit this place. A few years back researchers and geologists have found some of the most intimidating facts about human ancestors. 

In 1911, some British researchers also found human skulls and bones, which are estimated to be 2 million years old. 

  1. Lake Manyara national park 

This lake is known as the largest assemblage of baboons. These regions are 80 percent covered with water, the others ae grasslands.

Apart from the baboons, you can also see the flamingos, flying here. You will also get to watch a large population of elephants. That is almost a rare sight to see.

  1. Mafia island 

Mafia island is the best attraction for snorkeling and divers. You must make sure that you are a good swimmer if you want to visit.

Fishers are quit interested in this place for deep sea fishing. It is also rich in culture because of its old fisherman community. 

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